Yung Miami Dating History: ‘CONFIRMATION’ on Her Relationship With Diddy!

Yung Miami is a well-known American rapper, singer, Instagram celebrity, and musician. In addition, Yung has been a renowned rapper active from 2017 until now. Her actual name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee, while her stage name is Yung Miami. Yung often performs hip-hop and Southern rap. In addition, she is a member of the girl group Rap Duo City Girls, which comprises JT Jatavia Shakara Johnson and Yung Miami.

Did Diddy Just Confirm He Is Dating Yung Miami of City Girls?

On the June 10 inaugural episode of REVOLT’s Caresha Please show, Yung Miami, the presenter and City Girls rapper, was supposed to have Diddy, 52, as her first celebrity guest. Throughout the program, the couple was completely candid about their present relationship situation.

“I’m single,” he stated, adding, “But I’m dating. I am simply taking my time in life.” Miami, 28, asked Diddy for a more detailed explanation of their agreement, to which he said, “We date. We’re dating. We go out on dates. We’re pals. We travel to interesting locales. We have a wonderful time. We attend strip clubs and church.”

Diddy stated that her authenticity drew him to the “Twerkulator” rapper, a mother to son Jai, 8, and daughter Summer, 2. “You’re one of the most genuine persons I’ve ever met,” he continued. “You are honestly yourself and a wonderful mother and friend. We have a wonderful time.”

In June last year, Miami uploaded an Instagram selfie of herself holding hands with REVOLT TV creator Diddy, sparking relationship rumors. In October 2021, the City Girls artist tweeted a photo of herself on the beach with a man thought to be Diddy, which she then removed.Yung Miami dating

In the same month, she referenced Diddy in her song “Rap Freaks,” rapping, “Took a jet to a private island for a date with Diddy/I like bad males, no hoe sh—, Diddy let me stick it in your face like them roaches.”

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“Please give this b*tch some attention,” tweeted Miami on May 17, to which Gina responded on her Instagram Stories, “if somebody is seeking attention… B—CH IT’S YOU,” adding, “Why are you being so insistent, mama? I believed you to be a City Girl.”

Diddy did not hesitate to address the ongoing controversy on Caresha Please. He described the back-and-forth between Miami and Gina as “messy,” adding that he had to “polish things and hit the reset button to keep things moving.”

Yung Miami Dating History

Since entering the music industry, both fans and celebrities have embraced the City Girls. In addition to their fun-loving personality and no-nonsense approach to courting, both Yung Miami and JT are stunningly attractive. It is hardly surprising that they have numerous suitors, given their unmistakable beauty and allure.

Southside Tells City Girls’ Yung Miami the Secret to a Healthy Coparenting Relationship

Producer Southside and City Girls rapper Yung Miami raise their 2-year-old daughter Summer together in a friendly way. Considering how rough their relationship used to be, it might not have worked out that way if they hadn’t set some rules.

Southside talked about how he gets along with Yung Miami in a recent interview with Bootleg Kev. First, he is “proud” of her success with City Girls and keeps things “very cordial and friendly,” but he won’t cross the line regarding their relationship.

“No s*x is the key to getting along with the other parent,” he said. “You can’t go to the bathroom with your baby mommas. You cannot… I also have a girlfriend, so if you have a girlfriend, you can’t have s*x with your baby mommas.”

Southside might be in a close race with Nick Cannon for the pregnant women. The 33-year-old artist says he has also had children with four other women. He said, “I don’t know one of them, but I love the other three.”

But Ashley says Southside isn’t a good parent to their 8-year-old son, who is now living with them. The woman started a GoFundMe campaign in August 2021 to help support her child.Yung Miami dating

“Keeping up with bills and putting food on the table has been hard for us this year,” she wrote. “My son’s father, Southside 808mafia, is a wealthy producer who won’t pay child support for his 7-year-old son. He knows this is his son, but he has stopped paying since I asked the courts for child support because he doesn’t always help his son with his share.

She also said, “It’s sad that my son’s father, @808mafiaboss, can’t help in any way with my son’s school supplies and clothes. He can show off on Instagram but can’t send a box of clothes and other things from Walmart or Target.

Southside is in a relationship, but Yung Miami has made it seem like she is dating Diddy repeatedly. Most recently, she and OnlyFans model Gina Huynh fought over the Bad Boy Records mogul on social media.

Yung Miami Reveals Ex-bf Was Dying

When someone you care about dies, it’s never easy to take. It’s even harder to deal with when trying to get work done. Yung Miami went through that. In the year 2020, Jai Wiggins, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her son, was killed in a shooting.

The City Girl went on Twitter on Tuesday (March 15) to talk about that stressful time and reveal that Wiggins was on his deathbed while she was making the music video for “P*ssy Talk” with Doja Cat. Yung Miami says she was so upset during the shoot that she barely made it.

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She tweeted, “I made a p*ssy talk video while my baby daddy was dying.” “One of the hardest days of my life was when I cried so hard and for so long between scenes.”

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