Brian Laundrie Cause of Death: Was He Involved in Gabby Petito’s Murder?

Brian Laundrie was an American artist and content developer. He was a person of interest in the murder of 22-year-old Gabby Petito. Laundrie and Petito became engaged in 2020, planning their wedding before abduction and death.

The FBI announced that Brian Laundrie confessed to killing Gabby Petito in a journal found near his remains in a Florida swamp. Even though Brian Laundrie had been the leading suspect the entire time, it was the first time that investigators attributed Petito’s death to him.

According to the autopsy, Brian Laundrie committed suicide. According to a statement released by the FBI in Denver, detectives revealed that Laundrie sent text messages to purposefully mislead people into believing that Gabby was still alive after he brutally assaulted and strangled her in late August.

Possible Human Remains and Belongings of Brian Laundrie Are Discovered in Florida

Wednesday, potential human remains were discovered in a Florida wilderness region, along with artifacts suspected to belong to Brian Laundrie, whose girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was murdered after he came home from their cross-country road trip alone, according to the FBI.

Michael McPherson, the head of the FBI office in Tampa, stated at a press conference that it would take time to identify the remains being examined by forensic investigators. McPherson reported that they were discovered near a backpack and a notebook belonging to Laundrie.brian laundrie cause of death

“We are working diligently to get those answers for you,” McPherson said, adding that the artifacts and remains were discovered in a previously submerged swamp inhabited by alligators, snakes, coyotes, and other wildlife. The team will probably remain on-site for several days.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie participated in the search together with the FBI and North Port, Florida, police, more than a month after Laundrie was reported missing after entering the expansive Carlton Reserve park.

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“After a quick search of a route that Brian frequented, some of Brian’s belongings were discovered,” Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino told The Associated Press via text message. Currently, law enforcement is undertaking a more comprehensive investigation in this area.

Brian Laundrie Fiance

Brian Laundrie is noted for being Gabby Petitio’s fiance. Gabby is a woman of age twenty. She has not been seen since August 25, 2021. The pair were visiting Yellowstone National Park at the time.

They have been together for some years at this point. Gradually, their relationship blossomed, and they continually fell in love. In 2020, Brian Laundrie proposed to Gabby, and the couple became engaged. In July of 2021, she and Brian began their road trip. They initially drove from Florida to New York City.

The two then departed Salt Lake City and traveled west. However, they returned to the city in August to avoid the wildfire smoke. Finally, they traveled to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Petitio never visited Yellowstone National Park, as intended. Brian and Gabby chose to live together in a van.

However, he returned to Florida independently. The Petito family filed a missing person report on September 11 after numerous days of being unable to contact her.

The Case of Brian Laundrie

Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s boyfriend, has been missing since last Tuesday. On Friday, police entered Bria’s home in North Port, Florida, to speak with him and his family. However, according to the police, Brian was not present.

Josh Taylor, a police spokesperson, stated:

This narrative has taken another turn.” “We’ve been trying all week to talk to his family, to talk to Brian, and now they’ve called us here on Friday, we’ve gone to the home, and they’re saying now they haven’t seen their son,” Taylor said on Friday night to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “So we’re working on those details right now.”

Brian Laundrie’s Net Worth

Brian Laundrie was born in Florida, USA, on November 18, 1997. He was 24 years old at the time. His net worth was estimated to be around $200,000.

The Cause of Death Brian Laundrie

SARASOTA, Florida — The cause of death of Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s fiancé, whose disappearance sparked outrage late last summer, was disclosed Monday after officials stated just his bones remained after being partially eaten by animals following his death. According to the Sarasota County Medical Examiner’s postmortem report, Laundrie died from a gunshot wound to the head.

According to the medical examiner’s report, Laundrie’s skeleton remains were discovered in a densely wooded region of the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County in October and had been submerged in “up to three feet and possibly more” of water for an extended period before being discovered.

Only Laundrie’s bones remained after “severe carnivore activity demonstrated by repeated gouging and gnawing scars typical with carnivores and omnivores including canines such as feral dogs and coyotes rodents and raccoons,” according to officials.

According to the 47-page investigation, materials collected from the location where Laundrie’s remains were discovered included a backpack with a tent and flares, a piece of paper, a red cap with the brand “Moab Coffee Roasters,” and a wooden box with a small notebook and images.

According to the FBI, Laundrie wrote in the journal found with his remains that he was responsible for Gabby Petito’s death. When his death was discovered, Laundrie had been the target of a weeks-long search. According to Laundrie family attorney Steve Bertolino, his death was declared a suicide after he shot himself in the head.

Gabby Petito Has Gone Missing (Full Story)

Brian and his girlfriend decided to begin their four-month cross-country journey. Their voyage began on July 2, 2021, in New York. Brian’s 2012 Ford Transit Connect van is transporting them. On August 12, 2021, a witness contacted 911 after witnessing this couple quarrel.brian laundrie cause of death

According to the source, Utah police were called when a witness observed Gabby hit Brian. However, no charges were brought against them. It was suggested that Brian spend the night in a motel.

Brian Laundrie and his girlfriend Gabby Petito began their four-month cross-country journey on July 2, 2021, in New York. Petito slapped him in the arm during their quarrel over a phone call. Police confronted her, and she justified herself by claiming she suffered from mental illness and had a breakdown.

Brian and Gabby had a lot of disagreements on their vacation, and it was affecting their mental health. Petito stayed at a hotel near Salt Lake City International Airport on August 24, 2021.

On September 1, 2021, Brian Laundrie returned to his home in North Port, Florida, USA, without his partner Gabby Petito. She even informed her mother, Nichole Schmidt, that she was at Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming when they last spoke on Facetime. They even texted each other in the latter days of August 2021.

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Brian Laundrie returned to Florida in his home on September 1, 2021, without his girlfriend, Gabrielle Petito. On September 11, 2021, her family reported her missing. When the police approached Brian Laundrie, he remained silent and hired a lawyer, ‘Steve Bertolino,’ to speak on his behalf. Furthermore, no charges have yet been filed against anyone.

The FBI, the North Port Police Department, and the Suffolk County Police Department are all working together on this matter. Brian’s lawyer announced his disappearance on September 17, 2021.

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