Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend: Everything About His Relationship History and Ex- Girlfriends!

Tom Cruise has a lengthy history of dating women in the public eye. As the celebrity rose through the ranks of industry success, people were more curious about his personal life.

The Mission Impossible actor has dated three women in addition to having been married to three prior. However, the actor has continued to be single for the past ten years.

The most surprising of these ladies to come forward and admit to having a brief affair with the actor was Cher. Find out who Tom Cruise has been associated with recently by reading on.

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert, the star of your mother’s favourite television programme Little House on the Prairie, dated Tom Cruise in the past, before he became well-known. He was using a different name because he was so unknown at the time.

On Watch What Happens Life, Melissa said, “Actually, he was Tom Mapother still when I dated him,” adding that she was “16 maybe or 17” when they first met.

 Melissa said she didn’t have sex with him and that they kept things PG-13. Yes, she acknowledged that Tom was “a good kisser.”

Rebecca De Mornay

tom cruise girlfriend

Tom Cruise and Rebecca engaged in an “intense affair” while filming Risky Business, claims Risky Business star Curtis Armstrong in his amusingly named autobiography Revenge of the Nerd. However, neither Tom nor Rebecca seem to have verified that, so let’s move on.

Patti Scialfa

Yes, Bruce Springsteen’s wife Patti, an E Street Band member, and Tom once dated each other. We know this because a People profile from 1988 mentions that they “briefly” dated in 1985.


tom cruise girlfriend

That is accurate: Cher and Tom were a couple. At the scene of all famous celebrity romances, Sean Penn and Madonna’s wedding, they first crossed paths. But when they went to a casual event at the White House, they found themselves back in the same spot, at the same time.

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Even though they obviously didn’t last, Cher did list Tom as one of her top five lovers in a Watch What Happens Live episode.

Mimi Rogers

tom cruise girlfriend

Here is Tom’s first spouse! Ironically, immediately before their breakup, Tom remarked to Rolling Stone in 1990 that Mimi had improved his acting and that he loved her more than “everything in the world.” And he addressed Mimi as his “I just really enjoy being with her, you know? “, she replied. I cherish her.”

Unknown as to why they broke up, Mimi admitted to People that she found it difficult to maintain her personality and that “no matter what the article is, it’s Tom Cruise’s wife.”

Nicole Kidman

While collaborating on Days of Thunder, the two met, and in 1990 they were married. Undoubtedly not Cruise’s most recent flame, Nicole is best known as his wife and the mother of his children.

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While still together, the couple adopted two children, Connor Antony (born in 1995) and Isabella Jane (1992), before divorcing in 2001.

Penélope Cruz

tom cruise girlfriend

After their breakup, Cruise was linked to Penélope Cruz. In August 2001, the two made their red carpet debut, and by 2004, they had also parted ways.

Nazanin Boniadi

Since they were in contact from November 2004 to January 2005, the couple only dated for a relatively little period of time.

Katie Holmes

tom cruise girlfriend

The romance of the ex-couple became such a popular topic that they even acquired the nickname TomKat. Tom’s on-screen declaration of his love for Holmes in 2005 inspired people to support the couple.

They welcomed their daughter a few months ahead of their Italian wedding. In the end, Katie Holmes requested a divorce in 2012.

Laura Prepon

In 2014, there were rumours that the Orange Is the New Black actress was seeing Cruise, but she promptly denied the rumours in an interview.

Hayley Atwell

tom cruise girlfriend

The most recent dating rumour surrounding Cruise involved his co-star Hayley Atwell. The two were rumoured to be a little bit dating while they were filming Mission: Impossible 7 in 2020.

The two were photographed at Wimbledon in July 2021 with fellow Mission: Impossible actress Pom Klementieff, though they did neither confirm nor deny the rumours.

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