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Hayley Williams Dating History- Who is She Currently Dating? Check Now!

Hayley Williams Dating History

After a five-year break, Paramore has returned with a new song called “This Is Why.” But that’s not the only reason their adoring admirers are in a frenzy! After years of speculation, lead singer Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York confirmed their relationship!

The couple refused to go further in a new interview with The Guardian, other than to state they are dating. Let’s discuss it in brief.

Who is Hayley Williams?

Hayley Williams is a singer-songwriter from the United States who is best known as the main singer and only female member of the alternative band Paramore. The band has released multiple albums, composed the soundtrack for the first Twilight film, and has achieved worldwide recognition.

She was born in Mississippi in 1988 to deeply devout parents. Fans recognize her by her bright orange hair, bold outfits, and small frame. She was in a three-year romance with ex-Paramore member Josh Farro and is now dating Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory.

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Hayley was embroiled in a Twitter ‘hack’ issue two years ago when a topless photo of her was uploaded to her account. Her followers have remained steadfast in their support of her and Paramore, who has recently produced a new album.

Who is Hayley Williams Currently Dating?

Two of the members of the band, meantime, are in love. Vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York acknowledged their relationship in a recent interview with The Guardian to promote their new single “This Is Why” and upcoming album of the same name, putting to rest suspicions that had been circulating for more than two years.

The two have not spoken to the press about their relationship since, so it is unclear when Williams, 33, and York, 32, began dating. However, speculations began to circulate when Williams’ 2020 solo album Petals for Armor, which was totally produced by York, was released.

Paramore was formed in 2004 by Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jeremy Davis, and has had successes such as “Misery Business” and “Ain’t It Fun.” York joined the band in 2007 as the other members were working on the album Riot!

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He has remained with the band despite the fact that its members have changed throughout the years. (Williams, York, and 32-year-old Zac Farro are members of the band Paramore.) From 2016 until 2017, Williams was married to Chad Gilbert, the guitarist for the band New Found Glory. Before getting married, they had been dating for eight years.

Dating History Of Hayley Williams

Hayley’s ex-boyfriends include more famous people than only Chad and Taylor. Scroll down to learn about all of her previous partnerships.

Josh Farro and Hayley Williams

Hayley dated Josh Farro, Paramore’s lead guitarist, and backup vocalist, between 2004 and 2007. They may be seen partying out at a Paramore concert in Malaysia in 2010.

Hayley, Josh, and Josh’s brother Zac founded Paramore in 2004. The band’s first three albums, All We Know Is Falling (2005), Riot! (2007), and Brand New Eyes (2009), comprised nearly exclusively tracks co-written by the ex-couple. Josh and Zac both departed the band in 2010, with Zac returning in 2017.

Chad Gilbert and Hayley Williams

Following the singer’s breakup with her Paramore bandmate Josh in 2007, the two began romantically connected. Hayley and Chad Gilbert married after dating for nearly ten years, but she posted an article in 2018 expressing remorse about the marriage. The pair announced their divorce officially on June 30, 2017, 16 months after their wedding.

“We’ve been together for more than a decade.” “We’ve grown up together and been beside one other through a lot of goodness and a lot of struggles,” they stated in their statement. As the author puts it, “trying to decode your emotions when in a committed relationship is challenging.” It is a nice thing to consider another person’s sentiments despite one’s own.

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Marriage is a difficult commitment. Trusting someone with your heart is always risky. And it is up to each of us to remain optimistic even when the outcome falls short of our expectations.

We’d like it to be clear, once and for all, that we’re breaking up in public. We also want to emphasize that we are both fine, that we are still each other’s best friends, and that we are regarded favorably.

Taylor York and Hayley Williams

Taylor has worked on many projects with Paramore since joining the band in 2007. Hayley announced their engagement in September 2022, after the two had developed feelings for one another. Even in 2013, when they posed for a shot before a concert at the Jingle Ball in Washington, DC, they looked adorable together.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hayley Williams Plan to Tour in 2022?

Hayley Williams has no scheduled concerts in 2022.

Are Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift Friends?

Hayley Williams is the lead singer of the rock band Paramore and a friend of Taylor Swift.

What Hue Are Hayley Williams’ Eyes?

She is a redhead with emerald eyes!

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