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The second season of Netflix’s dating reality show “Love is Blind” premiered on February 11, 2022. The season ended on February 25th! Love is Blind follows 30 men and women who crave for love but cannot see each other until they team up! This reality dating series was created to see if people can fall in love regardless of their physical attributes! Do the filmmakers believe love is blind?

The contestants must talk to other married people. They only need to know each other by listing the sound in the pods across the room. The producers advise the candidates to look for others by heart rather than by sight. If they are ready to get engaged after the speed date, Surprisingly, they cannot visit the other person. When they finally decide, they are presented face-to-face! A couple must choose between continuing their romance or ending it at the altar on their wedding day!

Despite all hurdles, Deepti and her chosen one remained together until the end. But what happened next? Have they married or has their relationship terminated due to their differing views, perspectives, and attitudes about this show? Who is Deepti dating now?

Who Is Deepti Now? Did She Say “i Do”?

“Love Is Blind” season 2 featured Deepti Vempati, a data analyst, and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee, a vet/house DJ. They are both Indian. Surprisingly, he mentioned on the broadcast that they had always linked with white people before the connection. This seemed to be their only bond! Aside from that, Deepti and her chosen partner started having issues early in the season. Regardless, they made it to the end!

But that was the day Deepti Vempati used all her strength to refuse the wedding! Deepti knew what she was doing, even as she was crying with the family! Now their fans think they’ve said “I do!” No was the right answer. Deepti hasn’t dated since the split, thus she’s single! Despite this, fans believe he did the right thing. Let’s see!

Are Shake and Deepti from Love Is Blind Season 2 still together? It was revealed during the end of Love Is Blind Season 2 that Deepti and Shake had split up because Shake couldn’t provide Deepti with the stability she needed in their relationship. However, Deepti’s brother, Sunny Vempati, and his partner, Hina, revealed that her family and Shake are not on good terms due to what he said about Deepti on Love Is Blind Season 2.

who is deepti dating now?

Deepu, we are overjoyed!!! We’ve seen you develop into a fantastic and attractive person, inspiring many to appreciate themselves and demand and accept nothing less. “We wish you hadn’t picked that [clown], but you handled yourself with grace and continued to recognise the beauty in humanity,” Sunny wrote on Instagram in February 2022. ‘Shake, bruh, you’re a loser,’ the message said. You ruined my sister’s life by making horrible statements about her.

I had to listen to you talk about my sister’s fears behind my sister’s back, knowing your own mother might see it one day. Despite our best efforts to encourage her to see through your BS, she remained steadfastly loyal to you. THAT’S her.” Although you claimed it was all made up and owing to the ‘edit,’ no one forced you to say it, the statement added. Please pardon me if I am not sympathetic to your plight. We let you into our home, and you took advantage of it. Do not f–k with my sister for the rest of your life.”

During episode 1, Shake and Deepti, both of Indian descent, discussed how they’ve usually dated white people. “You’ve never dated an Indian female?” Deepti asked Shake. “That’s great,” Deepti responded. I like blondes. And I only date white men.” The two of us have only dated white people, Shake added. Shake, on the other hand, asked Deepti if she enjoyed music festivals and being carried. “You can do it,” Deepti remarked. “Are you free to pick me up?” Shake agreed. But will it be hard for me to accept you?” “Actually, that comes out as rather superficial,” Deepti said, offended. “Shake doesn’t get how Love Is Blind works here,” she admitted in an interview. The key goal is to find our uniqueness. “Can you carry me?”

But Shake and Deepti’s love blossomed, and they got engaged and met in person before a retreat in Mexico. In episode 4, Shake notices how much faster Deepti travels than him. “I’m taking it hour by hour,” he said. Unsure about his and Deepti’s physical relationship, he admitted in an interview. “I was nervous on our first night together.” Spending time together. “I’m not sure I’m getting the physical connection I wanted,” he remarked. “I said things like, ‘We’re going to get married.’” “Hearing it from Deeps feels amazing, but also terrible. ‘Oh my God,’ I think occasionally. Maybe this is a sign of commitment anxiety.”

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Deepti found that Shake didn’t care as much about her as she did and couldn’t give her what she wanted in episode 10. Dancing with the guests, Deepti left the altar to be reunited with her parents, who expressed their “proudness” at her decision. Love Is Blind Season 2 began with Deepti and Shake on Instagram. (They have since unfollowed each other.) Deepti also commented on Shake’s Instagram post announcing his Love Is Blind Season 2 casting. It was a nice touch.

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