Courtney Clenney Boyfriend’s Cause of Death: Here is All You Need to Know About the Murder Victim?

Christian Toby Obumseli was born on April 1994 and passed away on April 3, 2022; Age: 27. He was a renowned American entrepreneur, media personality, online celebrity, and social media star from Dallas, Texas.

As the operator of “Wisemen & Peachtree LLC,” he was widely recognized throughout the country. Let me inform you that he rose to notoriety in April 2022 after being brutally murdered by his girlfriend, Courtney Tailor.

His lover, according to official claims, fatally stabbed him. The police have arrested Tailor following receipt of the murder report. Numerous people are furious with the white woman who fatally murdered his girlfriend. Let’s study Christian Toby Obumseli’s Wiki, age, girlfriend, height, net worth, family, death, biography, job, and a variety of other information.

Christian Obumseli’s Age and Birth Date

Obumseli’s birthday was customarily observed in April with his family. It has not yet been determined when he was born. Please note that he was born in 1994 in Dallas, Texas, United States. According to his Facebook account, he also spends time in Plano, Texas, with his family.

Christian Obumseli Birthplace – Country of Origin

In Florida, he was residing with his girlfriend. According to his social media website, he graduated in 2012 from Plano East Senior High School. After enrolling at Texas Tech University, he received a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Business administration.

Toby Obumseli’s Christian Girlfriend and Relationships

Christian Toby Obumseli was a frank and gifted individual. According to his social media profiles, he was in a relationship with Courtney Tailor. Courtney Tailor is a well-known model, OnlyFans celebrity, and social media influencer.Courtney Clenney Boyfriend

The specific details of the couple’s initial meeting have not been discovered. Obumseli’s social media account revealed that the couple has been together for the past year, as their first photo was posted in February 2021.

Family of Christian Toby Obumseli (Ethnicity & Nationality)

Christian was the youngest of his parent’s children. Even after extensive searches on social media and the Internet, we cannot locate any specific information about his parents. He has shared a photo of a woman and referred to her as a Grammy. We are uncertain as to whether or not she is his mother. Other than this, he never mentioned anything about his father’s profession.

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Please be advised that he has an older brother named Jeffrey Obumseli. According to his Facebook profile, he has a sister named Jen Adaeze. In addition, he is of American nationality and his Christian faith. Furthermore, he has a mixed ethnic heritage.

Christian Toby Obumseli’s Cause of Death – Murder

According to, he was brutally murdered on April 3, 2022. Courtney Tailor stabbed him in the shoulder. Reportedly, a minor argument with his girlfriend escalated into a physical altercation.

Christian passed away as a result of the injury. The neighbor told authorities the two fought a week before the victim’s passing. The police have detained Tailor in connection with the murder investigation, which is ongoing.

Christian Obumseli’s Professional Career

Toby Obumseli played rugby as an undergraduate. He was a fantastic rugby player who was instrumental in his team’s victories over the opponents. Several photos of his game have been shared on his social media platforms.

On April 30, 2018, he announced the formation of his own company, “Wisemen & Peachtree LLC.” For the past four years, he has acted as both the company’s creator and CEO. He never spoke extensively about his profession in public.

Who Is Courtney Chenney?

According to sources, OnlyFans actress Courtney Clenney has been charged with murder for the murder of her partner earlier this year in her Miami apartment. Courtney Tailor, a social media influencer, was arrested in Hawaii on Wednesday.

She is currently awaiting extradition to Florida, where she will be charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing Christian, 27, Obumseli, in April, according to her defense counsel Frank Prieto, according to the Miami Herald.Courtney Clenney Boyfriend

According to her attorney, Clenney was in a Hawaii rehabilitation clinic for substance misuse and post-traumatic stress disorder at her arrest. “I am extremely startled,” Prieto told the newspaper, “particularly given we were assisting with the investigation and offered to hand her up if she was charged.” We expect to clear her name in court.

Prosecutors began their probe into the model’s fatal stabbing about four months ago, before her arrest. Clenney, who has 2 million Instagram followers, is accused of stabbing Obumseil in the chest on April 3 after an altercation at her luxury apartment complex in Miami’s upscale Edgewater neighborhood.

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Clenney’s attorney claims she acted in self-defense when Obumseil attacked her after weeks of abuse. According to Prieto, as Obumseil seized her by the neck, he felt compelled to stab her. According to the attorney, the couple had been separated for less than two years.

According to the Herald, the couple had been living together at the apartment complex for a few months when personnel saw numerous domestic troubles and attempted to evict them. According to officials, after Obumseli’s murder, the model claimed to be suicidal and spent time in a psychiatric facility.

Larry Handfield, an attorney for Obumseli’s family, urged police to reopen the investigation. Police officers, he claims, visited the couple at least four times for domestic concerns, but Obumseli was never held or charged.

Handfield went on to say that despite allegedly having an active warrant in California for public intoxication in 2015, Clenney was not apprehended. Clenney was supposedly set to appear in a Texas court on a DUI charge from 2020 at the time of the murder.

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