Shane Mosley Divorce Settlement: “Sugar” Shane Mosley Loses His Championship Belt to Jin Mosley!

“Sugar” Shane Mosley is a former American boxer  The IBF lightweight title, the WBA (Super) and WBC welterweight titles, the WBA (Super), WBC, and The Ring magazine light middleweight titles were among the many world titles he held in three different weight classes.

Additionally, he has held the titles of lineal champion at light middleweight and welterweight (twice). In this article, we will discuss “Sugar” Shane Mosley’s divorce settlement with Jane Mosley.

How Much “Sugar” Shane Mosley Paid to Jin Mosley as Divorce Settlement?

Boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley was ordered by a jury on Friday to pay his ex-wife $75,000 for libel after he said she was a bigamist in two media interviews in 2015.

Before siding with Jin Mosley the Los Angeles Superior Court panel pondered for approximately a half-day.

shane mosley divorce settlement

The fighter argued outside the court that he did not malign his ex-spouse since he was truthful when he informed the interviewers that Jin Mosley’s divorce from her first husband was finished in 2006, not 2002 as she had claimed. In 2002, the Mosleys were hitched.

The fighter emphasised that tweets denigrating his ex-wife that was sent out in his name were done so by public relations representatives working on his behalf and that he had no participation in choosing their content, even though they were not included in his ex-defamation wife’s accusations.

She (his ex-wife) is aware of that, according to Mosley. Jin Mosley, however, asserted that the fighter had indeed tweeted the words.

“Sugar” Shane Mosley Lose His Belts to His Ex-wife

“Sugar” Shane Mosley and his ex-wife Jin Mosley reached an agreement on a divorce settlement that includes Jin obtaining each of the former couple’s three championship belts.

Even if it’s embarrassing to lose his belts to his ex-wife, “Sugar” Shane will at least be able to continue living comfortably even after the divorce.

shane mosley divorce settlement

According to California’s community property laws, which presume that all assets accumulated during the marriage are community property, the couple reached a divorce settlement.

According to California law, after a divorce, the property is split equally. Assets might be anything from credit card points to earnings from a career.

Mosley will be required to pay back a portion of the money he makes from selling videotapes of any fights that occurred between November 2002 and roughly February 2009, when Jin filed for divorce. The pair accumulated 854,410 AMEX points on their credit card, which translates to Jin receiving 427,205 points.

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The “good news” for Shane is that any video and DVD sales from his fights against Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and Antonio Margarito—fights that took place after Jin filed for divorce—will go to him.

For each of the three minor children of the various parties, the settlement stipulates that ex-wife Jin “will maintain custody and management of three championship belts.” At the age of 18, a belt is given to each child.

What Was the Reason Behind “Sugar” Shane Mosley’s Divorce?

Boxer Shane Mosley claims he was never lawfully wed and wants his $6 million divorce judgement set aside. “Sugar” Shane Mosley is attempting to recoup $6 million from his fictitious ex-wife.

The boxing champion is requesting assistance from the New York courts in establishing that Jin Mosley was a bigamist during their marriage and was not entitled to the $6 million she received in their divorce since they were not properly wed.

shane mosley divorce settlement

In court documents, Mosley, 43, claims that Jin Mosley, 39, never disclosed to him that she was already married to Sanjay Dwivedi before they were wed in November 2002.

When Jin Mosley and Shane Mosley got married, it was alleged that she was already married to another guy. According to Shane Mosley, Jin Mosley’s divorce should be annulled because their union was illegal.

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He claims that although she moved into Mosely’s California home and quickly had three of Mosley’s children, she never mentioned Dwivedi. He claims that he was aware that she had a 5-year-old kid with another guy, to whom she was not married.

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