Kathie Lee Gifford Dating: Whom Is She Dating Right Now?

Looking for Kathie Lee Giffords’s love life? We knew everything. Following celebrities’ life isn’t unusual. Many individuals like keeping up with their favorite celebrities’ daily lives. Social media, Instagram make it easy to learn what individuals do & where they go.

You probably can’t find out about Kathie Lee Gifford’s love life because she’s not as open as she used to be. Relax! As true investigators, we figured out who Kathie Lee Gifford is dating. This article reveals Kathie Lee Gifford’s past and present relationships. Read it in a few minutes instead of spending hours searching for it yourself.

Who is Kathie Lee Gifford?

Kathie Lee Gifford is an actress, singer, songwriter, & author. She was born in 1953 in Paris & loved music. She performed at school presentations with “Pennsylvania Next Right.” She’s a TV host, not a singer.

She co-hosted Live! with Regis & Kathie Lee and the Today show for a decade. Kathie has gotten 11 Daytime Emmy nominations & won in 2010. Her family grew up in France. She moved to Maryland.

Kathie Lee Gifford Dating

Kathie had guest appearances in movies & TV shows and produced many CDs, including The Heart of a Woman in 2000. Gifford was a Slim Fast & Carnival Cruise Lines spokeswoman. She played herself on Seinfeld.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! features her as herself. She also did voiceovers, including Hercules’ Echidna. Cassidy & Kathie guest-starred on Suite Life on Deck. Kathie wrote multiple books over her career. She’s published autobiographies & children’s books.

Who Is Kathie Lee Gifford Dating Right Now?

Kathie Lee Gifford didn’t date much since her husband died in 2015. Her priorities are her children and work. In 2022, she met insurance agent Randy Cronk and rediscovered love. He’s enjoyable to be around, a source of disagreement, and the smartest person she’s encountered.

Who is Randy Cronk?

Randy graduated from USM in 1986. He’s president of Nationwide-affiliated RMC Insurance Group. Since 2006, Cronk has been president of his insurance company. Kathie Lee Gifford dated Randy Cronk. Their 2019 romance was never confirmed.


Gifford also discussed her dating life since moving to Nashville on TODAY. “It’s surreal,” she said. Surreal. Because the world’s changed.”Gifford said she had a couple of bad dates. But he was a gentleman, so everything was good. OK. Fun.”

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Before Frank Gifford’s death in 2015, she was married to him for almost 30 years. Kathie Lee and Frank married in 1986 and had Cassidy and Cody.

What Did Kathie Lee Gifford Have to Say About Randy Cronk, Her New Boyfriend?

After Cronk & Kathie’s connection was confirmed, Kathie commented, “We have fun together, and at this stage in my life, that’s all I want, you know? We weren’t supposed to know each other until now.”

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The author/host praised Cronk’s “healthy” & “tough” relationship. She said he’s brilliant and amusing. When asked if she was ready to date after Frank Gifford’s death, the actress said, “Yes.” Need company? That’s why I relocated to Nashville. Not that I’m single. I want a full life.  Her story with the former insurance agent comes years after her husband Frank’s 2015 death.

Dating history of Kathie Lee Gifford

Paul Johnson

Kathie Lee Gifford Dating

Kathie Lee’s Ist marriage, believe it or not, wasn’t with Frank. She was married to composer Paul Johnson from 1976-83, yet the Emmy winner hasn’t spoken much about it.

Kathie Lee, on the other hand, made an exception in her 2020 biography It’s Never Too Late. According to Today, she wrote regarding Paul, “The truth is, it was merely a marriage on the pages of the law.” “Paul and I were married, but we only had one thing in common: our faith.”

Frank Gifford

Kathie Lee & Paul separated in 1983 & 3 years later, on October 1986, she married Frank. In March 1990, less than 2 years after their marriage, they welcomed their Ist child, son Cody Gifford. In Aug 1993, Kathie Lee gave birth to their youngest child, Cassidy Gifford.

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Despite adultery rumors in the late 1990s, Kathie Lee and Frank were married for 29 years until 2015. The A Godwink Christmas actress broke the news of the footballer’s death in an emotional statement at the time.

“It is with great grief that we announce the untimely death of our beloved husband, father, and friend, Frank Gifford,” the family said in a statement. “Frank died abruptly of natural causes this gorgeous Sunday morning at his Connecticut home.”

We celebrate the incredible life he was given, and we are glad and happy to have been loved by such a wonderful person. We respectfully request that our privacy be respected during this terrible time, and we thank you for your prayers.”

Looking back on their decades-long relationship, Kathie Lee says she is “truly grateful for all the years” she spent with her former husband. During their 30th wedding anniversary in October 2016, the TV host reflected on her love for the “beautiful man.”

Randy Cronk

Kathie Lee Gifford Dating

In the aftermath of Frank’s death, Kathie Lee relocated from Connecticut to Nashville in 2018. She was casually dating at the time, including one man, Randy Cronk, about whom she opened up during an interview on Today.

“It’s bizarre. It’s surreal, you know. Because the world has changed so drastically. But he is a gentleman, so everything was OK. It was all right. “It was fun,” the actress remarked, gushing about her first date in more than 30 years.

However, Kathie Lee and Randy’s relationship never developed into something meaningful. “I became quite busy,” she explained. “We just come from different worlds.”

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