Lizzo Dating – Who Is Her Mysterious Man?

Looking for information on Lizzo’s love life? We are very well in everything. It is not strange or abnormal to follow the lives of celebrities. Many people like following the daily lives of their favorite celebrities. Social media platforms such as Instagram make it simple to learn about what people do and where they go.

You’re unlikely to learn anything about Lizzo’s love life because she’s not as forthcoming as she formerly was. Relax! We discovered who Lizzo is dating as true detectives. This article discusses Lizzo’s previous and current partnerships. Let’s start reading.

Who is Lizzo?

She was previously known as Melissa Jefferson before becoming the Lizzo. Lizzo, who grew up in Houston, Texas, became a prodigy at the flute after picking it up in Vth-grade band class. By the 8th grade, she was a member of the marching band, & by high school, she was working one-on-one with the Houston Ballet’s principal flutist.


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Her ‘natural’ talent, she confesses, originates from being an overachiever in school. “When I was younger, my mother would always tell me that I was ‘doing the most,'” she told V Magazine. “I would participate in every class, every option & every after-school activity.”


“And I’d simply keep going till I passed out.” I was highly ambitious & intelligent. Teachers would phone my mother & say, ‘Melissa is attempting to teach my class.’ She went on to major in music on scholarship at the University of Houston, where she played the piccolo for the Cougar Marching Band.

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“I was just really excellent at flute,” she previously told Rolling Stone. “‘This is it for me,’ I thought. This is why I’m going to college. I was aware at the time.”However, tragedy struck at the age of 21. Her father died during her second year of college.

With Whom Is Lizzo Dating Nowadays?

In an April 18 interview with Andy Cohen, she stated that she is totally off the dating scene, saying that she is seeing Myke Wright, the mysterious man she was seen out with on Valentine’s Day.

Lizzo Dating

Though Lizzo has kept their affair discreet, she has made it plain that things between them are serious. When Cohen questioned if dating him while combining her popularity & work had been difficult, she replied, “No, if you have the proper guy. Absolutely not.

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It’s not even a consideration. Because, regardless of what that person does, it should be mutually helpful. The rapper’s new relationship must symbolize something remarkable for a “single-minded individual” who values her independence and personal freedom.

Who is Myke Wright?

Myke Wright is a professional comedian, TV host, and actor. He has made multiple appearances on the big screen to date. He appeared in a couple of episodes of Breaking & Entering and How to Be a Grown-Up.

Myke, Lizzo’s boyfriend, participated in the family drama Doubting Thomas in 2018, & he worked on the short film Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus in 2019. He is well-known for his work on Comedy Central as a standup performer.


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 He has previously been on Comedy Central & TV shows such as Adam Devine’s House Party. Wright graduated from an art school & began working as a designer for EMLE, a luxury clothing brand based in Detroit.

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Later, he established his own design & innovation firm, ümi, which is primarily “focused on increasing the quality of human life through goods & experience.” he occasionally shares his art & visual creations on Instagram with his fans all around the world.

When Did Myke & Lizzo Meet?

To be honest, it’s impossible to tell because the two have long been friends & have even worked together in the past. Fans first suspected a romance when they co-hosted MTV’s Wonderland in 2016.

Lizzo Dating

ly after the pair were seen having dinner in LA for Valentine’s Day. Then, in June, she & Wright made their red carpet debut at an official screening for her show Watch Out For The Big Grrrls.

Are Myke and Lizzo Engaged?

Fans were eager to point out one hard-to-miss photo of the couple holding hands, especially because Lizzo’s left ring finger has a sparkling diamond ring. One fan jumped into the comments section to ask the obvious question: “Did you get engaged, girl?” “IS THAT ENGAGEMENT?” said another.

Lizzo Dating

So, did they get married? Neither party has responded to the speculation. So, for the time being, everyone must wait for Myke & Lizzo to inform us on their own terms… Where one mystery concludes, another begins.

Lizzo’s Dating History

Lizzo Snuck into Chris Evans’ DM’s

Lizzo Dating

When she admitted she sneaked into Chris Evans’ DMs, the Grammy-winning musician sparked an internet frenzy. Lizzo shared a screenshot of the Instagram DM she sent to Evans in a now-viral TikTok video.

The flirtatious remark scribbled in emojis suggested Lizzo was attempting to strike a pose at the actor. Fans flocked to the prospect of the two being in a relationship. When Evans responded to Lizzo’s DM, the internet became even more engrossed in the discussion.

Fortunately, Lizzo kept followers updated with a TikTok video. Evans responded to Lizzo, saying, “No shame in a drunk DM god knows I’ve done worse on this app lol.” He was most likely alluding to the moment he mistakenly leaked a naked photo of himself.

On Instagram, the Actress Flirted with Drake

Lizzo Dating

Lizzo isn’t hesitant to make the Ist move, as seen by her history of DM & delete discussions with Hollywood’s most attractive men. In a 2019 interview on Busy Philipps’ “Busy Tonight,” the “Truth Hurts” singer described the time she DM’ed Drake.

She explained that, despite the fact that she swiftly deleted the message, it gained her the rappers follow. “I was inebriated & just thought, ‘Let’s see if this motherf***er can sing.’ And I sent him a DM… a long time ago.

And then I deleted it, & he followed me after that “Lizzo stated during the interview. Although this Instagram engagement did not take place on TikTok, the outcome was equally as successful. Drake was piqued enough to pursue Lizzo.

The musician’s admiration for Drake was evident when she mentioned the Canadian rapper in her popular tune “Rumors,” writing “No, I’m not f***ing Drake yet.” Lizzo joked in an interview with Zane Lowe that the lyric was an attempt to get the rapper into her life.

On Raya, Lizzo Attempted to Match with John Mayer

Lizzo Dating

Raya, a celebrity dating app, has generated a lot of social media hype, and fans are wondering who celebrities are using it. Celebrities like Demi Lovato have admitted to using the app to find love in Hollywood, while many famous faces have been open about not finding love on Raya —& Lizzo is no exception.

When Busy Philipps inquired about Lizzo’s dating situation, she disclosed that she had previously utilized Raya. She claimed that she attempted but failed to match with John Mayer. Lizzo, like many of us, has yet to find love on dating apps.

However, the singer has been seen getting nice and flirty with other celebrities such as Harry Styles and Trevor Noah. Lizzo and Styles cuddled up in the middle of her interview with host Jack Whitehall at the 2020 Brit Awards.

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