Are Ethan and Amber Still Together? What is Amber And Ethan’s Love Story?

Are you the one, who has enabled countless couples to unite for the sake of love and a potential monetary prize? With the chance to meet your true love and a share of a $1 million prize on the line, how can you say no? Ethan and Amber, one of the original Season 1 couples, are still among fans’ favorite couples.

It’s difficult to deny the influence that some of the original couples have on longtime fans. You can’t help but root for these people as they come together for the first time and get to know each other. Maybe in some cases, it’s easier to root against less-than-adorable couples, but you get the idea. And Ethan Diamond and Amber Lee remain one of the golden couples.

Who is Amber

Amber Lee Diamond was born and raised by Taiwanese parents in the nation’s capital. She was discovered while modelling and invited to try out for “Are You the One? “‘s inaugural season. Amber wanted to get the most out of her trip, and she hit it off with Ethan Diamond right away.

Are Ethan and Amber Still Together

The Diamonds have defied the odds in the realm of televised romance since they are the only pair to stay together throughout and beyond the show. They are the most enduring and prosperous couple in the history of the show!

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Who is Ethan

Ethan was born and raised in Denver, where he attended Columbine High School before starting a job with the National Park Service in the Grand Tetons National Park, where he spent a lot of time hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, and climbing. He was employed by a museum of Native American arts as well.

Former reality star best known for participating in the MTV reality competition Are You the One? On the television show’s reunion special, he proposed to Amber Lee. The programme was added on Netflix in 2020. He earned a degree in natural resource recreation and tourism from Colorado State University. Scarlett Avery Diamond is the name of the daughter he and Amber have. In 2015, the couple were hitched.

Are Ethan and Amber Still Together

Ethan and Amber are still going strong, according to their Instagram handle. Ethan Diamond recently celebrated seven years of marriage with a stunning photo of his wife Amber Lee Diamond on his Instagram account. They married in 2014 and now have two daughters. Both of their Instagram accounts are filled with beautiful photos of the couple and their adorable daughters.

Are Ethan and Amber Still Together

According to The List, Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond are the longest-lasting AYTO couples. The perfect couple met during the first season, which aired in 2014. They got engaged during the reunion special, thanks to MTV, and married in a private ceremony the following year. Amber wrote a lengthy Valentine’s Day message for Ethan for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Every year since I met you in 2013 has been an INSANE adventure. I’m not sure how we keep up with our own lives. I suppose that’s what happens when you find your true life partner and challenge each other – you create an empire “She posted it on Instagram. “You are a true king, and our daughters will be queens as a result of you.

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Amber And Ethan’s Love Story

Amber Lee Diamond was born and reared in the nation’s capital by parents from Taiwan. She was discovered while modelling and invited to try out for the first season of “Are You the One?” Amber soon bonded with Ethan Diamond because she wanted to make the most of her trip.

In the realm of televised romance, the Diamonds have defied the odds as the only pair to stay together throughout and after the show. The longest-lasting and most prosperous couple in the history of the series!

Are Ethan and Amber Still Together

To give you a little background on the relationship, they first became friendly on Are You The One? According to MTV, Ethan and Amber seemed to interact well after he revealed that he had almost lost the ability to walk due to an injury. They appeared to be such a sweet couple and were known for frequently hugging.

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Ethan stated, “[Producers] wouldn’t allow us see each other after the programme,” according to The Ashley’s Reality Round-Up. We had to meet in secret since we clicked so well. Amber, who is from Austin, and Ethan, who is originally from Denver, made the decision for Ethan to move to Texas.

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