Mimi Parker Death: What Happened to the “American Drummer” Mimi?

Mimi Parker, the drummer and singer for the famous band Low, died on November 6, 2022. This was announced on the official Twitter account of the band. Mimi Parker was told she had ovarian cancer in late 2020 and had been getting treatment since then. At the time of her death, Mimi was 55 years old.

According to the tweet, Mimi’s family and other people who cared about her were with her when she died. The post also shows the idea that we should keep our loved ones close and spend as much time as we can with them. At the end of the pot, there was a meaningful line that said, “Yes, love is the most important thing.”

What Was Mimi Parker?

Parker was born into a musical family. Her mother used to want to be a country singer, and her sister could play the guitar. She said in an interview that she played the drums in middle school and high school. Parker’s husband, who is a musician, found her through Low. This is how she got to know the band.

mimi parker death

Parker said, “I guess (music) was always kind of a dream, not something I ever thought I’d do, but every now and then I’d think it would be fun to play music.” “So Alan and I talked about it, and then he and (bassist) John Nichols got together and came up with the idea for the band: slow and quiet.”

I Could Live in Hope, the band’s first album, came out in 1994. In 1999, Pitchfork put it on a list of the best albums of the 1990s. They put out 13 studio albums over the course of 27 years.

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In an interview for the SHEROE podcast in January 2022, Parker said that she had been told in December 2020 that she had advanced ovarian cancer. From January to August 2021, right up to the release of the band’s most recent album, HEY WHAT, Parker went through a lot of chemotherapy and surgery. During the summer, Low had to cancel a European tour because Parker couldn’t go because of “recent developments and changes in treatment.”

Mimi Parker’s Death

Low was started by Mimi Parker and her husband Alan Sparhawk in 1993. The band was made as a response to the other grunge-inspired indie rock band whose songs were loud and brash. As for the music and songs of the band “Low,” they focused more on the other side and put more emphasis on how slow and quiet their songs were. The way Mimi Parker used her voice and other things about it was praised by both critics and her audience.

mimi parker death

Will Sheff of the famous American indie rock band Okkervil River said that Mimi Parker’s voice had so much depth and mystery. He said that her voice was cold and unclear, but also warm and motherly. He also said that her voice went well with Alan Sparhawk.

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Mimi Parker was from Minnesota at first. She grew up in the Bemidji area and didn’t move to Duluth until much later. She moved to Duluth so she could go to college there. Mimi Parker’s husband, George Alan Sparhawk, and she both went to graduate school. They ended up falling in love and getting married. The two kids, Hollis and Cyrus, were born to the couple in the end. Mimi was a wonderful mom.

In 2020, Mimi Parker Was Told She Had Cancer.

Mimi Parker died on Saturday. She had been sick with ovarian cancer. Back in the year 2020, she was told she had the disease. She even talked about it on the Sheroes Radio podcast earlier this year. She said that when people are told they have these kinds of problems, they wonder why it had to be them.

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