Are Clank and Bobble Dating: Who Is Clank in Tinker Bell?

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Today I’d like to draw your attention to Bobble and Clank, a dynamic duo from the Disney’s Tinkerbell movies of the 2000s that I feel are underappreciated. Let me preface this by saying that they are the unlikeliest and most peculiar of friends. With no further ado, let’s begin.

Are Clank and Bobble Dating

General Info

Bobble and Clank made their debut in the Disney Toon Studios film “Tinkerbell,” which was released in late 2008. The film is based on the 1953 Disney(Instagram) classic Peter Pan and takes place in Pixie Hollow, with the feisty and clever fairy Tinkerbell playing the lead role.

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Tinkerbell’s mentors in Pixie Hollow, Bobble and Clank, help her navigate the landscape and the possibilities available to her in her role as a Tinker Fairy. Even when she is particularly stubborn, Bobble and Clank do their best to teach her the difference between right and wrong.

Clank and Bobble: Are They Dating?

These two are crucial to the progression of the story in the first Tinkerbell film, and they inspire viewers to embrace and celebrate their unique abilities. This is demonstrated by the excessive enthusiasm with which Bobble and Clank approach their roles as the Tinker Sparrow Men.

Tinkerbell, at one point, though there was more to life than “pots and kettles,” and she wanted to switch talents with the help of her fellow Talent Fairy friends.

Tinkerbell’s friends and allies in Pixie Hollow, including Bobble and Clank, Fairy Mary, Queen Clarion, and others, tried to convince her that Tinkers are just as important as the other fairies.

Let’s return to discussing Bobble and Clank, though. This Disney duo is also known as the “dynamic duo of Sparrow Men,” according to their own Wikipedia page. Recent Tinkerbell movies have featured less and less of these two characters, which is disappointing. Specifically in the most recent book in the series, “The Legend of the Never Beast.”

It’s Fawn, Tink’s best friend, who gets the spotlight in this episode. While they may not play as large a role in the films as they once did, I still think they play a significant role in convincing Tinkerbell to stop being a tinker.

Bobble and Clank were able to change Tinkerbell’s negative first impressions and beliefs that she was a “stupid Tinker.” They both help Tinkerbell appreciate what a privilege it is to be a Tinker Sparrow Man in Pixie Hollow (or, in her case, a Tinker Fairy).

Are Clank and Bobble Dating

Do Clank and Bobble Have a Romantic History Together?

I think that’s a key facet of their parallel yet distinct roles in the film that gets overlooked when discussing these two. They weren’t boring or ineffectual characters.

They contributed to making Tinkerbell one of the most popular and successful pixies of all time. They should be given more credit in the long run. Certainly, I Believe That to Be the Case.


I also feel compelled to discuss the authenticity of their bond. I think these two get along splendidly. To put it bluntly, Clank is more of a moron than Bobble is, while Bobble is the smarter and more perceptive of the two.

Bobble Is Weird, Too, Admit It, Because He Literally Pours a Vast Amount of Water Into His Goggles to Maximize His Pupils, and, Man, Does He Look Scary When the Water Pops in His Goggles. Hehe, let’s just say that if you ever manage to get him to open his eyes in surprise, the results could be disastrous. Watching the Movie Again Caused Some Concern for Me.

In addition, as was previously stated, Clank is not as bright as Bobble, who is more imaginative in some respects. On the other hand, he has a good heart and is undeniably charming.

Since they are both so energetic and creative, this explains why they are so good at tinkering. The other thing I picked up on while watching the first Tinkerbell movie again was how brotherly the relationship between these two characters was.

They are both helpful individuals who are proficient in the art of tinkering. That’s why I like these two so much: I think they should get more screen time.

Since the last Tinkerbell movie came out in 2014, I don’t think there will be another one, and if there is, the chances of these two making a bigger comeback in future films are slim.

Are Clank and Bobble Dating

Crystals Appearances in Films and Roles

Next to the first Tinkerbell movie, “Secret of the Wings,” the one where Tinkerbell is reunited with her long-lost sister, Periwinkle, seems to be the one that shows these two together most, at least from what I’ve seen.

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In the film “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue,” the fast-flying fairy Vidia advises Tinkerbell’s friends to help rescue her from the little girl who kidnapped her.

They emerge from the theatre to cheers and applause in the second film of the franchise, “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure,” and at first suggest and ask Tinkerbell to come along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Clank in Tinker Bell?

When Tinker Bell first arrived in Neverland, she was greeted by two tinker fairies named Clank and Bobble. They took her on a tour of Pixie Hollow, explained the four seasons, and showed her the home the tinkers had built for her in Tinkers’ Nook.

Is Bobble a Fan of Tinker Bell?

Bobble admires Tinker Bell, a neighbor, and close friend, for her intelligence and skill. Bobble, the fairy, has light blue eyes and chestnut hair. His eyes look bigger than they are because he’s wearing goggles that have water droplets as lenses.

Is There a Romance Between Clank and Bobble?

Like Tinker Bell, Clank and Bobble aren’t ashamed to flaunt the fact that they’re tinker fairies. They’ve been seeing each other for a long time and have committed to the relationship. They’re both smart enough to get by in the world, but they’re also a bit clumsy.

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