Irina Shayk Dating History: Every Lady She’s Dated| Married| Divorced| Latest Updates!

Irina Shayk is a supermodel whose love life has been talked about a lot in the news. She became famous when, in 2011, she was the first Russian model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

Since then, she has been on a lot of runways and in ads for a lot of different brands. On Instagram, almost 20 million people follow the Russian model. In addition to her success as a model, she is known for dating some of the wealthiest and most successful people.

Let’s look more closely at the people Irina Shayk has dated up to this point.

Who Is Irina Shayk?

Even though she is very successful and wealthy now, she came from a poor family. Her mother taught first grade, and her father worked in a coal mine. She once said about her town, “Yemanzhelinsk is a very small coal-mining town.”

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She also said, “There’s nothing there except for coal mining. There are no maps of it. Even a movie theatre wasn’t around. We had one street. A garden was about 30 minutes away on foot. I was taking care of the tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes.”

Valerio Morabito

The supermodel and the businessman Morabito met when they were both young. They fell in love and couldn’t be apart. Word on the street is that they even got engaged. But they never made it together down the aisle.

Irina Shayk Dating History

People think that Shayk’s career led to their breakup. Morabito married another Russian model, Vita Sidorkina, and settled down with her in 2017.

Rob Bourdon

In 2007, the famous Linkin Park drummer and Irina Shayk started dating. They were able to keep their affair from being known to the public. Neither of them ever said they were dating or said they weren’t.

The couple probably broke up and went their separate ways in 2009.

Arthur Sales

Arthur Sales, a model from Brazil, was the next man in Shayk’s life. They started dating in February 2009, but they kept quiet about it.

Irina Shayk Dating History

They were seen together on a few red carpets, but they broke up soon after, in November 2009. A newspaper said that Shayk had an affair with Sep Blatter, who is the president of FIFA and is 85 years old. She said that the accusations were false, and the newspaper apologised for writing the wrong story.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This might have been her most well-known relationship at the time. In 2010, she and the soccer star met on the set of an Armani ad. This time, she didn’t mind telling people about her boyfriend.

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She even posted pictures of the couple’s trips on Instagram and posed for the cover of Vogue Spain with a naked Ronaldo standing behind her. Five years later, in 2015, the relationship came to an end.

People had different ideas about why the couple broke up. One theory said it was because Ronaldo cheated on Shayk, while another said it was because Ronaldo didn’t show up to Shayk’s mother’s 60th birthday party.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper just broke up with model Suki Waterhouse, while Shayk had just ended a long-term relationship with Ronaldo. The first time they were seen together was on a date night on Broadway, and the internet went crazy.

Irina Shayk Dating History
The couple stayed together and two years later, in April, they had a daughter. Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper was the name of the daughter.

Because of Cooper’s work, they started to drift apart. In the end, they broke up in 2019. The good news is that they get along well with each other and can often be seen with their daughter.

Vito Schnabel

She was seen with a mysterious stranger in 2020, and the internet went crazy. Later, it was found out that the man was an art dealer and business owner from New York named Vito Schnabel.

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On a walk in New York, the couple was seen out with Irina Shayk’s daughter. He was with Heidi Klum before he was with Shayk. He had said more than once that he liked Shayk, but neither of them had ever brought it up in public. People think that they dated for at least a year before they decided to break up.

Kanye West

Irina Shayk has recently been in the news because she is Kanye West’s new arm candy. People were more interested in this because Kanye had just broken up with Kim Kardashian and they wanted to know who he would date next.

Irina Shayk Dating History

In June 2021, she was seen on a trip to France with the rapper and fashion icon. At the time, it was known that they were “casually dating” and that nothing serious was planned for them.

This turned out to be true, because after a few months together, the couple broke up. His ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, was seeing comedian Pete Davidson at the same time. Kanye had criticised Davidson in public and even said he would kill him in a music video that has since been taken down.

Who Is Irina Shayk Dating Now?

Well, the answer might not be public, but everyone knows that she prefers to keep her love life private. She said in an interview that it’s best to keep that part of your life to yourself. She also said that she would never give out a lot of information about her relationship.

She said this about being a single mother: “When my daughter is with me, I’m a mother 100% of the time, and when she’s with her dad, he’s a father 100% of the time.” Co-parenting is parenting.” Shayk is right now thinking about her life and the people around her.

Twice in her life, the supermodel was almost ready to settle down. Once, it was with Ronaldo. She thought they would get married, but that didn’t happen. Bradley Cooper was the other person she was seeing. She hoped that Cooper would ask her to marry him after their daughter was born. But he was more interested in work, so they broke up.

Fans of Shayk didn’t like that she was Kanye’s muse because they thought she could do better for herself. Some of them really want her to be with Bradley Cooper. But the fans don’t get to decide.

She said that she is focusing on other parts of her life right now and wants to do the best she can to raise her daughter. For the sake of their daughter, she stays nice to her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

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