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Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together? When Did They Announce Their Engagement?

Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together

In this post, we will explore Alexis and Hunter’s family, relationship status, and break up. Continue reading till the conclusion for additional information.

In ‘The Ultimatum,’ What Happened Between Alexis and Hunter?

Hunter and Alexis underwent “trial marriages” with different individuals, just like everyone else on the show. In addition, Alexis seems hesitant regarding the situation. She told Hunter that living with a man who is not him would be an odd transition.

Additionally, Alexis made it abundantly apparent that she was done dating. She stated, “Being single is quite stressful.” Hunter then impulsively proposed to Alexis during a meal with Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

She was, to say the least, stunned, but she said yes, and the two exited the concert together, or so it appeared. So, are these two still together or not? How about we plunge in?

Early on, Hunter and Alexis Announced Their Engagement

Alexis issued an ultimatum to Hunter, compelling him to appear on the show. She desired an engagement prior to moving in, although he was less confident of his readiness.

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Hunter obtained the necessary clarity after a week of speed dating with other candidates. In the second episode, Hunter dropped down on one knee and proposed to Alexis, abandoning the remaining dates. In an interview with US Weekly, Hunter revealed that he decided to propose the night before.

All of the relationships I was forming with the other women were a result of Alexis’s preexisting personality qualities. So I said to myself, “OK, I’m ready to propose, let’s do this.”

“Therefore, I knew the night before, and it was very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut because I wanted to interrupt her when she was expressing how much pain she was in,” he claimed.

Are Alexis and Hunter Still Together?

Yes! Alexis and Hunter are still together even though they got married on the show. And now they have an Instagram account. “Secret IS out. I am getting married to my best friend. She is really the luckiest girl in the world. I’ll always be grateful that a broken TV at Rustic Tap led me to your table.”

In Los Angeles, California, where they live together and plan their wedding, “This summer, we’re getting married. We started planning a year ago, which is great because we’ve had a lot of time to get everything ready, but we’re almost there “Hunter spoke to WH.

Alexis is also very happy. “Ever since I was about five years old, I’ve wanted to get married out here in Los Angeles,” she said. “I used to drive by this chapel on my way to work, and now we’re getting married there. It’s like a dream come true.”

But their co-stars from The Ultimatum won’t be there. Hunter wanted to invite everyone, but he realized that “weddings are expensive, and you can’t have everyone, even though we wish we could.” But they say they are still in touch with the other actors (“some more than others,” according to Alexis).

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After the wedding, what comes next? They said that they had a two-week honeymoon in Greece. Alexis says she is ready to wait a while before she starts a family. “If we still want to talk about it after a year, that’s about the plan. But I don’t think we’ll have kids. I think that it will just happen.”

Alexis Expressed Her View on Instagram About the Show

Alexis came to Instagram on April 11 to reminisce on the show and how it affected her life. The post’s lengthy description expressed her gratitude for the event.

“It was quite difficult to enter this experience and have to break up with the person I wanted to marry right away. Every day brought new experiences and problems because I couldn’t turn to my best buddy, Hunter, for love and support.

The days were long, but I met some incredible people who had to be quite open about their relationships. I’m sending out good vibes to the entire cast since they all have so much love to give “She stated.

Hunter hasn’t posted anything about Alexis since the episode first aired, but that could change now that the conclusion is out.

Do Alexis and Hunter Regret Leaving the Show?

When Hunter proposed to Alexis on the show, the couple’s co-stars and other fans were taken aback. In an interview, Hunter stated that he has no doubts about how things would turn out and that –

“I have no regrets about proposing. I mean, that was something I needed to answer before making a decision, right? “I knew I needed to have no uncertainty in my mind before proposing to Alexis.”

“And when I made that decision, I still feel that way today,” he concluded. So, ever since I left the experience, I’ve never looked back and thought, ‘Oh, that would’ve been fun.’

Alexis, for her part, stated – “It was ideal for us,” Alexis says. “I believe we’re stronger for having gone through it and seeing the other side.” “I regret nothing except possibly wearing my hair up at your engagement,” she adds (which TBH, I get).

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Hunter stated that they have changed since being on the Ultimatum – “I learned absolutely how to open myself up more to people in social encounters, be more myself, be more expressive. I learned a lot more about Alexis and some of the other qualities that I admire.”

Alexis stated – “The biggest issue simply looking back was, I believe during our relationship, I was extremely focused on finances,” she admits, “that’s a significant decision in a marriage,” but she now recognizes it’s not the only one. So there is no doubt that guys enjoy Is Alexis and Hunter still dating?

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