Anya Taylor-Joy Boyfriend: Is Anya Taylor-Joy Married to Malcolm McRae?

Blissfully in love! With the help of major films like The Queen’s Gambit and The Northman, actress Anya Taylor-Joy has had tremendous success both professionally and romantically in recent years. Malcolm McRae, her boyfriend, is described in more detail further down.

Who is Anya Taylor-Joy Dating?

Anya was initially romantically linked in May 2021 to Malcolm McRae when they were seen holding hands while out for a stroll in New York City. Although it’s unclear when they actually connected, Anya appeared to make mention of her boyfriend in an interview a month before.

 Anya Taylor-joy boyfriend

She explained why she conducted the interview with Elle from her bathroom at the time: “My partner just got home from work, and he’s shifting around all of his equipment.

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The relationship quickly intensified, and by October 2021, Malcolm had posted a cute Instagram photo of them holding hands with the remark “Oof extremely thrilled.” Despite leading a rather private existence, the Emma actress isn’t shy to extol their romance.


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In an interview with British Vogue in March 2022, she described how they spend quality time together by saying, “I told my lover the other day that he was my hobby.” “I consider reading to be a requirement. He enjoyed it because he is similar. I’ve finally discovered someone who will contentedly read in silence with me. It basically makes us look like we’re 80 and 7 at the same time, and it works great.

Is Anya Taylor-Joy Engaged?

As she exited a private plane in Sydney, Australia in June 2022, the Peaky Blinders actress appeared to be sporting a diamond ring on “that finger,” leading to engagement rumours.

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The Florida native and her boyfriend haven’t made any engagement announcements in public yet, but Anya shared some insight into how they manage their distance relationship. Malcolm travels much for business while the Golden Globe winner resides in East London.

 Anya Taylor-joy boyfriend

She told British Vogue, “Yes, it is [challenging], but it’s also kind of nice because when you’re together, you’re really appreciating the time that you have. “Even the most basic tasks are filled with excitement. I enjoy filling up the car with gas, going to get breakfast, and doing all of that with him.

Is Anya Taylor-Joy Married?

According to Page Six, before Anya had to return to Australia to film the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, Furiosa, she was married to Malcolm McRae in the United States, which is out there reporting they had an “intimate courthouse wedding.”

Who Has Anya Taylor-Joy Dated in the Past?

Taylor-Joy was photographed going down the street in London with photographer Ben Seed back in May 2020. The seed was soon labelled as her boyfriend on gossip websites, but since then, there hasn’t been any indication of a relationship, and there haven’t been any claims (whether from anonymous sources or not) that the two are truly dating.

Apart from that, your hunch is just as good as ours! You won’t find much public information about any further boyfriends Taylor-Joy may have had, no matter how much you Google.

It’s possible that she finds playing a stereotypical girlfriend onscreen to be just as boring as being someone’s girlfriend in real life. “Whenever I’ve had a girlfriend role, I’ve sent it back being like ‘Eh? Why?’,” she previously admitted to The Guardian.

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