Are Kyle and Deepti Dating? When Did Kyle and Deepti First Spark Dating Rumors?

Fans of Netflix’s Love Is Blind are speculating whether finalists Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati are starting to date. Season 2 may have come to an end. The Love Is Blind season 2 cast members are back to finish their story: But are Kyle and Deepti dating after the Altar? To learn everything we know about Kyle and Deepti’s current relationship status, continue reading.

When Did Kyle and Deepti’s Relationship Rumours Start?

In March 2022, Deepti and Kyle first sparked romance rumours. Fans erupted after she shared a group photo with Kyle, Salvador Perez, and Shayne Jansen from Netflix. Many pleaded with Deepti to confirm whether she and Kyle were dating.

One fan asked, “Please tell me that you and Kyle are a thing.” Another person commented, “Literally, got chills from the way he looked at her,” and another person even advised her to “give Kyle a chance.”

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating

Following the release of the tell-all episode that day, Kyle also shared a TikTok video with Deepti, igniting relationship rumours. He released a video of himself grinning and swiftly panning the camera over to Deepti who was standing next to him, though it’s unclear when his video was taken.

Multiple people commented on the video in support of their bonding. Regarding Deepti’s ex, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, who Kyle even “loved,” one user commented, “Wow, Shake looks different here,” while another added, “HELL YEAH.”

Viewers gasped when the construction worker admitted his lingering affection for the information technology analyst during the reunion.

Kyle said, “I should have asked Deepti to marry me.” “I messed up, and that’s what I learned the most. She really is the best, and I adore her so much. My biggest regret is that I didn’t see what was in front of me. I apologise… Yes, and I’m annoyed that [Shake] blew such a great opportunity.

“I should’ve tried hard for you,” he then said to Deepti. When a video of the two walking together in Chicago’s Wicker Park appeared on TikTok in March 2022, speculation about their romantic status increased. Kyle and Deepti, who are both wearing beige coats in the video, turn around after hearing someone say, “Let me buy you guys a mimosa!” from beyond the screen.

Who Were Kyle and Deepti’s Partners on Love is Blind?

Fans may remember that following the first episode, Shaina Hurley and Kyle were first connected. In episode 6, Shaina dumped Kyle to pursue Shayne, despite their attempts to get past their divergent religious beliefs.

Deepti, on the other hand, was put through a lot on the show but managed the stress well. Watchers waited in suspense as Shake and Deepti were poised to exchange vows after he continuously chatted behind her back throughout the episode, even claiming that he didn’t find her physically beautiful.

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating?

She chose a different course of action in the conclusion, which began streaming on Netflix on February 25. She looked at her now ex-fiance at the altar and stated, “I deserve someone who knows for sure. So I’m going to say “no” and choose myself.

Many viewers praised Deepti for her self-respect when they saw her moving moment. Even Deepti’s brother, Sunny Vempati, criticised Shake for his conduct in a fiery Instagram post while defending his sister.

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Sunny released a long comment later that month that said, “Now, typically, I don’t get involved in drama, but I’m defending my sister here: “Shake,” bruh, you’re a loser.”

“You made some terrible and disgusting remarks about my sister that diminished her life. My dad and the rest of my family had to watch you speak behind my sister’s back about insecurities she had battled her entire life since you knew your own mother would one day witness it.

“Despite your statements on and off camera about her body, she continued to only ever be supportive of you, despite our best efforts to persuade her to see through your BS,” Sunny stated in his statement.

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating?

Season 2 of Love Is Blind: After the Altar features a return of Kyle and Deepti who will continue to film their romantic lives. The first episode of the new show, which airs on Friday, September 16, will trace the beginning of their love affair.

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In the season’s teaser, Deepti can be heard saying, “Honestly, I simply want to be around him all the time.” She is heard saying to Kyle in another scene, “If we take it there, it might be the best thing ever. What if it doesn’t turn out that way?

Although it’s unclear what kind of relationship they actually have, Deepti has been outspoken about her reasons for walking away from her first husband at the altar.

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