Who is Ashley Judd’s Father? Everything You Need to Know!

Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist. She comes from a performing arts family; her parents are country singer Naomi Judd and actor Michael Charles Ciminella.

On the internet, not much is known about Ashley Judd’s father. But here is the information that we know about him.

Who is Ashley Judd’s Father?

Michael Ciminella, a successful businessman and marketing advisor is Ashley Judd’s Father. In spite of his impressive work accomplishments, he is best known for being Naomi Judd’s first husband.

Who is Ashley Judd's Father

From 1964 through 1972, their marriage lasted eight years. In 1967, Ashley Judd, a daughter, was born to Michael and his ex-wife. Political activist Ashley is a well-known actress.

Michael Ciminella’s Biography

Michael was born in 1945, in the USA. Mary Bernadine Dalton is the name of his mother. About his upbringing and education, Michael has kept a tight lid on the specifics.

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But it’s claimed that he attended his hometown’s elementary and high schools until they were both completed. In the horse racing industry, he worked as a businessman and marketing advisor.

What happened to Michael Ciminella?

Being Naomi Judd‘s first spouse has made Michael famous. A well-known activist, singer, composer, and ex-wife in the country music industry. Before getting married in January 1964, Michael and Naomi dated each other beginning in 1963 and lasting a few months.

Who is Ashley Judd's Father

Sadly, they only had an eight-year marriage before they divorced in 1972. Is there a child by Michael Ciminella? Ashley Judd was born in 1967, providing Michael and Naomi with a daughter. American actress and political activist Ashley is well-known.

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Naomi subsequently married Larry Strickland in 1989 after moving on from her divorce. Sadly, Naomi Judd has passed away. She was 76 years old when she passed away from a mental illness in April 2022. She and Larry Strickland had been wed for more than 30 years when she passed away.

Is Michael Ciminella Married Now?

It’s unknown whether Michael got married following the divorce because Michael has kept quiet about his personal life. The only images taken by Michael Ciminella with Naomi Judd that come up in an internet search for him are those of the two.

Ashley Judd’s Career

Ashley’s acting career lasted for more than three decades, and she has since been more active in political action, humanitarian work, and international causes. She enjoys kickboxing, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kung fu, and taekwondo among other martial arts.

Judd broke her leg while hiking in the forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in February 2021, and it took her 55 hours to travel with the aid of African porters to a hospital in South Africa for surgery.

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