Rumors About Corn Kid Death Debunked! Click Here to Know About Corn Kid!

In this post, we’ll talk about how old the famous corn kid was, and how he died. Keep reading until you get to the end for more information.

Who is Corn Boy?

Tariq the “Corn Kid,” who is only seven years old, became famous around the world after a video of him talking about how much he loves corn went viral on social media. There were rumours that the boy had been killed in a “gang-related shooting.” However, the Corn Kid is still alive and well, so the rumours were not true.

People started to talk about the child’s death after they saw a post that had been changed to say, “7-year-old Corn Kid was found dead last Sunday in a gang-related shooting.” Soon after, people began to make up stories about the child’s death.

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People who saw the picture said it was written by someone named Dustin Jones for the NPR News website, according to a report. Before it spread to other social media sites, the edited post was shared on Twitter.corn kid death

The image going around is a news headline that has been changed to make it look like Tariq has died. But the original article is all about the Corn Kid and the song that has been popular on social media.

How Did Corn Boy Become So Famous?

In the YouTube video, the boy says that one of his favourite games is hide-and-seek. He also says that corn is his all-time favourite food. It has been watched more than 3.3 million times on YouTube and more than 1.9 million times on Instagram. More than 23 million people have watched a version of the video that was posted on TikTok.

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He became famous because of how passionately he talked about corn. This helped him get a lot of attention on the internet and even some commercials. The Corn Kid has been in a commercial for Chipotle as well.

Corn Kid is Now the “Corn-Bassador” of South Dakota

Tariq was also named the “Corn-bassador” for the US state of South Dakota. In fact, South Dakota’s governor, Kristi Noem, made September 3, 2022 “Official Corn-bassador Tariq Day” to honor Tariq’s love of corn.

In the statement, it said:

“South Dakota is one of the top corn-producing states in the country. It feeds people all over the world, but especially 7-year-old Tariq, who just found out that corn is real.”

South Dakota’s official TikTok account also posted a montage of Tariq’s trip to the Corn Palace, where he met a corn mascot. Tariq also went to the premiere of Disney’s live-action “Pinocchio” and joined Cameo, which lets fans pay celebrities for personalised shout-outs.

What Exactly Happened With Corn Kid?

After he went viral, people started saying that Tariq had died without warning. People who liked his video were saddened by the news, but some of them were also curious about where the rumour came from.

It seems like the rumour started with a Facebook post that went viral. The post’s headline said that Tariq had been shot and killed by a gang.

If you read the post carefully, you’ll see that it says the article is from NPR and that Dustin Jones wrote it. Since the post first showed up, it has started to spread, and many people now think that Tariq really did die. The good news is that this post doesn’t seem real, so there’s no reason to think that Tariq has really been killed.

Is Tariq Still Alive?

The widely shared post is a rewritten news story that was meant to make people think that Tariq had really died. There is no real news article written by someone named Dustin Jones.

Instead, the original news article has more information about Tariq, like how he became one of the most famous kids on the internet just because he loves corn.

Tariq Enjoys Math and Break Time

The New York Times just wrote a story about Tariq, and it sounds like he’s doing pretty well with getting back to normal life. Math and recess are his favourite things to do at school. He likes math because, in his own words, he’s good at it.

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Tariq also talked about how much he loves corn and how, since he lost his front tooth, it’s been harder for him to eat it. He also said that the tooth fairy didn’t come when the tooth fell out. “She left me. He said, “She thinks I come from a bad family.”

Tariq’s family asked that he only be known by his first name so that they could keep their privacy. Even though he’s become one of the most famous kids on the internet, he seems to have kept a pretty normal life.corn kid death

Since his video went viral, Tariq has been contacted by bookers, and his family had to hire a lawyer quickly. He recently went to the premiere of Pinocchio in Los Angeles, and he also tried a lot of corn-based foods on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Tariq’s family seems to know that his internet fame won’t last forever, and they’re trying to balance his regular life with the amazing opportunities he’s now getting.


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