Is Teddy Soares Dating Faye, Love Island Stars Welcome a New Family Member!

Even though their relationship was rocky in the Love Island villa, it has been getting better and better over the past year. They are one of the few couples who are still together after their Love Island season.

And if Faye’s most recent Instagram stories are any indication, things could be getting a little more serious between the two. On Saturday, the blonde beauty shocked her fans when she showed off a beautiful engagement ring on her ring finger.

Faye Winter Gives a Big Update on Her Love Life

After meeting on Love Island only a few months ago, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares have taken a big step in their relationship. Since the last season ended, the two have posted a lot of sweet things about each other. Faye recently posted updates on their search for a home, and now she has said that they are moving in together.

Faye answered a question about when they will get a house together in an Instagram Q&A, which was picked up by The Sun. She said, “The sixth of November… The day is very exciting! I’m so excited. The clock is running.”

As was already said, Faye and Teddy have been showing how close they are on social media. Teddy even surprised his girlfriend as soon as she could after her Love Island quarantine ended.

But they did have problems in the villa. One famous fight happened when Faye saw a video of Teddy flirting with Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor. Faye has since said that she was “embarrassed” by the moment and has apologized to Teddy. She told Lorraine: “We’re over it now as a couple. It made us stronger, and we’re just looking forward to the future.”Faye, Love Island

Lucinda Strafford, another islander, says that Faye, Kaz Kamwi, and Chloe Burrows don’t have a fight, even though Faye and Kaz didn’t post about Chloe’s birthday on social media.

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In answer to the rumors, Lucinda told OK! : “No, I don’t think so. Chloe gets along with everyone, as far as I can tell.” I don’t think she gets along with anyone, to be honest.

“When I was there, Chloe got along with everyone. I know she loves Kaz, and I know she’s seen Faye, Toby, and Teddy since leaving the villa, so I don’t think those rumors are true!”

Teddy Soares and Faye Winter Have a New Family Member

Faye Winter and Teddy Soares of Love Island have made an amazing addition to their family by adopting a cute little golden retriever. Faye and Teddy shared the news with their Instagram followers in a joint post. The snapshot shows a loving couple with their pet in their laps. In the caption, Faye and Teddy wrote, “When two become three.”

Their fellow Love Island competitors congratulated them on their new arrival, with Sharon Gaffka saying, “So cute!” “No my heart can’t take this,” stated Amber Davies, who competed on the Love Island season after Faye and Teddy.

Paige Turley, Emily Miller, Vicky Pattison, Molly Smith, and Brett Staniland all congratulated the pair and expressed their love for the puppy.

Faye and Teddy appeared on Love Island in season seven last year. Faye arrived to the villa on the first day of the season, while Teddy arrived on the 12th. Faye and Teddy re-coupled on a regular basis until week five when Faye chose to date Sam Jackson instead.

That union, however, was short-lived. Faye and Teddy reconnected in week six and stayed together for the rest of the season until the final week when they finished third overall. Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows came in second place, while Millie Court and Liam Reardon were proclaimed season seven winners.

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The puppy image comes following rumors that Faye and Teddy had broken up because they hadn’t posted on social media together since June. Teddy, on the other hand, took to Instagram over the weekend to put an end to such rumors. With the introduction of their new puppy, the happy family of two has apparently become a family of three.

Over Moving in, Faye Winter Says

The couple, who met in the Love Island villa over the summer, moved in together in November after three months of dating outside of the show. Faye, 26, has been explaining what it’s like to live with the Strictly Come Dancing star, opening up about their sex life as cohabitors.Faye, Love Island

The reality TV actress reveals she’s “infatuated” with her 26-year-old partner and claims he can’t get his hands off her. When asked how they keep the mystery going now that they live together, Faye answered, “We’re not living in each other’s pockets.” I still get dressed up every day and do my hair and eyelashes.”

“And he’s just fit, so he doesn’t need to do anything,” she continued, laughing. He genuinely only wants s*x! I’ll say it anyway: we’re all human. “I’m just crazy about him.” “He can’t do anything wrong,” she continued pleasantly.

Faye and Teddy finished third in the ITV2 dating show’s grand finale in August, trailing series winners Liam Reardon and Millie Court. Faye also explained how Teddy remains the same “caring and unselfish” man viewers fell in love with on-screen now that they are no longer surrounded by cameras.

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The Devon-born beauty gushed to the tabloid about her beau, praising him for his “beautiful spirit” on the inside and out. Faye and Teddy revealed their first home together to followers online last month, along with their intentions to refurbish it.

The couple took to Instagram to show off the property’s wide entranceway and couldn’t stop themselves from larking about over the massive showpiece staircase.

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