Harry Styles Dating History: Who Has Harry Styles Dated in the Past?

This list of prominent women who have dated Harry Styles will tell you more about these fortunate ladies.

You can learn all there is to know about Harry Styles’s love life from this thorough dating history, which includes information about his present girlfriend, previous partners and dating rumours. The ex-wives of Harry Styles are included on this list.

Caroline Flack

Harry Styles Dating History

Styles and the late Caroline Flack were romantically linked back in 2011 when he was only 17 and she was already in her 30s. When Styles and the other members of One Direction competed on the show, they ran into the “X Factor” host.

In her book, “Storm in a C Cup,” she stated, “I already knew that he had a crush on me, he’d made it quite plain. He’d said it in magazines and he’d said it to friends.” (via Seventeen) The couple subsequently split up after receiving criticism for their age difference. At the age of 40, Flack hanged herself in her London home in February 2020.

Emily Atack

In 2012, Styles dated the British actress Emily Atack. The “Inbetweeners” actress kept her relationship with the musician a secret and didn’t acknowledge their brief relationship until two years later.

“We engaged in a brief yet enjoyable activity. Then we parted ways,” she recalled to Reveal Magazine (via Hello!) in 2014.

Taylor Swift

Harry Styles Dating History


For a year, Styles dated Taylor Swift. Despite the briefness of their relationship, the songs each artist is said to have written about the other will always be a tribute to them.

While some contend that Swift’s “Two Ghosts” is about the “Willow” singer, others claim that her song “…Ready For It” is about Styles. In 2013, they finally called it quits.

Nicole Scherzinger

Following his relationship with Swift, Styles got romantically involved with Scherzinger. A source claimed to The Sun in 2015 that the Pussycat Dolls singer and Styles “had a dalliance at the conclusion of the X Factor in 2013 and met up again early last year.”

They began dating more than three years later after Harry had grown up and joined the largest band in the world. At the time, he was 19 and she was 35.

Kendall Jenner


Harry Styles Dating History

When Styles and Kendall Jenner started dating, their relationship swept the globe. According to reports, they went out on multiple dates together. The couple broke up soon after they began dating in February 2014, despite the fact that things were intense at first, according to Seventeen. That, however, wouldn’t be the final time the two would team up.

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After the former member of One Direction dated a number of other models, Styles and Jenner rekindled their relationship in 2015. They reconciled after becoming touchy-feely at a New Year’s Eve party, as Page Six previously revealed. Although things between the couple appeared to be serious, they split up after almost a year.

Erin Foster

Harry Styles Dating History

In 2014, Styles was allegedly dating Erin Foster. According to the Daily Mail, the couple went on a great day at a pumpkin patch. He reportedly got to know David Foster’s daughter through a common friend.

Nadine Leopold

Styles and Nadine Leopold started dating in. They were seen together on numerous trips, including numerous froyo runs, however, their relationship fizzled out in March 2015.

Sara Sampaio

Styles dated other Victoria’s Secret models besides Leopold and Jenner. After splitting from Leopold in 2015, the singer briefly dated the model Sara Sampaio.

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Georgia Fowler

Harry Styles Dating History

Styles moved on to model Georgia Fowler after things with Sampaio came to an end. She even made a video of herself and Styles playing Scrabble together and posted it on her social media accounts at the time to promote their relationship.

Tess Ward

Styles began dating food blogger Tess Ward in 2017, taking a break from dating models. They dated covertly until she broke things off to start dating her ex again.

Camille Rowe

Harry Styles Dating History

Before calling it quits, Styles and Camille Rowe dated for a whole calendar year. They first connected through a common buddy.

 Kiko Mizuhara

The singer was allegedly dating Kiko Mizuhara at one point. When she was seen with him at styles’ 25th birthday celebration, their cover was broken, despite her initial denials that she ever knew styles.

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