Joel Osteen Divorce: Are Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Relationships Having Issues?

Joel Osteen has drawn admirers and critics for his charismatic Christian evangelism for more than ten years. Osteen, however, has had to spend a large portion of his career dispelling suspicions about his personal life due to the tarnished reputation of discredited televangelists who came before him.

Find out more about Joel Osteen’s personal life and whether the rumour that he and his wife Victoria Osteen are divorcing each other is true.

How did Victoria and Joel Osteen first meet?

Even though the plot isn’t all that engaging, it’s fascinating to see how things can change. Victoria Osteen attended the University of Houston to study psychology. She frequently visited the jewellery store her father owned to assist her father in the business.

joel osteen divorce

When Joel Osteen’s watch stopped working one day, he came to Victoria’s father’s shop to drop it off so the batteries could be changed. They met there, fell in love, and were wed in barely two years.

Are Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Relationships Having Issues?

There are few details available about their marriage and, more specifically, the popular American pastor’s marriage. Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria are the only people who could provide the solution.

For many years, there have been rumours of Victoria and Joel Osteen’s divorce. However, the answer is NO because they have been in a relationship for almost 30 years and have not yet filed for divorce.

There have been several rumours, but there is no proof that they are accurate. In April 1987, Victoria and Joey got married. Jonathan and Alexandra are their two shared children.


Although there have been rumours about Joel and Victoria Osteen’s divorce for more than three decades, there is still no concrete evidence to support them. The pair is regarded as the model for a successful marriage.

We might anticipate hearing some rumours about Joel Osteen because of how many followers and how well-liked he has become.

He has devoted a significant portion of his professional life to dispelling misconceptions about his private life, including the Joel Osteen Divorce Rumors issue.

We may infer from their social media handles that they are both content with their lives and their families and that their love life is going well.

Is Victoria And Joel Osteen Getting Divorce?

Victoria has been Joel’s wife for more than 30 years, despite reports to the contrary. It turns out that the rumour regarding their breakup was only unfounded rumours.

Maybe their peculiar rules work for them. For instance, Osteen abides by the “Billy Graham Rule,” which states that he only interacts with women in front of witnesses.

Joel Osteen Divorce

Additionally, he demands that his wife keep up her beautiful looks, telling CNN’s Piers Morgan, “Wives, don’t look wonderful for everyone else. Dress nicely for your husband as well.

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Victoria added, “Don’t wear the same old bathrobe you’ve been wearing for the past ten years.” “He meant that I guess. Hey, you know what? We all needed to be reminded of this. We do require more time.

How Did The Rumors of Victoria And Joel Osteen’s Divorce Begin?

Joel Osteen’s 2014 blog post, “Let go of the ashes,” is where the Joel Osteen divorce rumours first surfaced. He stated in it that “the enemy wants you to spend the rest of your life sitting on the ashes and struggling with an unresolved relationship… It’s time to put the ashes to rest. Let go of the divorce you went through. God will provide someone in the future for you.

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Because they oppose divorce, several conservatives found Osteen’s remarks offensive. Some people hypothesised that he might not be content in his own relationship. Of course, this wasn’t the case.

The truth is that in his sermons, Osteen doesn’t seem to focus on sin and its consequences. You can easily see that he and Victoria continue to present a unified front by taking a short look at any of their social media sites.

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