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Are Edgar and Marissa Still Together After Series ‘Temptation Island?’

Are Edgar and Marissa Still Together

In this post, we will explore interesting details regarding Edgar and Marissa’s lives, including their relationship status, family, and breakup. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

About Marissa and Edgar’s Relationship

It can be difficult to fall in love on reality television, especially if you are new to the medium. Just ask Marissa from the island of Temptation. A source spoke with the Season 4 single about her first experiences with reality television and her attempts to find true love with one of the men.

Marissa and Edgar are a strong relationship on the show, but what viewers want to know is whether or not they can survive the season. So, are Marissa and Edgar a couple following Temptation Island?

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Edgar is in a four-year relationship with her girlfriend Gillian before the series begins, but owing to transgressions on both of their parts, Edgar becomes closer to Marissa. And it appears highly likely that he and Gillian will separate by the end of the season.

After ‘Temptation Island,’ Are Marissa and Edgar a Couple?

Although Marissa was unable to confirm whether she and Edgar are still together, she hinted to their future on and off the programme by stating that she had no regrets about how events transpired. Does this imply that they are a couple or that they will depart Temptation Island as a couple? The latter appears probable.

“A lot happens. Aside from filming, many events occur “Marissa disclosed to Distractify. “And I regret nothing whatsoever. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would absolutely do it the same way. Everything that follows was worthwhile. It was enjoyable. And I will treasure that forever.”

She stated, in reference to her relationship with Edgar, “What transpired was not what I anticipated.” Again, it is somewhat cryptic. However, it appears like Marissa and Edgar had more in common than a reality show connection.

Marissa Was in a 10-year Relationship Prior to the Premiere of ‘Temptation Island’

Marissa entered Temptation Island in search of love, and things advanced when she and Edgar formed a genuine bond. Before the show, though, Marissa was in a 10-year relationship with a single man.

Because she had been in the relationship for so long, she had not had many opportunities to date as an adult. Temptation Island provided her with this chance.

On ‘Temptation Island,’ Edgar Wasn’t the First Guy Marissa Was Interested in

Despite the fact that Marissa and Edgar develop affection for each other early in Season 4 and grow emotionally together well before they become physically involved, Edgar was not the only guy Marissa had a crush on.

Marissa admits, “I was fascinated in Lascelles from the beginning.” “I was just like, wow, big, big dude, strong-looking guy. That individual was the first to catch my attention. And later, at the mixer party, I conversed with Lascelles, but scarcely with Luke.”

She claimed that she began to feel uneasy during the party due to the presence of cameras and that Edgar helped her feel more at ease. From then, their relationship developed.

On the Show, Edgar’s Poem for Marissa Was a Memorable Moment

On Temptation Island, fans observe Edgar writing and reading a sonnet in Spanish for Marissa. Edgar’s girlfriend Gillian acknowledges in the same episode that he hasn’t written her poems in a long time, but that he used to. Marissa told Distractify that the poetry was “very, extremely adorable.”

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She also claimed that, despite having Puerto Rican parents, she does not speak Spanish. Edgar eventually translated the poetry into English for her, however viewers do not see it on the episode.

Marissa disclosed that she still possesses the poem. Again, it is unclear whether this indicates that she and Edgar are currently together. But if nothing else, their participation on the show changed their lives.

Edgar Justifies Why He Does Not Date Gillian or Marissa

Edgar finally elected to leave the island with Marissa and attempt to make their relationship work, despite the fact that he and Gillian had originally chosen to leave the island alone.

As evidenced by the reunion, their relationship appeared to have stagnated. Edgar stated in a recent interview with USA Insider where he stands with Gillian and Marissa and why everything transpired as it did.

“I was very confused throughout the entire experience, especially at the end, but I had been bonding with Marissa since day one, and after having gone through the entire experience, it felt right to leave with Marissa because we had discussed it: We were not rushing into a relationship by saying that we’re leaving together; rather, it was as if we were going to continue this bond, this friendship that we created after this.

Therefore, the fact that we left together did not imply that we were departing as a pair, as I need time to process the entire event. Having just ended a three-year relationship with Gillian, I was in no position to enter into another relationship so quickly “Edgar stated.

According to Edgar, Marissa agrees with this viewpoint. Edgar says that they are friends, but that his concentration is on job, friends, and recovery following “Temptation Island” and the termination of his relationship.

Marissa Has No Regrets About Her Romance With Edgar on Temptation Island

Edgar and Marissa still follow each other on Instagram, for what it’s worth. The same holds true for him and Gillian. Despite the possibility that Gillian and Edgar might be able to work things out, the college sweethearts decided to end their relationship.

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Gillian decided not to leave the island with Tommy, as they had discussed the fact that he was not interested in a long-distance relationship, and instead departed by herself. She made the choice in front of Edgar, who made the same choice in front of his former lover.

However, once Gillian left the island, Edgar had a change of heart (after speaking with Mark), and when Marissa was given a second chance to speak with him, they agreed to leave the island together. While Marissa’s statements suggest that they are still in contact after filming, we will have to wait till the reunion to learn the complete story.

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