Carl and Lindsay Dating: Are Lindsey and Carl Still Together?

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s relationship will soon take a significant step forward. After months of fan speculation, the “Summer House” stars confirmed their relationship in January 2022.

That same month, Radke appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” to confirm his romantic relationship with his longtime Bravo bestie is going well. “We’re very happy,” Radke said on Bravo’s late-night show.

Carl and Lindsay Dating
Carl and Lindsay Dating: Are Lindsey and Carl Still Together?

“She’s my best friend, she has my back, and we respect each other, which I think is important in a relationship.”The couple debuted as a couple on the February 28 episode of WWHL, where they revealed the latest details about their relationship.

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Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard Teased Future Living Plans

Fans of “Summer House” know that Hubbard and Radke have been living in separate apartments in the same apartment building for quite some time, and even though they were best friends, they spent most nights of the week hanging out together.

According to, Hubbard revealed on “Watch What Happens Life” that the two currently sleep at Radke’s apartment more than hers because he has a king bed and requires more space. She also stated that they will eventually share living quarters.

“We’ve discussed moving in together,” said the Hubb House PR founder.”We’d probably move in together tomorrow if we could,” Radke added. The Loverboy VP of Sales revealed that the main reason they haven’t moved in together yet is due to “lease obligations” and the “timing of things.

“You’re Bravo’s first couple,” Cohen joked. “I’m talking about informing the landlord.” Hubbard is well-known for her “timelines.” Her “Timeline 4 Life” manifesto called for her to be engaged by 35 and pregnant by 36.

But, after splitting from her partner, Stephen Traversie, in early 2021, the “Summer House” star pledged not to set a time limit on anything. In May 2021, she captioned an Instagram image, “I can’t wait to see what the future offers.” “However, I swear there will be no more deadlines.

“She’s keeping her commitment to Radke. She told Cohen she isn’t placing “any pressure” on her new guy to get engaged or start a kid.”We want those things and we want them together,” Hubbard told WWHL.

Carl and Lindsay Dating
Carl and Lindsay Dating: Are Lindsey and Carl Still Together?

“We don’t talk about those potential big-ticket goods, in particular, every day, but we know we want them together.” “As a result, I don’t put a lot of strain on it.” I tossed the deadline out the window. I mean, listen, I got the dude, and the rest will take care of itself.”

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Lindsay and Carl’s First Date Didn’t Go Well

Fans of “Summer House” were startled to see Hubbard and Radke hook up in the season 4 teaser in 2020. Hubbard confirmed to E! News that the two went into a dubious area.” We put our friendship in an extremely dangerous situation this summer,” she joked. “We decided to go a little over the line.

So you’ll move beyond buddies to… “I’d place it in the romantic category.”Hubbard was apprehensive of a relationship with Radke because of his previous dating history, which resulted in an argument and the agreement that they should simply be friends.

Hubbard told Hollywood Life that she didn’t like some of what she saw, but she gave Radke a pass since she knew he wasn’t in a healthy “headspace” for a relationship at the time. After his brother Curtis died, Radke went sober. Hubbard acknowledged on “Watch What Happens Life” that she too stopped drinking three months ago.

Can Carl and Lindsay’s Connection Be Seen in Season 6?

Unfortunately, Season 6 of Summer House will not feature much passion between Carl and Lindsay. Paige DeSorbo, one of their co-stars, recently told Page Six that they were both “extremely single” over the summer.

Carl and Lindsay Dating

She also said Carl and Lindsay “Were certainly more interested in other individuals than in each other. So when they told us it was romantic, we were all like, ‘Oh, OK.’ But everyone was all for it.”Summer House airs new episodes on Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

Are Lindsey and Carl Still Together?

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard of Summer House have proven their relationship is legitimate, with Carl hinting that he may propose to his girlfriend. Fans who have been following Carl since the show’s early seasons may be surprised to learn that he is a married man.

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What Does Lindsay Hubbard Do for a Living?

Lindsay’s expertise is in public relations, and she is currently the head of her own firm, Hubb House PR.

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