Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together? What is Hamza Doing Nowadays?

In this article, we will explore interesting details about Memphis and Hamza’s lives, including their relationship status, family, and break up. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

Relationship of Memphis and Hamza

Based on her posts while pumping breast milk, Memphis looks to be with the baby. Hamza has shared photographs of the infant on social media. There are likely a hundred possible explanations for what is occurring, but it is hard to deny the increasing evidence that Memphis and Hamza are no longer dating.

Given Memphis and Hamza’s sister’s remarks, the two are at the very least at odds, yet rational thought can always prevail. Even while 90 Day couples, such as those from Happily Ever After, divorce frequently, reconciliations are becoming increasingly common.

Hamza promptly posted his own Instagram Story, endorsing his sister’s sentiments and writing, “When a person can no longer control you, they will attempt to influence how [others] perceive you. Maintain your composure and have faith that others will eventually recognise the truth, just as you have.

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The mother of three independently responded to Hamza and Rawia’s social media messages. “Thank God, I’m done defending their falsehoods! I received no benefit whatsoever from them,” the Michigan resident remarked on her Instagram Stories a few hours later.Memphis and Hamza Still Together

The problem is that they only reveal what they believe would further their narrative and generate revenue. I’ve dealt with them, so there are no surprises for me! Unfortunately, it’s real!

In Social Media, Smith and Hamza Moknii

According to stolen texts, Smith and Moknii’s sister, Rawia addressed Smith’s marital troubles with her brother. According to his sister, the couple was living separately, and Moknii intended to move to a larger residence.

Smith and Moknii had been dating for eight months before to Smith’s trip to Moknii’s native Tunisia to visit him in person. On the programme, they became engaged and later married. Smith discovered she was pregnant while on vacation. Before the conclusion of Season 5 of The 90 Days, but after the reveal, the tension between couples lingers.

When Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii wed and moved to the United States, their story appeared to have a happy ending, but more recent information concerning them may indicate otherwise. Fans may now be aware of the current state of this 90-Day couple’s romance, which surprisingly involves breast milk.

Following her strange messages from Chicago, the mother of three sent a reassuring message with fellow mothers (where she was without Memphis). Specifically, she uploaded to Instagram a video of herself dancing while pumping breast milk.

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Before Season 5 of The 90 Days concludes, the drama will conclude. While the video has received some attention on its own, many of her admirers are baffled by the hashtags that accompany it.

Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together?

Memphis’ hashtag choices aren’t particularly unique, but the “#SingleMomLife” one has sparked some controversy. It’s understandable that 90 Day Fiancé fans assume she’s leaking information about whether she and Hamza are still together at a time when there are so many unanswered questions about their relationship.

On a related note, it’s delightfully interesting that when discussing a video of Memphis singing and pumping breast milk to a Lil Baby and Gunna song, people appear to be more interested in the hashtags.

There are many other reasons why the 90 Day Fiance alum chose that hashtag, and those texts don’t always mark the start or end of a relationship. Memphis, for example, was a single mother before marrying Hamza, implying that she understands and wishes to teach women who are currently in similar situations.

The hashtag may have nothing to do with her life and may simply be a strategy for her to reach a larger audience as she strives to expand her brand and promote herself as an influencer like other former 90 Day Fiancé cast members.

Smith and Hamza Moknii Were Expecting

In hacked texts, Smith and Moknii’s sister Rawia are believed to have discussed Smith’s marital problems with her brother. According to his sister, the couple was living apart and Moknii planned to shift to a larger area.Memphis and Hamza Still Together

Before Smith travelled to Moknii’s home country of Tunisia to see him, the two had been dating for eight months after meeting on an international dating service. They were engaged and later married on the show. Smith found out she was pregnant while on vacation.

Hamza Moknii is Relocating to a New State

The pair appears to be estranged. While Memphis and her three children remain in Michigan, Hamza has sought refuge in Chicago. With Instagram photos of him smiling, many admirers assumed he had abandoned his daughter. He claims to miss her terribly and wishes to start over in a different state.

The two are currently involved in a custody fight, and Hamza was unable to see his daughter until lately. In terms of work, there is no clear answer as to whether he is employed. However, Hamza from 90 Day Fiancé has released multiple modelling videos and is working on creating his portfolio, so it appears that modelling may be his new career.

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There have also been reports that the couple has been sacked from the franchise. One possible explanation is that the couple used social media to voice their grievances.

Both Hamza and his sister Rawia Moknii have taken to Instagram to express their dissatisfaction, leading to accusations of Memphis breaking the custody court order and her mother accusing Hamza of being violent. Nonetheless, Memphis avoids social media feuds and hasn’t given followers a direct answer about their divorce.

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