What Is the Cause of Jaylon Ferguson’s Death?

The death of Jaylon Ferguson, an outside linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, was announced on Wednesday. He was 26.

Coach John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens eulogized Jaylon as a “good-hearted, gentle person who loved his family and his team.” He was always a pleasure to spend time with and enjoy conversation with.

You’ve been hoping to finally meet ‘Ferg’ and have a chat with him. His family has our thoughts and support. Our thoughts and prayers are with his soul.

Jaylon Ferguson Death

Police Department

According to the Baltimore Police Department, at around 11:25 p.m. on Tuesday, officers responded to a residence in the city’s northern district, where they found Ferguson unresponsive and being treated by medics. According to the police, Ferguson was pronounced dead at the scene and never regained consciousness.

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According to the espn, there were no obvious signs of trauma or foul play. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death after receiving Ferguson’s body. A police spokesperson said an overdose cannot be ruled out by the investigation.

Ferguson’s family released a statement on Thursday, saying, “There has been some speculation about what may have caused Jaylon’s death, but at this time we still don’t know.

The shock hasn’t worn off yet, but this certainly ranks among the lowest points of our lives. While we try to find our way through this challenging time, we ask that you give us space.”

In 2019, the Ravens selected Ferguson in the third round. He had already taken part in all of the preseason drills. He seemed to have lost a lot of weight and put in a lot of work to be in the best shape of his career.

The Ravens drafted Jaylon Ferguson in the third round in 2019, and he ended up spending three years with the team.

Tony Jefferson, a safety for the Baltimore Ravens, said of “J Ferg,” “he had the most genuine energy I’ve ever been around.” “Before I left the locker room after minicamp, he told me he was ready to have a big year and that this would be his best season as a Raven.

I have no doubt that he will keep a watchful eye over us, and that the team will grow closer as a result of the void he has left. It’s safe to say that he’ll be sorely missed.”

Jaylon Ferguson Death

Early Life

After his time at Louisiana Tech, Ferguson earned the nickname “Sack Daddy” and set an FBS record with 45 career sacks. He had 67 tackles and 4.5 sacks over the course of three seasons in the NFL.

The Louisiana Tech football team expressed their sadness over the unexpected death of former Bulldog great Jaylon Ferguson in a tweet, reading, “The LA Tech Family mourns this morning.”

“His god-given abilities as an athlete and his charisma off of it will be remembered. Everyone in his family and circle of friends has our deepest sympathies.”

Ferguson, the 85th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, dedicated much of his time to assisting the people of Ruston, Louisiana, in their recovery from the devastation wrought by a tornado in 2017.

While he was clearing the streets of downed trees, he assisted in the search for survivors. In addition to assisting those in need, he helped distribute water and pizza.

Patrick Ricard, a fullback for the Ravens, said of Jaylon, “He is someone I will cherish forever.” “The positive energy he exuded and his charming grin will stay with me forever. It didn’t matter how the day was going, he always had a smile on his face.

There wasn’t a single person in the company who didn’t like him because of how charismatic he was in the locker room.”

Jaylon Ferguson Death


The last person I spoke with was leaving the facility, tweeted Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen. “Almost every day we went to the sauna to see who could stay there the longest. Our turn finally came around this year, he said. I’ll be thinking about you and missing you, bro.”

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All three of Ferguson’s children are still young; his two daughters and his son are all under the age of 5.

Safarrah Lawson, Ferguson’s agent, said of him in a statement, “He was a wonderful young man full of love and life.” “As well as a great football player, he will be remembered as a loving family man and loyal friend. Keep the family in your prayers.”

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