Are Natalie and Mike Still Together? What Happened Between Natalie and Mike’s Mom?

In this article, we’ll talk about some interesting facts about Natalie and Mike’s lives, such as their relationship status, family, and why they broke up. So, keep reading until the end to find out more.

About Mike and Natalie’s Relationship

On TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, there are a lot of awkward moments, but Ukrainian beauty Natalie Mordovtseva and her husband Mike Youngquist, who is from Washington, continue to take the cake.

In the November 14 episode of 90 Days: The Single Life, Natalie goes back to his house to get her things after they’ve been apart for months. Then, she decides that she wants to be with him again. But do Mike and Natalie still have a relationship?

Mike and Natalie have been apart for a while. Natalie even moved to Florida and started dating other men while she was there, but they are still married.

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In the episode, which was available on the Discovery Plus app before it was shown on TV, Natalie basically tells the producers that she thinks she’s the best thing that ever happened to Mike, while her current boyfriend has higher expectations that she may not be able to meet. Natalie wants to get back together in this way, even though it’s not the best way to do it.

After ’90 Days’, Are Mike And Natalie Still Together?

Mike isn’t sure if he wants to give Natalie another chance on the show. Even though they are both to blame for the problems in their marriage, he is hurting the most right now because Natalie left his house and moved to a different state. Which is a legitimate complaint right now.Are Natalie and Mike Still Together

On the other hand, Natalie’s thoughts about everything have changed. She used to dislike Mike’s remote home and quiet life, but now she can’t wait to go back, get married again, and get things back on track.

Mike’s mother Trish now lives with him, which is a problem. She still doesn’t like or trust Natalie. Even if Natalie can convince Mike to give her another chance, she still has to win over his mom.

Outside of 90 Day: The Single Life, Mike and Natalie haven’t shown any signs that they’re together. That could mean that they both know how to hide the fact that they are dating so that they can keep their NDAs.

Or, they don’t get back together and Natalie leaves Mike’s house again by the end of the season. They don’t seem to be together right now.

On “90 Day Fiancé,” What Happened Between Natalie and Mike’s Mom?

Mike and Natalie’s relationship has always been on the edge between being unhealthy and being real love. In Season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, when Natalie moved to the U.S., things didn’t get any better for them. In fact, Mike’s mom thought Natalie was a “scammer,” and Natalie said Trish called her a “hooker.”

Trish strongly denied the claim, but it made it clear that Mike’s wife and his mom were no longer on the same page. Trish is ready to fight now that Natalie is back. Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST, you can watch 90 Day: The Single Life on TLC.

Are Mike and Natalie of ’90 Day Fiance’ Dating Other People?

Natalie returns to television screens in seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life to rekindle her love life after her breakup with Mike. After relocating to St. Petersburg, Florida, she dated various men, including a torrid relationship with modelling CEO Josh Weinstein, but she had not yet met her prince charming.

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Mike has been linked romantically to former Rock of Love member Marcia “Brazil” Alves. The duo first stirred suspicions in September 2021 after the VH1 alum posted photographs of them cuddling in Las Vegas, Nevada on Instagram.

In August 2022, Marcia posted a second photo of them dining together and referred to the TLC celebrity as her “sushi hero.” Larissa Dos Santos Lima, a fellow 90 Day Fiancé graduate, contributed to the rumours in the comment section by writing “Beautiful couple” under the photo.

About Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva is a prominent Ukrainian model, actress, journalist, reality television personality, and Instagram sensation. She has appeared in multiple videos. She got well-known due to her acting ability.

Due to her expertise in her area, her strength and courage, and her eloquence, she is admired by a large number of individuals. Her distinctive fashion choices, attractive appearance, and modelling poses are all noteworthy.Are Natalie and Mike Still Together

Her fashion sense and adorable smile make her even more attractive. She typically shares a portion of her life and her interests on Instagram. Her attractive features, charming smile, and breathtaking appearance have made her quite popular.

About Mike Youngquist

Mike is an American who was born and raised in Sequim, Washington. Born in 1986, he is currently 34 years old. But he has not disclosed his precise date of birth. Mike is of the race Caucasian. He attended Salinas High School in order to complete his schooling.

Did ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Mike and Natalie Get Back Together?

In May 2022, Natalie posted a selfie on her Instagram Stories posing with the husky she and Mike had previously adopted together, which fuelled rumours of a possible reconciliation between the former lovers.

In August, the ex-Single Life star reminisced on Instagram about the first time she interacted with Mike. “Today, seven years ago, I answered to his guy with, ‘Thank you for your well-wishes for my nation!'” she posted with an early, affectionate photo of the exes. “And it altered my life irrevocably… “

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In the comments part of that post, she provided another another crucial hint! A fan questioned Natalie after viewing the throwback photo of her and Mike, “Are you back together?” She responded, “[Perhaps] we never parted… [woman shrugging emoji].”

After Mike assisted Natalie’s mother to flee Ukraine during Russia’s February invasion of the country, the gesture struck her deeply.

“I hope I can pick with whom I want to spend the rest of my life,” Natalie confessed in a scene preview confession. The video then cuts to her carrying flowers as she arrives at Mike’s property in Sequim, Washington, which In Touch has learned will be up for sale in June 2022. Mike came out to welcome her, and they had a really affectionate embrace.

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