Are Jake and April Still Together? Have a Look at Jake’s New Boyfriend!

In this post, we will explore interesting details regarding Jake and April’s lives, including their relationship status, family, and breakup. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

On the Show, What Occurs Between Jake and April?

The trailers initially gave the impression that their relationship was in trouble. In one tape, a teary-eyed April declares, “I love you to the moon and back, but I simply cannot wait any longer.

This is the reason for my ultimatum.” Later, Jake is seen asking her, “Should I just stay with you because you’re crying and I feel awful, or should I pursue my true life goals?” Oof.

Their Social Media is Telling About Their Relationship

Their Instagram accounts do not indicate that they are dating. They do not share any posts or photographs on their own feeds or in their tagged photos. In addition, between October 2020 and February 2022, there is a sizable photographic gap for Jake.

April is likewise absent from June 2020 to April 2021. Given how frequently she posts for her 55,000 followers, it’s unlikely that she has erased any old postings. They also do not follow each other, which may indicate a clean break.

Are Jake and April Still a Couple?

Nope. During the series’ conclusion, April maintained her ultimatum to Jake and demanded that he clarify their relationship. Jake determined that he was not ready for marriage and ended the relationship. However, he continued, “Rae and I will not be going away together. We will not do that.”

What Happened Between Jake and Rae?

He wasn’t precisely telling the truth. Jake then turned to Rae and stated that he wants to give their relationship a go. “You deserve everything. You merit every good thing. “One day, I want to be able to give you that,” he remarked. “I’m going to make a suggestion. Two tickets to any destination in the world Me and you simply enjoying life.”

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April said during the reunion that she and Jake spent time together after filming concluded. “Letting go is difficult,” she stated. “For months, we did nothing but coast. I spent months at Jake’s house. We were aware that the relationship had ended. It was merely routine.Are Jake and April Still Together

April also disclosed on her Instagram account that she and Jake returned each other’s vehicles. She also disclosed that she and Colby (who is now married and about to become a father!) never had a sexual relationship, but that she is “forever grateful for our friendship.”

During the reunion, April did tell that she is now in a relationship and living with her new boyfriend. She stated, “This is someone that wakes up with me every single day and tells me, ‘I love you, I can’t wait to marry you.'”

Jake and Rae revealed during the reunion that they did not go together after all. Rae remarked, “I felt it was quite insensitive to be like, ‘OK, bye.'” Rae believed that there was an agreement that everyone needed more time to heal.

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F*ck y’all. We’re just going to hop on a plane and leave.” Jake stated that he is concentrating on himself and what makes him happy now that April is in a relationship.

April Marie Announces Her New Boyfriend on ‘ultimatum’

April Marie Melohn, star of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,” has a new lover to fawn about. During the April 13 reunion episode of Netflix’s most recent reality series, April announced that she had found love again following her breakup with Jake Cunningham.Are Jake and April Still Together

April and Jake joined season one of “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” after two years of dating, in case you haven’t seen it. April desired to get engaged to Jake and eventually marry him, but he did not believe they were ready.

In episode nine, all the couples announced whether they intended to remain together or break up for good. As they sat on a seat together, Jake expressed his best wishes for April, but his opinion that they should no longer date.

April shed a few tears, but was significantly happier at the reunion. She disclosed to co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey that she met her current “older” partner after filming had concluded. April announced her boyfriend Cody Cooper on Instagram on Thursday.

She published a video of some of the couple’s most romantic moments since they began dating. In one film, they are dancing, and in another, they are holding hands as he drives.

She complimented Cooper in the comment for “being the most incredible man, boyfriend, partner, and best friend I could ever want for.”

The social media star continued to laud Cooper, adding that she adores and respects him. April wrote, “I pledge to be the same person for you that you have always been for me.” She closed the lengthy post by saying, “Thank you for entering my life and teaching me what LOVE is. “Love you forever, A”

Who is Jake Cunningham From the Ultimatum?

Jake Cunningham is a Marine Corps veteran from Texas. The couple will appear on the dating show The Ultimatum. The series premieres on Netflix on April 6, 2022. Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who also host Love is Blind’s eight episodes, will assist six couples in determining whether they should marry their spouse or walk on.

A Few Specifics on Jake Cunningham From the Ultimatum

Jake Cunningham has both Army and Marine Corps experience. He was born in Austin. After enduring difficult circumstances on the ground, the 26-year-old is prepared to battle with his partner, April Marie. The 23-year-old Instagram star with more than 55,000 followers has been dating Cunningham for two years and wants to propose.

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Marie tells Cunningham how she feels about him in the trailer for The Ultimatum, Marry or Move On, and says, “I can’t wait any longer.” Due to this, she decides to present him with the ultimatum.

Cunningham stated, however, that he wants to travel, meet new people, have fun, be financially stable, and assess the status of their relationship prior to taking the big step. Cunningham is uncertain of his emotions, so he asks Marie, “Should I stay with you because you’re crying and I feel terrible?

Or should I focus on what I truly desire in life?” Making her believe that he might be falling for someone else exacerbated their relationship problems.

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