John Aniston Death: What Actually Happened with Jennifer Aniston’s Father?

At the age of 89, John Aniston, who was well-known for his role in the serial opera Days of Our Lives, passed away. On November 11, Friday, the actor passed away. John was also the father of Jennifer Aniston, who has since shared a touching statement on social media in his honour.

Victor Kiriakis was a character played by John Aniston when he first appeared on Days of Our Lives in 1985. He appeared in the episode of the show that aired last Friday as well as continue playing the character to the very finish. To learn more about the actor’s life and profession, continue reading.

What Caused John Aniston’s Death?

Jennifer Aniston announced in a touching homage to her late father that he had passed away on November 11, or “11/11,” in a post on November 14, 2022. She said, “‘Sweet papa,’ said John Anthony Aniston You were one of the most attractive people I have ever known. I am incredibly grateful that you ascended into the sky in comfort and without suffering. even on September 11th! You always had the right moment. I’ll love you until the end of time, and don’t forget to stop by. That number will always have a deeper meaning for me.”


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 The actress omitted John’s cause of death from her post. Given his age and the absence of any known medical conditions, John most likely passed away naturally.

John Aniston, who was given the name Yiannis Anastasakis, was one of four children raised in a family from Crete, Greece, according to The Hollywood Reporter. John had an early interest in acting after his father relocated the family to Chester, Pennsylvania, to start a restaurant. Before winning his first guest role on the CBS sitcom Brenner, he would go on to attend Penn State University and serve in the U.S. Navy.

Since then, he has made appearances in a number of television shows, but his longest-running role to date was as Days of Our Lives villain Victor Kiriakis. He had previously been in the soap opera in the role of a doctor beginning in 1969, but left after approximately a year and then came back to portray Victor in 1985. Up until his death, he kept up the portrayal.

Sherry Rooney, Alex Aniston, and Jennifer, John’s daughter, are his remaining spouses. The best is wished for Fan’s family.

How Did John Aniston Rise to Fame?

John began his acting career with 87th Precinct in 1962 after being born in Greece in 1933. In the 1970s, he began to routinely appear in soap operas. There was no turning back after he made his Days of Our Lives debut as Victor Kiriakis in 1985. The actor appeared in 2888 episodes of the show, according to IMDB.

John Aniston Death

John also appeared in a few more TV shows, such as Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Mad Men, and Search for Tomorrow. When asked what he believed to be the pinnacle of his career, the actor replied, “I don’t know. We did it at Theatre East. Some play in the future might be Royal Hunt of the Sun.

The actor received the Daytime Emmys Lifetime Achievement Award in June of this year for his work on soap operas. Jennifer collected the award on his behalf as he was unable to make it to the occasion.

“This is a genuinely memorable occasion for me. Jennifer stated on stage, “It’s a chance to not only honour a true icon in the daytime television industry, but it’s also a chance to celebrate the lifetime accomplishments of a wonderful and well-respected actor who also happens to be my dad.

John Aniston Death

“For more than 30 years, his dedication to that programme has earned him the respect and adoration of his fellow actors, close friendships, and pleased millions of fans around the world,” the 53-year-old actress continued. His professional life is the epitome of a lifetime achievement.

In addition to his daughter Jennifer, John Aniston is survived by his son Alex and second wife Sherry Rooney. God grant him eternal peace!

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