Lee Jihan Death: Who Was Lee Jihan? What Happened to Him?

K-Pop acts have quickly become international superstars over the last few years. They have some of the most devoted fans of any type of music. Listeners are always looking for what’s next, and in 2017, they found it in Lee Jihan, who at the time was a contestant on the popular Korean boy band competition show Produce 101.

Lee’s music and TV work made him more and more famous over time. The 24-year-old entertainer died in a freak accident on October 29, 2022. What was the exact cause of his death? Let’s break down all the known facts.

Who Was Lee Jihan?

Lee Ji Han was an actor and singer who was born in South Korea on August 3, 1998. He had only turned 24 years old when he passed away. Lee Jihan worked with WIDMAY Entertainment. He participated in Season 2 of Produce 101 as a competitor. In Episode 5, he had a ranking of 98, and he eventually lost. During Produce 101, Jihan served as a trainee for Pan Entertainment.

 Lee Jihan Death

After the performance, he parted ways with Pan and joined Widmay entertainment. He reportedly has been concentrating on his studies since the episode. Jihan made his acting debut in the web drama “The Butterfly Dream” in the spring of 2011.

How Did Lee Jihan Rise to Fame?

After taking part in season two of the Korean singing competition Produce 101, Lee Jihan became well-known in the country’s entertainment sector. In the competition, 101 contestants are vying for a spot in an 11-person K-pop group.

As a K-pop trainee at the time, Jihan was represented by Pan Entertainment. He did a version of Overdose by EXO during his audition for the programme, and he also participated in a group performance that included Be Mine by Infinite. But in the fifth episode, Jihan was fired.

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Jihan started working for Widmay Entertainment after the programme and left Pan. Lee Jihan began acting in 2019, and his debut role was in the Korean drama series Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day.

What Was Lee Jihan’s Cause of Death?

On the night of October 29, 2022, an accident happened on Korea’s famous Itaewon street. Many people were hurt while having Halloween fun. The event “froze” the Korean entertainment industry, and people all over the world didn’t stop praying for the people who were hurt.

 Lee Jihan Death

One of the people who died in the Itaewon Street accident was a trainee who had been on the popular survival TV show Produce 101. This male trainee’s real name is Lee Jihan, and he was the guy from Pan Entertainment when he took part in the contest. When fans heard that Lee Jihan had died in the accident, they were very sad and shocked.

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Lee Jihan died in a crowd crush on October 29 near Itaewon-dong in Seoul. On October 30, 2022, it was found out that Jihan had died because of the crush of people in Seoul on Halloween the day before. When he died, he was 24 years old. Some of his friends who worked with him on Season 2 of Produce 101, like Park Heeseok, Jo Jinhyung, and Kim Dohyun, also posted about Jihan on social media.

Lee Jihan’s body will be put in the funeral hall of Myongji Hospital, and the funeral will be on November 1, 2022.

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