Who is Charli D’Amelio Dating? Everything About Her Relationship With Landon Baker!

Despite Charli D’Amelio’s fast rise to stardom on TikTok and her subsequent status as a household figure, she keeps many details of her love life private.

With over 140 million followers, though, whoever she ends up falling in love with is swiftly discovered, and admirers immediately start to ship the two together.

Through a recent kiss on Charli’s Instagram story, a similar incident occurred once more. Fans are now wondering who Charli D’Amelio is dating and how long the relationship will endure as a result of the news that she has a new partner in her life.

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Who Is Charli D’Amelio Dating?

Charli D’Amelio is currently dating Landon Barker. London and Charli announce their love on Instagram.

Charli D’Amelio’s relationship with Landon Barker is the most recent instance of her dating life being made public. When the two left Landon’s concert together at the start of June, the first whispers about their romance started to circulate.

who is charli dating

Then, Charl D’Amelio posted an Instagram story showing her and Landon kissing, confirming the allegations. Because of his easily recognisable neck tattoo, Landon could be recognised by fans right away.

Charli’s father was overjoyed when the couple declared their love and fans shortly after. Even though there have been some uncomfortable moments due to statements made by Chase after the news.

Who Is Landon Barker?

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182, and Shanna Moakler, Travis’ second wife, are the parents of Landon. Alabama, Landon’s younger sister, and Atiana De La Hoya, a half-sister from his mother’s previous union, are his siblings.

Landon Barker now has three step-siblings as a result of Travis’ earlier this year marriage to Kourtney Kardashian. Young Landon has grown up watching reality TV.

who is charli dating

“Meet The Barkers,” a reality series that Landon’s family hosted while he was growing up, aired on MTV for two seasons.

And more recently, after his father’s engagement to Kourtney Kardashian, Landon appeared in an episode of The Kardashians. He wants to become a musician.

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Landon is a musician who, like his father, has contributed to the Machine Gun Kelly song “die in California.” Additionally, Landon and BoohooMan recently unveiled a collection.

Who Has Charli D’Amelio Dated in the Past?

Chase Hudson, a musician, actor, and TikTok celebrity was the first person Charli D’Amelio publicly dated. The two started dating in December 2019, at first keeping it under wraps until a video of them sharing a kiss went viral.

who is charli dating

They made the decision to make their engagement public in February of the following year once this was made public. Many people admired their connection because they frequently shared videos of one other and were never afraid to engage in some PDA.

However, the two broke up in April 2020, which was exactly what many had feared would happen.

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They both shared Instagram stories about their breakup. This was swiftly followed by Charli crying during a Livestream on Instagram and accusations of adultery. The two appear to be friends despite this, although their relationship never materialised again.

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