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Who is Johnny Depp Dating Now? Everything You Need to Know!

Who is Johnny Depp Dating Now

After a drawn-out defamation trial, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s identities have nearly become interchangeable. The couple famously started dating in 2012 and dated till Heard requested a divorce in 2016.

The phrase “the rest is history” would typically apply to most divorced couples, but Depp and Heard have remained deeply involved due to their continuous legal disputes, even after Depp’s defamation victory. The name next to Depp’s has changed, though, and this time it doesn’t rhyme with the term bird.

Johnny Depp is relishing his newfound freedom and sense of justice. Fans are curious about Johnny Depp’s current relationship because Amber Heard is now part of his history. The facts, rumours, and theories about Johnny Depp’s current love life are included here.

Who is Johnny Depp Dating Now?

As far as the public is aware, Johnny Depp is single and content with getting his life back. He is not currently involved in any public relationships. After divorcing Amber Heard in 2017, he has had relationships, although they weren’t really committed.

Following his split with Amber Heard, he allegedly had a second romance with British reality actress Sophie Hermann. He also reportedly had a brief relationship with a Russian dancer and choreographer Polina Glen.

Is Johnny Depp Dating Sophie Hermann?

Depp and Hermann haven’t been spotted together or publicly discussed their romance, so it’s unclear if they’re still dating. Numerous outlets continued to report that Hermann and Depp were still a pair while the Depp/Heard defamation trial was ongoing, obviously believing that there is no such thing as bad news.

This might be a result of Hermann having stated that she is looking for love on Made in Chelsea. Hermann has stated that she wants to “settle down and have a family” and that she has thought about “freezing my eggs,” however Depp’s name has never been brought up on the programme.

Depp himself has not made a special effort to promote any relationships he has had in recent years, evidently devoting all of his attention to his ongoing legal conflicts. However, Hermann’s name is still associated with him. Only time will tell if the couple is still together, has ever been together, or if the rumours are true.

Who is Sophie Hermann?

Sophie  Hermann is a model, social media influencer, and television personality who is best known for her part in the British reality series Made in Chelsea, which follows the drama-filled lives of rich “twenty-somethings” as they deal with love, heartbreak, and the fancy postcodes that make their lives so entertaining. Hermann originally made an appearance on the programme in 2013 and stayed for two seasons before returning in 2017.

Hermann told the Daily Mail that her “dream was shattered” and cautioned prospective business owners not to “establish a business in your early 20s with your partner – especially if said guy is younger than you” after ultimately being forced to liquidate the company. The entire experience caused me to exit a bad relationship and reevaluate my life.

Hermann still plays a significant role in the fashion industry because of a line of clothing that she promotes on her Instagram account. She hopes to one day own a fashion house so that her late great-grandmother can go on through her. Luise Hermann, the pioneer of the renowned German denim company Mustang, is her great-grandmother.

Did Johnny Depp Ever Date Camille Vasquez?

Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez represented Johnny Depp during the Amber Heard trial. During the cross-examination of Miss Heard, Vasquez was exceptional and totally destroyed both her defence team and Amber Heard.

As a result of her legal victory, Miss Vasquez was promoted to partner at her law firm, Brown Rudnick, and she quickly gained notoriety online.

There were now some indications of love between Camille and Johnny following the cross-examination and the subsequent victory. Nevertheless, despite the desire of the media and the fans to turn it into a show, it was entirely platonic.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Vasquez said that their connection was never anything more than a professional one that naturally developed into friendship:

“I think it’s part of the deal with being a lady just doing her job,” she said. It’s sad that certain media sites kind of went with it or claimed that my conversations with Johnny—whom I know and have represented for the past four and a half years—were disrespectful or unprofessional in any manner. It is disappointing to learn that.

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