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Who is Meghan King Boyfriend Currently? Is She in a Relationship With Joe Biden’s Nephew?

Meghan King Boyfriend

In this post, we’ll talk about Meghan King’s age, her current relationship status, her family, and her past relationships. Keep reading until you get to the end for more information.

Who is Meghan King Currently Dating?

Getting a new man and moving on! Meghan King is seeing Trevor Colhoun less than a year after she broke up with Cuffe Owens, who is Joe Biden’s nephew.

“She’s been doing everything she can to keep the relationship private,” a source told Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 5. The source added that keeping a low profile has “been easy so far” for the couple, who are currently long-distance because Colhoun lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

King, then 37, married Owens in October 2021, just one month after meeting him. “Her family is a little surprised that she got married so fast,” an insider told Us after the couple got married at Owens’ parents’ house in Pennsylvania.

The relationship didn’t last long, and the Real Housewives of Orange County alum said she and the attorney had broken up in December 2021. King was married to Jim Edmonds before, and they have three children together: Aspen, who was born in 2016, and twins Hayes and Hart, who were born in 2018.

The woman from Missouri and the man who used to play baseball got married in October 2014, and they got a divorce in May 2021. King said that Edmonds had an affair while they were still together, but Edmonds said that was not true.

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After she and the former center fielder broke up, the blogger said on an episode of her podcast “Intimate Knowledge” in January 2020 that she wanted to find love again.

“All I want is a date, right? She said, “I just want someone to support me and not be jealous or try to hold me back.” “You know, someone who grows with me rather than, like, staying stuck in one place. I mean, to me, that’s being close. I just want someone to stand next to me and hold my hand.”

Before she started dating Edmonds, the woman who went to the University of Mississippi was married to the lawyer Brad McDill. In October 2011, they got a divorce.

What Does Trevor Colhoun Do for a Living?

Colhoun has been the CEO of Trusted Provider Network since August 2019, according to his LinkedIn page. On its website, the company calls it a “digital platform that connects mental health professionals, treatment centers, hospitals, and employee wellness programs.”

Dating History of Meghan King

Scroll down to see all of King’s past dates:

Brad McDill

The two met at the University of Mississippi in 2007 and got married in July of that year. Four years later, in October 2011, they officially split up.

Mystery Man

After getting divorced, King began dating again at age 26. She had told Page Six of the New York Post that she was dating a man she didn’t name in 2012, when she met her second husband, Edmonds.

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“When I met Jimmy, I was seeing this other guy. It was not romantic at all. I was in a serious relationship,” she said in July 2019. In January 2013, the TV star broke up with her mysterious boyfriend and quickly started dating the retired baseball player.

Jim Edmonds

In October 2014, the athlete got married to King. Us confirmed five years later that Edmonds filed for divorce because she thought the former MLB player was cheating on her. In May 2021, they officially split up.

Christian Scauf

The woman from St. Louis met the CEO of Uncharted Supply Co. on a dating app in March 2020, right around the time she was divorcing Edmonds. Two months later, they started dating, but their quick relationship ended in November 2020.

Will Roos

In January 2021, the former Bravo star said on social media that she was dating a longtime friend. She called him her “friend-turned-boyfriend.” Later that year, the relationship ended, but King never talked about it in public.

Cuffe Owens

In September 2021, King and Cuffe Owens, who is the nephew of President Biden, made their Instagram relationship official. “Trying my best to avoid cheesy introductions like’my main squeeze,’ so just meet my man,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of the two of them cuddling at the time.

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Just over two weeks after she posted the first picture that showed she was seeing someone new, news came out that they were going to get married on October 11, 2021. But the couple broke up before the new year. “I’m shaken up. This is a truly terrible situation, “After Christmas, she wrote in her Instagram Story.

“This is obviously not what I had in mind when I said my vows, and I’m shocked and saddened by how things turned out. I’m moving on with my kids as we privately work through our pain and start to let go of our broken dreams.” In July 2022, King made it official that she and Owens were no longer married.


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