Christa Allen Dating: What Are the Rumours About Her Relationship With The Game?

Christa B. Allen (born November 11, 1991) is an actress from the United States. She is best known for her roles in 13 Going on 30 (2004) and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) as the younger version of Jennifer Garner’s character, as well as her role as socialite Charlotte Grayson on the ABC drama series Revenge.

Her film credits include Liar Liar, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Anger Management, and The Final Destination. She is well-known for her ability to switch between genres and play a variety of characters.

Allen made her acting debut in 1994, when she appeared in Emmanuel in Space, an erotica-themed made-for-TV film based on the same-named book. She then went on to play additional television and film roles as she became more well-known in the public. She now has recurring and guest roles on television shows.

Allen has stated that she is a vegan, which she discusses on her blog, Veggie Boom Boom. Mams Taylor, an Iranian rapper, married her in 2009. However, the couple filed for divorce in February of 2012 after filing for separation in 2011.

Does Christa B Allen Have a Boyfriend?

Fans are curious about Christa B. Allen’s post-Revenge life, as well as her romantic relationships, despite her silence on the subject. Fans do not know whether Christa B Allen is in a relationship because she rarely discusses her dating life.

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Just Jared Jr. claimed in 2014 that Christa B Allen was spotted with Alexander Will and referred to him as “her purported boyfriend.” Multiple websites link the actress to Alexander Will, suggesting that many people believe they are an item. The pair dined at the Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood. According to Just Jared Jr., Alexander tweeted, “Delicious supper.

“The pasta with sea urchins was exceptional.” In recent years, Christa B. Allen has become more popular than Johnny What, despite the fact that they were once considered a couple.christa allen dating

Christa B Allen and Johnny What were profiled by Galore Magazine as they created the musical duo Pour Vous. As of the 2018 publishing date of this article, he was reportedly her boyfriend.

The duo spoke in greater detail about their relationship and musical collaboration. Johnny stated, “When we moved in together, Pour Vous was born. Our loft contains both music and aerial studios, so I now compose music while Johnny climbs silks. I’ve always wanted to make music, and falling in love with a record producer made it possible.”

When asked by the media about working with Christa, Johnny praised her and responded, “Easy. Christa is skilled. The first time she entered the vocal booth, I was unsure what to anticipate, but she took my direction in stride. She has so much expertise on stage that it feels natural for her to record songs.

She is also a talented lyricist. We always have a great time and share many laughs. Despite the apparent success of their relationship in 2018, it appears Christa is currently single.

She tweeted at the end of 2021, “man I’m going to be so pissed if I’m single during the apocalypse” and “now casting: my spouse.” Christa tweets frequently about being single, stating, “flirting in your 30s is different. These lads are sending me photographs of their family members.

The Game Refuses to Date 13 Going on 30 actress Christa Allen after their Tiktok Viral Kissing

According to Not what it appears to be. The Game and Christa Allen made headlines when they kissed in a TikTok video — but it wasn’t a relationship announcement. “Christa and I have mutual friends – she came to my 4th of July party and I hopped on her TikTok,” the 42-year-old rapper said in a statement to a source on Wednesday, July 6.

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“She’s a lovely lady, but we’re not dating.” On Monday, July 4, the Grammy candidate made a cameo appearance in a video uploaded by the 13 Going on 30 actress, 30. The TikTok video opens with Allen seeming depressed and asking his fans, “What’s up, guys?” “I can’t take it any longer.”

“When you just broke up BUT,” she wrote in her caption. The second section of the film, captioned “You Just Broke Up,” shows the Revenge alum cuddling up with the “How We Do Artist,” who lays a kiss on her lips before putting out his tongue in a playful manner.christa allen dating

Albeit The Game (real name: Jayceon Taylor) denied dating Allen, he did reveal that he is seeing someone else, though he did not say who. Girlfriends’ Hauntings Past actress, for her part, said in the comments section of her post that the video’s “whole context” is that the couple is not an item.

“I’m a single woman doing things for single women,” she added. Allen’s statement, however, did not stop her followers from fawning about the probable pairing. “THIRTY FLIRTY & THRIVING WHUTT,” one TikTok user said. Another user mentioned 13 Going on 30 and added, “Jenna rink & THE GAME.” I missed a chapter!”

When a rom-com fan inquired about Mark Ruffalo’s character, Matty, Allen said, “He dipped.” In the 2004 film, the California native played the younger version of Jennifer Garner’s character, Jenna, who married Matty.

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