Are Angela and Michael Still Together? What Was the Cause of Their Seperation?

In this post, we will examine several fascinating facts regarding Angela and Michael’s lives, including their relationship status, family, and break up. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

About Angela and Michael’s Relationship

Angela and Michael were initially introduced to us in Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. When Michael messaged Angela out of the blue, they discovered love on social media. Angela decided to fly from Georgia to Nigeria to meet her lover, with whom she had been acquainted online.

Angela was resolved to follow her heart, despite her family’s skepticism over the relationship and their 20-year age difference. She prepared for her journey to Nigeria despite these reservations. Here, she is receiving a haircut.

As soon as Angela arrived, they became inseparable. However, they did encounter a few difficulties. Angela worried whether Michael was ashamed of her sometimes, but he assured her that he was not.

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The couple spent the evening with Michael’s pals, where they explored cultural and marital difficulties. Angela was preoccupied with trust difficulties, and she expressed her feelings to Michael.

Despite the fact that things weren’t ideal, these two wanted to commit to being together. With an engagement ring and an American flag, Angela popped the question to Michael.

Angela and Michael, Are They Still Together?

Are Angela and Michael Still Together

Happily Ever After? Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi, Season 7 pair, have been on the verge of divorce for quite some time. Where are they now in 2023, following the cheating scandal? Here are the most recent updates.

In the fall of 2022, the infidelity drama played out on the tell-all stage. There have been sightings of Michael and Angela together since then. Surprisingly, Michael and Angela look to be still working on their marriage together. The couple married in Nigeria in January 2020 and have been working on securing a spousal visa.

A 90-Day Fiancé fan spotted Angela and Michael together in a grocery shop on November 11. The fan who tweeted the shot (via Reddit) captioned it, “Lmao I can’t believe I was star-struck.”

Happily Ever After? The Season 7 couple appears to be really happy together. Angela smiles and gestures at the camera, and Michael, who is pulling a supermarket cart, also looks at the camera.

Angela Supposedly Caught Michael Cheating on Her

Angela tries to persuade Michael to remove his social media accounts during 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? She claims that he has previously been caught flirting with women in his Instagram DMs. Angela sent Michael an ultimatum: remove the Instagram account or she will divorce him.

The two were able to reconcile, but by the time Angela returned to New York City for the Happily Ever After? the tell-all show, she was considering divorcing Michael once more.

Michael, 32, was found cheating on his 56-year-old wife with a lady his age and joined the tell-all via video chat from Nigeria. Angela used an audio message to prove Michael had been unfaithful.

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In a voice memo, Michael is heard speaking nicely to the woman and closing the message with a vow of love. Angela sobbed as she showed the screenshots of their romantic text exchanges. Michael apologized and requested that his wife pick him up.

Angela and Michael, Longtime Stars of ’90 Day Fiancé,’ Are They Divorced?

In Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, the pair came close to splitting up permanently. Angela accuses Michael of not being there for her when she needs him and labels him a “fake” in one episode. Michael attempts to disagree, but when she states she wants to stop the relationship, he adds, “I won’t beg you.”

Angela has a problem with Michael’s use of social media in Season 7. If he does not erase his Instagram account, she warns him that the relationship will end.

Angela realizes that in addition to the couple’s intense arguments over Michael’s Instagram account, the couple has more fundamental issues than his cash stream. In an episode of Season 7 aired on December 18, 2022, it will be shown that Angela’s concerns regarding her husband were likely accurate.

Angela reveals to filmmakers in an exclusive clip acquired by People that Michael used Instagram to communicate with a 31-year-old mystery lady. Angela reports that he has been interacting with the woman he met on the platform.

She claims that they have been conversing the entire while we have been fighting. Michael has continued to communicate with this girl both while I was in Nigeria and now I’ve returned.

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Angela continues to have numerous TikTok and Instagram postings featuring her and Michael. Angela also made a TikTok slideshow of their photographs. The photographs depicted the couple kissing in a booth.

Michael’s Instagram page is still accessible, however, it is a private page. Michael expresses his love for Angela in his bio and includes a snapshot of the couple as his profile image.

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