From How Much Time Does Ramona Agruma Dating Rebel Wilson?

Ramona Agruma is a well-known fashion designer, celebrity partner, social media influencer, jewelry designer, entrepreneur, media face, and businesswoman. This lovely lady is from Riga, Latvia.

As the founder and proprietor of Lemon Ve Limon’s stylish clothing label, she is pretty well-known throughout the nation. According to her LinkedIn page, she established her business in August 2021.

Rebel Wilson’s public revelation of her relationship with Ramona catapulted her into the public spotlight. Ramona is additionally a professional jewelry designer. In addition, she works as a brand ambassador for Bee Goddess Jewelry.

This week, Rebel Wilson confirmed she was in a severe relationship with successful fashion and jewelry designer Ramona Agruma. Wilson announced with a romantic Instagram photo of a selfie with her sweetheart and the message, “I thought I was seeking for a Disney Prince… but perhaps what I’ve been missing all along was a Disney Princess.”

What Does Ramona Agruma Do?

In 2021, Agruma launched the sustainable fashion firm Lemon Ve Limon. The collection emphasizes affordability and comfort. In 2013, she founded the premium jewelry firm DeLys, where she is still the creative director.

She is also the brand ambassador for the Turkish luxury jewelry company Bee Goddess. Hailee Steinfeld, Gwen Stefani, and Madonna have all been spotted wearing jewelry from both labels.

How Did Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson Meet?

Hugh Sheridan, an actor, and musician, one of Wilson’s closest friends, stated on 2Day FM that he had been attempting to set up his buddy with her “ideal match” and had chosen Agruma.Ramona Agruma Dating

“I had set up Rebel with various individuals and Ramona with various individuals. “I’m a bit of a matchmaker in my own time, but Rebel and Ramona were tough,” he stated.

Wilson disclosed to People in May that she was in a relationship without revealing who she was dating and that their first date took place over the phone. “We spoke on the telephone for several weeks before the meeting. “This was a great way to get to know one another,” she stated. In this way, it was a bit retro — incredibly romantic.

She said, “I believe that as you gain more self-worth, your desires for a partner become more refined, so it’s fantastic to have someone who feels like an equal partner in a good relationship… There were instances when I probably should not have tolerated specific behavior from my ex-partners.

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This is not to suggest that all of my ex-partners were bad; instead, there were moments when I tolerated behavior that I should not have. Consequently, being in a genuinely healthy relationship feels different.”

Ramona and Rebel Began to Know Each Other on the Phone

Rebel told a source last month, “A friend set it up.” “And it all began with talking. Before we met, we talked on the phone for weeks. And that was a great way to learn more about each other. In that way, it was old-fashioned and very romantic.”

Rebel told U Up, too. Having a friend set you up “speeds up the process.” In her words, “You think, “I can trust this person. They are who they say they are,” which is something you can’t tell from the apps.”

They Do Kind Acts Towards One Another

While discussing constructing playlists for a partner on U Up? Rebel said that she had sent her love a few songs. “My girlfriend and I email each other music,” she explained. “I completed the task this morning. However, only one song, not an entire playlist. I felt this song might brighten their morning.”

How Long Has Rebel Wilson Been Dating Ramona Agruma?

Wilson and Agruma didn’t become “Instagram official” until June 2022, but Wilson has been posting pictures of them together since January of this year. Together with some friends, including James Corden, they went to a Los Angeles Rams game and the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

A source told us they have been dating for at least six months and said, “Rebel’s friends have loved seeing her so happy with someone.”

How Serious Are Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson?

Wilson’s mom, Sue Bownds, came from Sydney, Australia, all the way to Los Angeles to meet her daughter’s new girlfriend.Ramona Agruma Dating

“She and Agruma have become very close in a short time,” said the Sydney Morning Herald. She recently flew to Los Angeles to meet Agruma, and the two have talked openly about having kids and getting married. That sounds like a grave matter. Wilson’s mother, Sue Bownds, lives in Sydney.

On Friday, June 24, Wilson posted a picture of herself and Agruma outside after they took a freezing helicopter ride over Iceland, where they were on vacation together. They were both wearing long blue puffer jackets. Wilson wrote on her Instagram Story that they were “trying to look cool while freezing.”

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And they’ve already been to events together. In the past few months, Ramona has been in a few of Rebel’s Instagram posts, and they have been to a few events together. For example, in April, they both went to the 10th Annual Park City Ski Challenge for the charity Operation Smile, and in March, they posed for pictures on the red carpet at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party.

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