Are Gino and Jasmine Still Together? How Did They Both Meet?

In this post, we’ll go over some fascinating facts about Gino and Jasmine’s lives, such as their relationship status, family, and break up. So, continue reading till the end for additional details.

How Did Gino and Jasmine of ’90 Day Fiance’ Meet?

Gino and Jasmine first appeared in the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, which premiered in December 2021.

The Michigan man met Jasmine online in 2019 and chronicled his December 2020 travel to her native Panama to see her for the first time in person. The couple looked to click, but they ran into several snags as they dealt with Jasmine’s jealousy issues.

Gino and Jasmine From ’90 Day Fiance – Before the 90 Days’ Are They Still Together?

Despite the tension, Jasmine and Gino are still engaged and in a long-distance relationship after their time on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff. The Panamanian beauty announced their romance in October 2022 by attacking a troll who questioned her for not marrying and having children with Gino.

Gino and Jasmine

“Gino and I sincerely adore each other,” Jasmine said on Instagram. “We’ve been going for three years and we’re still going strong. Our gaze is fixed on the stars, yet our feet are firmly planted on the ground! “Love is tolerant.”

After spending several months apart due to their long-distance romance, the couple physically reunited in December 2022. They spent Christmas together in Jasmine’s Panama apartment. “Merry Christmas to everyone!” We are both overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.

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“Thank you to everyone who has followed our unconventional love journey, but one thing is certain: we are honestly in love,” Jasmine captioned a loved-up selfie of herself and Gino on Instagram on December 24. “We wish you the finest of holidays, our closest friends. Jazzy and El Gringo Bonito love you all.”

We Have Information Regarding “90 Day Fiance – Before the 90 Days”

The engineer gave Jasmine a $2,500 vacation to San José Island off the coast of Panama as a Christmas gift. Gino’s ex-girlfriend sent Jasmine many Direct Messages to let her know that he had been contacting her while they were meant to be on a romantic holiday.

When Jasmine questioned Gino about getting in touch with his ex, the former acknowledged that Gino had sent her naked photographs of Jasmine over DM. After receiving a screenshot of the images from the ex, Gino finally confirmed what he had previously denied.

The American literature professor burst into tears, and he replied to her, “That was [me] rubbing it into her, certainly.” However, I only ever did it once—to show her how lovely my girlfriend is.

It makes no difference if it only happened once! I relied on you, Gino, to send you those pictures. I’ll never be able to count on you ever, she wailed as she got up and walked away from him.

Later, Jasmine explained that she was “completely showing [her] breasts” in the pictures Gino had already emailed his ex. She then started a conversation with Gino’s ex, who later sent Jasmine images of their interaction. In the talks, which were shown onscreen, Gino told his ex that Jasmine “goes bananas if I mention anything at all about ex’s [sic].”

According to another email, if I just mention a woman’s name, she becomes pretty envious. When Jasmine learned that Gino had already delivered those notes to his ex, she was dozing off on their island vacation. The gorgeous brunette confronted Gino in their hotel room next, sparking an altercation that quickly got out of hand.

She yelled at him in a clip that aired on the show on February 6 as he tried to walk back his remarks, “Shut up your f-king mouth!” Before meeting Jasmine, Gino admitted to being a “sugar daddy” in the past, paying “sugar babies” between $200 and $250 to go on dinner dates with him.

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No, I’m not a sugar baby, I’m sorry. I’d prefer to have three, four, five, six, or seven jobs. “I can endure poverty, but this is discouraging because men like you take full advantage of ladies who need it,” Jasmine yelled in the episode dated February 20.

In the episode dated February 27, they quickly made up after she accepted his apology and his promise to never let it happen again. Sadly, their heated arguments kept going after that. During their final lunch together before he left for Michigan, Jasmine and Gino got into a contentious argument on the episode from March 27.

On ’90 Day Fiance – Before the 90 Days,’ Did Gino Send Jasmine’s Nudes to His Ex?

As a Christmas 2020 gift, the engineer took Jasmine away for a $2,500 vacation to San José Island, off the coast of Panama. During what was supposed to be a romantic vacation, Jasmine got multiple Direct Messages from Gino’s ex-girlfriend, who wanted to warn her that Gino had been contacting her.

Jasmine exchanged DM conversations with Gino’s ex after confronting him about contacting his ex, and the ex disclosed that Gino had sent her nude images of Jasmine.

Gino initially denied everything, but after receiving a snapshot of the photographs, he eventually admitted. “That was [me] rubbing it into her, sure,” he admitted as the American literature professor began to cry. “But that was the one time I did that; I was showing her, ‘Look how hot my girlfriend is,'” she says.

Later, Jasmine explained that she was “totally displaying [her] breasts” in the images Gino gave to his ex. She then initiated contact with Gino’s ex, who emailed Jasmine screenshots of her chat with Gino.

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Gino told his ex in the texts that Jasmine “goes wild if I mention anything about ex’s [sic] [sic].” “She gets incredibly jealous if I simply mention a woman’s name,” another message said. Jasmine discovered Gino had sent those texts to his ex when she was napping on their island holiday.

Things appeared to be over for good, but after a night of rest, Jasmine and Gino went for a walk on the beach the next morning, where he expressed his heartfelt regret to the brunette beauty.

On the February 27, 2022, episode, she accepted his apology and pledge that something like this would never happen again, and they immediately reconciled.

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