Kayce Smith Boyfriend-Was Her Pregnancy News True or Not?

Who doesn’t want to know Kayce Smith’s boyfriend’s name? Surely, you’ve come to find out who she’s dating now in 2022. The sportscaster is most known for her show and is well-known around the country. Her love life has made headlines for all the right reasons throughout the years.

She has been associated with a number of celebrities, ranging from colleagues to other business figures. Kayce Smith recently made headlines when some of her fans suspected that the lady had married her partner. She has been in a relationship with her lover for some time, and their blooming romance is blossoming with the passage of time.

In this article, we will provide you with all information regarding Kayce Smith’s Boyfriend. Let’s Start!

Who is Kayce Smith?

Kayce was born in the winter of 1988 to Ron Smith and his wife. Her birthday is on October 25th, and she has a loving younger sister, Ally Elaine Smith, who is frequently seen at her side, indicating a close bond between the sisters.


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Her Arts and Communication degree from Texas A&M University, as well as her natural talent for speech and hosting, combined the beauty with the brain with athletic avenues, resulting in not only a solid income but also anticipated renown.

Who is Kayce Smith’s Boyfriend?

Nathan Sebstha is Kayce Smith’s boyfriend. The couple first attracted each other’s eye in 2020, and the romance began the following year. Kayce first kept her romance under wraps and was very careful that it not be highlighted in the media.

Kayce Smith Boyfriend

She is quite discreet about her love life and rarely discusses her lover. However, several of her Instagram photos have gone public, indicating that she is dating Nathan. Netizens even speculated that the couple had married. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

Will Nathan Sebesta and Kayce Smith Get Married?

Smith and Sebesta were said to be getting married. The host, however, has not confirmed the allegation. People proposed many theories on the lives of important figures. The broadcaster, on the other hand, cherished her romantic life while prioritizing her work.

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Smith began her job in the new profession in 2012, after finishing high school. In September 2016, the broadcaster joined The Kayce Smith Show as co-host, managing editor, and host. She worked with the national radio station SB Nation. The program had hosted in partnership with Gridiron Now and SB Nation Radio.


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The show featured the most recent innovations in college football in its fifty episodes. Smith covered college basketball, gymnastics, and football for the SEC Network full-time in 2015-2016. She has previously worked as a freelance reporter for SEC Network, ESPN, and ESPNU.

Smith worked on SportsCenter as a college football bureau reporter. She routinely employed a disguise on local, regional, and national broadcasts such as “SiriusXM College Sports Nation” and “Fox Sports’ Outkick The Show.” Sarah Jossel, the Morning host, announced her pregnancy with a baby girl on Instagram in August.

Kayce Smith Pregnancy News

Smith revealed the unplanned pregnancy on the Barstool Sports website. She even kept the big news from her family. According to the broadcaster, she and her partner were given clearance to leave the hospital with the child in February.

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She stated that she had never imagined herself pregnant, but the host seemed overjoyed to share the news with her Barstoll website followers.

Previously, the sportscaster shared a personal article from the summer, when she was going through a terrible moment in her life. He was dealing with her mental health issue in 2020. She persevered through the situation and realized this fall that if you work hard enough, things can change.

Kayce Smith Overcame Cancer

Kayce was watching her favorite college football team, Texas A&M, one day. Her team was defeated, and she was so upset that she ripped her jacket on a cold October night. What she did stunned everyone in the stadium.


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However, one member of the audience had a different reaction. She noticed a white mark on her back and informed Kayce of it. Kayce mistook it for a birthmark, but it was a stage 1 melanoma, a type of skin cancer. The cancer was still in its early stages, and because it was discovered early, it could not spread.

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She has returned to her career with renewed vigor and courage after overcoming cancer. Kayce is a very powerful person who is always willing to fight the obstacles in her life. Kayce kept a good attitude and a hopeful outlook during the difficult period. She’s finally back where she belongs: as a sportscaster.

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