Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022? Cause of Separation Explained!

In this article, we’ll talk about some interesting facts about Giannina and Damian’s lives, like how they met, their families, and why they broke up. So, keep reading until the end to find out more.

Damian and Giannina’s Relationship in Brief

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli had some problems while they were travelling. They were going to get married on Love Is Blind in 2019, but they changed their minds.

Still, they were able to leave the show as a committed couple with plans to improve their relationship. When they were in quarantine in 2020, they spent time together and tried to improve their relationship. Things like a reality TV peer got in the way in the end.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together?

After a lot of ups and downs on the dating show, in quarantine in 2020, and on the set of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, which had some jaw-dropping cameos because Damian invited the wrong people, the two are no longer together.

The reunion special didn’t say much about where they stood with each other, but Giannina has since let the cat out of the bag about her love life.

“Damian and I haven’t gone out on a date in a few months. I’m over it. I really, really feel great. I’m really happy with where my life is right now “In August 2021, she told ET.

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Since we now know about Gianinna’s new boyfriend, at least one of them is doing a good job of moving on. Given the situation, it seemed inevitable that they would break up. Here’s what happened to the show’s most popular couple…

Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers

Solid pairs Damian and Giannina made it to the altar, but they were too late for the ceremony. Despite the many ups and downs in their relationship, both of them appeared to be in a good place and were enjoyable dates.Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022

Since they stated on Love is Blind that they will break up in 2020, their relationship appears to be long-term.

When he met the Too Hot to Handle actress Francesca Farago, the two of them began to argue. Fans speculated if the couple will remain together or break up.

Giannina Milday Gibelli’s Background

Giannina Milday Gibelli was conceived and reared in Caracas, Venezuela. Regrettably, not much is known about her family. Additionally, it is unclear whether she has other siblings. We do know that Gibelli received her first taste of stardom on the Netflix popular reality show “Love is Blind.”

On this programme, singles attempt to find a partner without ever meeting. Therefore, candidates on the show, such as Gibelli, attempt to avoid physical attraction and instead focus on establishing an emotional bond.

Gibelli attended college and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in advertising and public relations. Then, she became a retail consultant and instructed others on how to market hair care items to customers.

Things changed in 2020, and “Love is Blind” was Gibelli’s first reality television show. She was referred to be an entrepreneur and a small business owner on the programme.

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On the broadcast, she also dropped a few hints about what she did for a job, but she never stated it directly. Internet users instantly discovered her LinkedIn page and discovered that she had previously worked as a social media consultant.

She has almost one million followers on social media, making her a prominent figure online. Gibelli also sells her merchandise on “Fanjoy,” an e-commerce platform for the most successful social media personalities. On her Instagram feed, Gibelli refers to herself as a “soulpreneur,” but it is unclear what this term entails.

About Damian Powers

The American reality star and TV personality Damian Powers work in TV. Damian Powers is also known for his role in the first season of the Netflix show “Love Is Blind.” On February 13, 2020, Netflix will show the first episode of the show.

Damian Powers was born in the United States on June 15, 1991. Right now, he is 30 years old. He, too, was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. He comes from both the United States and Germany. He was born under the sign of Gemini and is a Christian. Also, this man hasn’t said anything about his parents and siblings to the public yet.

When he first started working, he ran an industrial company as a manager. In September 2004, he started his career as the Operations Manager at Five Star Food Service, where he worked until March 2017.Are Giannina and Damian Still Together 2022

From March 2017 to September 2019, he was the general manager. Since September 2019, he has been a market manager. He also works for a non-profit group called Brawl For A Cause.

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Damian became well-known after being in the first season of the Netflix show “Love Is Blind.” On February 13, 2020, Netflix will show the first episode of the show.

Some of the 30 people who tried out were Jessica Batten, Carlton Morton, Amber Pike, Kelly Chase, Diamond Jack, Matt Barnett, and Cameron Hamilton. The show is run by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. He was paired with a woman named Giannina Gibelli on the show.

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