Laura Branigan Cause of Death: What Did Laura Branigan Passed Away of?

When Laura Ann Branigan died, she was an American singer-songwriter and actress who lived in the United States. For 36 weeks, Gloria was on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, which is a record for a female artist.

She reached number two with her platinum-certified 1982 single, “Gloria.” Besides Australia and Canada, it also made it to the top of the charts there, too. U.S. singer and songwriter Umberto Tozzi wrote the song “Gloria,” and Branigan sang it. A lot of people liked it in Italy and around the world in 1979.

“Self Control,” a song by an Italian singer and songwriter called Raf, came out in 1984 and became a big hit in Canada and Germany. She also made it to number one in the US with the song. With both “Gloria” and “Self Control,” she also made it to the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart.

Laura Branigan Cause of Death: What Did Laura Branigan Passed Away of?

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Early in Life:

Kathleen O’Hare Branigan and James Branigan Sr. were born in Brewster, New York, on July 3, 1952. They had five children, and they later divorced. Laura Branigan was born the fourth of their five children, and she was the fourth of their five children.

Mary Conway and William O’Hare Jr. were Branigan’s maternal grandparents. They were the son of William John O’Hare and Agnes B. O’Connor and the daughter of William O’Hare and Mary Conway (daughter of Francis J. Conway and Mary Teresa McGuiness).

As a child, Branigan went to a Catholic school in the nearby town of Chappaqua, New York. Branigan was born and raised in the town of Armonk. She went to Byram Hills High School from 1966 to 1970. In her senior year, she starred in the high school musical The Pajama Game.

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The Start of a Job

Laura Branigan Cause of Death: What Did Laura Branigan Passed Away of?

Branigan met Walker Daniels, his future wife Sharon Storm, and Chris Van Cleave in 1972. They formed the folk-rock band Meadow. On their first album, The Friend Ship, the group had bass player Bob Valdez.

It had singles like When You Were Young and Cane and Able, which had the line “Throw away your cane and you are able.” The record didn’t get enough attention and was never re-released. After the band broke up, Walker Daniels took his own life. Branigan didn’t want to talk about her relationship with Meadow in public.

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Back to Music

A 10-foot ladder fall in Westchester County, New York, broke both of Branigan’s femurs in early 2001, putting her back on the stage for six months. During Love, Janis, an off-Broadway musical, she played the “singing” Janis Joplin twice in 2002, but then she dropped out of the show.

I left Janis because producers didn’t file with Equity correctly, she told the Sunday News in Pennsylvania. Somehow, I felt a little better about it. The show had 19 songs by Janis Joplin, and my voice isn’t even close to that one.

The drummer in her band, Tommy Bayiokos, was a good friend of hers in later years. Finally, in 2002, her second official US hit album, The Essentials, came out. It included the song “It’s Not You,” which had been out of print for years.

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All-around Success

Laura Branigan Cause of Death: What Did Laura Branigan Passed Away of?

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Branigan also starred in movies and TV shows during the height of her career. In 1981, she starred in An American Girl in Berlin for West German TV, and after the success of her movie Gloria, she made guest appearances on American TV shows like CHiPs, Automan, and Knight Rider.

She would later appear in independent films like Mugsy’s Girls (aka Delta Pi, 1985) with Oscar-winner Ruth Gordon, and Backstage, a movie about a group of people who work at a theatre.

The products she sang for on TV and radio were Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, and Chrysler, which paid for her 1985–1986 “Hold Me” tour, which ran from 1985–86.

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Laura Branigan Cause of Death: What Did Laura Branigan Passed Away of?

It was August 26, 2004, when 52-year-old Branigan died at her home in East Quogue, New York. For some reason, the ventricular brain aneurysm that hadn’t been found before was blamed for the problem.

People said that she had been having headaches for a few weeks before she died, but she didn’t get help for them.

At the time of her death, it was widely and incorrectly said that she was 47 years old because the Associated Press made a technical mistake when it called Branigan’s management company.

Branigan was put to death, and her ashes were spread over Long Island Sound.

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