Who is Tekashi69 Dating? What Does Sara Molina Claims Over Him?

In this article, we’ll talk about some interesting facts about Tekashi69’s life, like his relationship status, family, and why he broke up with his girlfriend. So, keep reading until the end to find out more.

Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend?

Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is one of the most controversial rappers to come out in the last few years. His career has been marked by high-profile fights with other artists, viral music, and criminal charges. Now that he is out of jail, this has given him an interesting life and place in the industry.

His relationship with Jade has been a constant in his life for a long time now, but who is she? Inside the relationship between the well-known rapper and the mysterious social media star.

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Jade, Tekashi’s girlfriend, is known on Instagram. She used to work as a bartender at a New York strip club and has a long history with the hip-hop industry today. Her real name, Rachel Watley, was only revealed in a letter she wrote to Tekashi’s judge before his sentencing in 2019 where she asked for leniency.Who is Tekashi69 Dating

The first time Jade and Tekashi were together was in November 2018, when the “GOOBA” rapper bought her a $35,000 watch for her birthday. Even though their relationship didn’t last much longer, it kept Jade in the hip-hop world spotlight when it was said in 2019 that Migos member Offset was flirting with her even though he was married to Cardi B.

Jade Has a Tattoo of 6ix9ine’s Face on Her Chest

Jade has stuck with 6ix9ine through the years, no matter what. She went to see him in jail all the time, wrote online about his freedom, wore his signature rainbow hair, and even got his face tattooed on her chest in a big way.

When she wrote Tekashi’s judge a letter asking for leniency, she said she had only met him a few weeks before he was charged, but that she loved him very much.

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“When I met Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi, he was nothing like what I had read about him on the internet. He was nothing like that. He was very polite, friendly, sweet, and kind. He was also a very generous person.”

She went on to say, “Yes, we knew each other for a few weeks before he was charged, but I stayed by his side not because I thought I had to, but because he needed someone he could trust on his side.”

She has stood up for him, even though many other artists have either stopped working with him or turned against him because of his criminal charges and his habit of making fun of industry veterans like The Game and Chief Keef. No matter what, Jade has always stood by her man.

Who Exactly is Tekashi69?

Daniel Hernandez, formerly known as Tekashi69 and professionally as 6ix9ine, is an American rapper. His music is defined by an aggressive rapping style, while his controversial public presence is exemplified by his rainbow-coloured hair, copious tattoos, legal difficulties, and well-known celebrity feuds.

Late in 2017, Hernandez rose to prominence after the release of his debut track, “Gummo,” which was a sleeper smash. Subsequently, he released the mixtape Day69 (2018), which was supported by the Billboard Hot 100 charting songs “Kooda”, “Keke” (with Fetty Wap and A Boogie wit da Hoodie), and “Gotti.”

The second song off his first album Dummy Boy (2018), “Fefe” (with Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz), peaked at number three on the Hot 100.

Jade, His Current Girlfriend, Visited Him in Prison

CapitalXtra said that Tekashi 6ix9ine began dating Jade, whose Instagram handle is ‘OhSoYouJade,’ just weeks before he was sentenced to prison on racketeering charges at the end of 2018. The 24-year-old performer even spent $35,000 on a watch as a birthday gift.

Jade, whose true name is Rachel Wattley, has frequently professed her admiration for the ‘Trollz‘ hitmaker and posted images of herself visiting him in prison. The rapper reciprocated by posting a photo of his lover during his stay in jail with the caption, “You were there when nobody else was.

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You stood with me when I was at my lowest. For those who believe otherwise, I do love you and always will. You are my universe!” Jade is frequently seen sporting a long, rainbow-coloured wig in homage to her rapper lover, who is similarly renowned for his VIBGYOR hair. Jade has a huge ’69’ tattooed on her collarbone as well as two tattoos of Hernandez’s face.

Sara Molina Abuse Claims Over Tekashi69 

As a teenager, Tekashi met Sara Molina, the mother of his 5-year-old daughter. Multiple times, she has stated in media and court that he physically abused her.Who is Tekashi69 Dating

In ‘Supervillain,’ which depicts her injuries as she waits in a hospital, Molina claims that Tekashi once hit her so hard in the head that he pushed a hair extension into her scalp and caused her to bleed, as well as gave her a black eye. She claimed he beat her for seven years and boasted of being a sex addict.

Molina was quoted by TMZ as adding that, in addition to being an absent parent, Tekashi and his family attempted to use Saraiyah, who was four years old at the time, as a prop.

Before allowing Tekashi to be near her baby, she wanted him to undergo a psychological evaluation to prove he has changed since his Nine Trey Blood days. Tekashi claimed in September 2020 that Molina was having an affair with former manager Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, stating that they were “messing with each other.”


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