Chris Benoit Death: Did Eddies Death Affect Chris Benoit? What Really Happened to Chris Benoit?

Chris Benoit was a professional wrestler from Canada. WWE, World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment, WCW and ECW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and NJPW are just a few of the professional wrestling companies he has worked for during the course of his 22-year career.

Early years

He was born to Michael and Margaret Benoit in Montreal, Quebec. He was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, and throughout most of his acting career, he was represented by the city. He had a sibling who lived in Edmonton, Alberta.

Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington and Bret Hart “stood out above everyone else” during a local wrestling event Benoit attended when he was twelve years old in Edmonton, Canada.

Benoit received his schooling from the family patriarch Stu Hart while training to be a professional wrestler in the Hart family “Dungeon.” With his high-risk approach and physical look more like Billington than Bret Hart, Benoit imitated both of them in the ring. He eventually acquired Hart’s signature “Sharpshooter” grip as a finishing technique.

Chris Benoit Death: Did Eddies Death Affect Chris Benoit? What Really Happened to Chris Benoit?

Stampede Wrestling (From 1985 Through 1989)

In 1985, Benoit made his professional wrestling debut in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. Benoit’s devotion to Billington was complete with his first billing as “Dynamite” Chris Benoit, as he incorporated several of Billington’s maneuvers including the diving headbutt and the snap suplex.

At the beginning of his career, Benoit says he tried the diving headbutt before learning how to land properly, which resulted in him losing the wind and vowing to never do it again.

After a sunset flip, Benoit pinned Butch Moffat and Mike Hammer in Calgary, Alberta, on November 22, 1985, in a tag team bout with “The Remarkable” Rick Patterson against Butch Moffat and Mike Hammer. On March 18, 1988, Benoit defeated Gama Singh to win the Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship.

Took the British Commonwealth championship from Johnny Smith for nearly a year during his time in Stampede. He also won four International Tag Team titles and three more British Commonwealth titles. Benoit left Stampede for New Japan Pro-Wrestling after Stampede folded in 1989, thanks to a suggestion from Bad News Allen.

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WCW (Wrestling Championship Wrestling)

In June 1992, Benoit and fellow Canadian Biff Wellington entered the NWA World Tag Team Championship competition but were beaten in the first round by Brian Pillman and Jushin Thunder Liger at Clash of the Champions XIX.

He returned to WCW in January 1993, beating Brad Armstrong in Clash of the Champions XXII. Later, at SuperBrawl III, he was defeated by 2 Cold Scorpio, who got the pin in the last two and a half seconds of the 20-minute match.

At the same time, he and Bobby Eaton established a tag team. Benoit returned to Japan after losing to Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell at Slamboree.

Chris Benoit Death: Did Eddies Death Affect Chris Benoit? What Really Happened to Chris Benoit?

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Documentary About Chris Benoit’s Murder-suicide

This coming Tuesday, March 24, Dark Side of the Ring will return for its second season with a new episode focusing on the double murder-suicide of former professional wrestler Chris Benoit.

After murdering his wife and children, he took his own life on June 24, 2007. In the wake of the tragedy, Benoit’s brilliant wrestling image was eternally tarnished by the loss of two innocent lives.

Benoit’s son David, Nancy “Woman” Benoit’s sister Sandra Toffoloni, and close friends Chris Jericho, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Dean Malenko are all interviewed in the documentary about the murder-suicide.

According to Jericho, “I didn’t want to hear how I was honoring a murderer. There is no way I’m ignoring this murder, and I don’t want to hear about it. To be more particular, I wanted to speak about his background, his passion for the sport, and his achievements in the ring itself.

In no way, shape, or form are we exalting a murderer? We’ve got the whole story. We were able to tell the complete tale, highlighting the sorrow even more, since it was done correctly and for the right reasons.”

Eddie Guerrero’s death had a profound effect on Benoit, and Benoit’s tale is intertwined with Eddie Guerrero in the Dark Side episode.

According to Jericho, “There was a tremendous link between Chris’ life and Eddie Guerrero’s life and his death, therefore a large portion of this tale revolves around Eddie’s life and Chris’s life.”

In my opinion, I believe we did a good job of highlighting the fact that there were individuals involved in this, rather than simply spectacular murder stories.”

“There’s a tale to be told about a group of friends and family, and about a person who wasn’t a monster. When it came to the wrestling world, his contemporaries held him in high regard as someone they could trust.

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Next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET, VICE TV will screen a two-hour special of The Dark Side of the Ring on VICE TV.

Jeremiah “Chavo Guerrero” Guerrero was instrumental in the project’s production and he was the driving force behind it, Jericho stated. If we don’t do this well, it will be done anyhow,’ he said. Do it for the right reasons and in a proper manner.’ That, I believe, was exactly what he was getting at.

That’s how I got Chavo into the picture; he got me interested, and then I was able to get David Benoit and Nancy’s sister, Nancy’s sister, and Vickie involved.

As opposed to the hack job that the media usually does when dealing with someone they don’t know, it suddenly became this great endeavor. Not simply the killer was known to us; we also knew who was behind it.

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