Are Gil and Myrla Still Together? What Caused Their Separation?

In this post, we will examine some fascinating details regarding Gil and Myrla’s lives, including their relationship status, family, and break up. Continue reading to the conclusion for further details.

Both Gil and Myrla Had Opposite Opinions

On the day of their wedding, it was evident that Gil and Myrla had different lifestyle preferences. The experts matched the couple based on their shared commitment to family values, but their perspectives on money could not have been more divergent.

Myrla worked diligently and appreciated the finer things, whereas Gil was not motivated by money and was content with a simpler lifestyle. Myrla was concerned that she wasn’t initially attracted to Gil, but her interest in her new husband “increased” with time.

While most Lifetime viewers believed the relationship was certain to fail, the couple’s decision to remain together on Decision Day astonished MAFS watchers.

Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Although the couple initially opted not to part up on Decision Day, their romance lasted less than fourteen days after the cameras were removed.

Gil explained to the experts during the November 2021 reunion of Married at First Sight, “I was taken aback by the events that transpired.” “Clearly, she felt a certain way, but I was unaware. I didn’t realize it till it was finished.”

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While Myrla maintained that finances were the sole reason for their breakup, the leadership coach told the panel, “There were events that transpired after Decision Day that made me feel unsafe with him making future financial decisions for us.”Are Gil and Myrla Still Together

Gil frequently referred to his new wife as a “Debbie D downer,” which eventually irritated her. Myrla stated to broadcaster Kevin Frazer, “I’ve never encountered this in a relationship.” “I don’t know what to do with it, and if you don’t like it, well, I guess that’s just the way that person is.”

Despite the bad breakup depicted on-screen, Gil is still optimistic about the success of the expert’s matching process. In a December 2021 video interview with YouTuber Lisa Alastuey, Gil stated, “I don’t believe the formula needs to be changed.” People are the primary concern.

MAFS alum said, seemingly alluding to this ex-lofty wife’s expectations, “Many people are unwilling to change, and they set such unrealistic standards that, you know, even if they made this person, it wouldn’t work out.”

What Really Happened Between Gil and Myrla From “Married at First Sight”?

Unfortunately, fourteen days after Decision Day, Mryla decided that she no longer wanted to be with Gil. Gil let out: “Since Decision Day, we haven’t been together, which is sad.” Myrla gave the following reasons for her choice:

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“There were many different things. I think for me, it was just realizing how different we are. The things I said I couldn’t compromise on were really important to me. Stability with money is very important to me.”

Gil, on the other hand, doesn’t believe her because he makes $100 more every two weeks than she does. Myrla also said that she had never felt any attraction or chemistry between the two. The star of “Married at First Sight” said she was unhappy and couldn’t make herself feel a certain way. She also:

“He’s a great person and a good-looking guy. But neither of us is right for the other.”
What hurt Gil is that Myrla lied to him and caught him off guard from the start. He thought that their relationship was about being able to talk to each other well, but it wasn’t.

Myrla doesn’t feel bad about what she did. She told: “I did what I thought would help him the most. I didn’t think you should be around me because it wasn’t good for you. I already told you. He didn’t look happy… I could tell. He deserves to be happy, and I want him to be happy.”

Could Gil Be Hiding Some Debt From Myrla?

Myrla did not say anything else. She did, however, add another piece to the puzzle when she said that the rumors that she and fellow cast member Johnny Lam were dating were false and that they were just good friends.Are Gil and Myrla Still Together

She said that Gil shouldn’t be surprised that she and Johnny are still close because he knew about their relationship. Even though it looks like all the details of why Myrla and Gil broke up will stay a secret, it’s great to finally know what happened.

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Due to the breakup of Myrla and Gil, there are now only half as many couples for season 13. Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel, who were living together, are still trying to save their marriage, according to reports. But at least we can look forward to season 14 and a whole new group of possible partners. Let’s just hope that their stories end better than Gil and Myrla’s did.

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