Moses Hacmon: It is Official, He is Expecting a Child, Click Here to Know With Whom?

Trisha Paytas’s fantasy came true when her fiancé Moses Hacmon, proposed to her while they were dressed as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Here is a timeline of how the couple’s relationship grew after they met less than a year ago, and how it was paralleled by Paytas’ tumultuous friendship with Ethan Klein, Hacmon’s brother-in-law.

Moses Hacmon and Trisha Paytas are expecting a child together. He works as an architect for a living. Trisha, a YouTuber, revealed the news on Instagram. Trisha gained notoriety due to her numerous controversies and feuds with other influencers.

Trisha has a significant fan base across multiple social media channels. She has nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers. The duo has published a total of eleven books and subsequently entered the music sector, where they have recorded nine albums to date.

With Whom is Moses Hacmon Expecting a Child?

In 2021, Moses married the social media personality Trisha Paytas. According to The couple is currently expecting their first child. Trisha presents herself as non-binary by utilising pronouns like they/them.Pregnancy Announcement

A video of her and her husband with the title ‘I’m no longer a person’ leaked on the internet, bringing them into the public eye. In the footage, Trisha and Moses can be seen walking in their underpants while carrying a bag over their heads.

On April 22, Trisha released a video of Moses and herself eating Korean fried cheese, demonstrating that they had obvious chemistry.

A week after the sorrowful video, on April 22, 2020, Paytas uploaded a Mukbang of Hacmon in their car eating Korean friend cheese. The title of the video, “my special visitor is water,” refers to Hacmon’s YouTube channel, Channel Water.

They discussed judgement, love, and hate, as well as Paytas’ fondness for fried foods. The video demonstrated that Hacmon and Paytas had undeniable connection, and many admirers commented on how peaceful and mature Hacmon was in contrast to Paytas’ notoriously wild energy.

On April 25, 2020, the Kleins responded to the video in their podcast. Klein stated that he “couldn’t believe” what had transpired. Hila stated that it emphasised to her that “worlds should not collide,” and she mentally checked out of the situation.

Klein remarked, “This is so f—-ing odd.” “That my brother-in-law, Hila’s brother, is now performing Mukbangs in a Trisha Paytas music video and I had no idea. I am unaware that they are interacting.”

Below is Trisha’s Pregnancy Announcement:

The couple shared an image of the ultrasound. They said in the caption, “Love at first  beat. #HappyValentinesDay.” The couple also shared a video from a doctor’s appointment in which they first hear their child’s heartbeat.Pregnancy Announcement

Trisha also uploaded a picture of herself holding three pregnancy test kits, all of which had a positive sign. The couple is overjoyed and enthusiastic about this forthcoming period of life.

Celebrity Responses to Her Pregnancy News

As soon as the couple’s engagement was announced, a number of notable figures offered their congratulations. Numerous celebrities began to express their affection, best wishes, and blessings.

Zach Sang, a DJ and Nickelodeon personality, posted “Mazel tov!” and Anna Saccone, a fellow YouTuber, responded “OMG!” Congratulations!’. Niki DeMar, a YouTuber and singer, and Gabi DeMartino, her sister, also popped by to wish the soon-to-be parents well.

Lisa Schwartz and another YouTuber friend, Trisha, also posted a number of heart emojis in the comments section. Comedian Esther Povitsky expressed her excitement with several exclamation marks.

How Did Trisha and Moses Hacmon Spend Valentine’s Day?

The couple has not yet disclosed any information on the due date of their child. Trisha also revealed how her hubby treated her on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, she was served breakfast in bed by Moses Hacmon. Moses and Trisha went to the beach two days before to celebrate the great news.

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Paytas posted a second photo of herself and her spouse on Instagram with the message, “Celebrated Valentine’s Day early to avoid the crowds.” Trisha and Moses cannot wait to welcome their bundle of joy into the world as they enter a new period in their lives.

Despite Accusing Moses of Cheating, Trisha Continued to Make Youtube Videos and Tiktoks With Him

On April 29, 2020, Hacmon participated in an edition of Paytas’ podcast “The Dish With Trish” titled “OUR QUARANTINE ROMANCE.” Paytas confirmed that they were quarantined together.

“At the start of quarantine, we barely knew each other, and now we’re inseparable,” Paytas remarked. Things remained relatively quiet until July 7, 2020, when Paytas released another now-deleted episode of their podcast titled “exposing the dms,” in which they chastised Hacmon for chatting to other women.

Paytas claimed he was catfished — enticed into an online relationship by someone posing as someone else — by a fan several times and read out their chats.Pregnancy Announcement

Over the next month, Hacmon and Paytas appeared to work things out, and Paytas produced irregular vlogs and TikToks with Hacmon in them, including the videos “jack in the box with my zohan” on August 4 and “Trying Israeli Food with my ” on August 11.

On August 11, 2020, the pair discussed Paytas’ exposé in a subsequent episode titled “addressing those DMs.” Paytas inquired as to why Hacmon had returned to the podcast. “Why am I returning? We can’t seem to keep away from each other “He stated.

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Paytas has built a profession out of causing controversy, and he frequently asserts things in YouTube videos that turn out to be false. When confronted, they have been known to claim that they were “trolling.” During this time, it was difficult to tell whether the relationship with Hacmon was genuine or merely for show.

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