James Charles in Euphoria Season 2: Fans Believe James Charles Is in Euphoria!

James Charles is a well-known make-up artist and YouTuber. He is well-known for sharing videos about makeup, entertainment, and music. After a video of him went viral on the internet in 2016, he became CoverGirl’s first male model diplomat.

Before long, he made his own series, called “On the Spot Influencer.”People on the Internet think that James Charles will be in Season 2 of Euphoria. This happened after the influencer hinted at the same thing in a TikTok video, which made people curious.

James Charles in Euphoria Season 2

Since the new season came out, fans have been making a lot of Euphoria-related content on the internet, and it looks like the YouTuber joined in. On January 18, the 22-year-old posted a TikTok video that confused fans. “And why aren’t you in uniform?” is a catchy phrase.

played in the background as the makeup mogul changed into a look based on the movie Euphoria. The sentence “When you’re about to leave, but then you realise you’re in Euphoria S2” was also in the video. This is the only time James Charles has made a suggestion that he might be on the show.

James Charles’ Latest Tiktok Video Confuses Fans

On Tuesday, January 18, James Charles posted a video to a popular video-sharing site with the popular phrase “And why aren’t you in uniform” as he changed from comfortable clothes to a Euphoria-inspired look.

James Charles in Euphoria Season 2

The video also had the text, “When you’re about to leave, but then you realise you’re in Euphoria S2.”Some fans seemed confused by the post because they asked in the comments if the YouTuber was going to be in the HBO show. One of your fans wrote, “OMG, are you in Euphoria?

“A second person said, “That’s even more reason to watch Euphoria.”Some people didn’t understand what the TikTok was about, but others were quick to point out in the comments that the video was part of a trend by linking it to other posts with the same audio.

Is James Charles in Euphoria?

The YouTuber doesn’t have credit for Euphoria on his IMDb, so it seems like his latest video is more about a trend than a possible part of the show. The “And why aren’t you in uniform?” sound clip comes from an episode of Spongebob and was added as audio to TikTok in February 2020.


Similar to James’ video, people who record posts to the soundbyte walk into the shot wearing casual clothes after the sound says, “And why aren’t you in uniform?” walk back out and come back looking better.

James Charles in Euphoria Season 2

After the second season of the HBO show Euphoria came out, the trend changed because some people connected it to the style, looks, and fashion that the characters wear.

The YouTuber is obviously a fan of the show since this isn’t the first time he’s taken part in a TikTok trend about Euphoria. In 2020, he came up with a great make-up look, and more than a year later, the video is at the top of the Euphoria hashtag with 5.8 million likes.

James Charles’ Character In Euphoria Season 2: Who Is She Playing?

No one has said for sure that James Charles will be in Season 2 of Euphoria. Because of this, we can’t say anything about who she is. Also, the YouTuber’s IMDb page doesn’t have any credit scenes. Maybe the clip he sent is more of a sign of the times than a possible part of the show.

James Charles in Euphoria Season 2

But some fans have already made guesses about what role she might play. Titkoker @lindanbbindan 1 said in a comment on James’s video, “He would play one of the characters who hook up with Nate’s dad.”Charles wrote back, “Oh my god,” and then added a skull emoji at the end.

On the other hand, some other commentators also think that “Nate’s dad is too old for me.” If we read the comments, we can see that people have different ideas about what Charles might do in Euphoria.

James Charles & Nikki Tutorials What is Beef?

In 2021, it was said that James Charles and fellow YouTuber Nikki Tutorials had a fight. Soon, people found out that the drama was made up. Many people were confused after one of Nikki’s videos seemed to show that the social media stars were not happy with each other.

At the end of the video, though, the whole “beef” turned out to be a joke. At first in the video, Nikki seemed upset that James didn’t choose her makeup look for his “Friends Draw My Makeup Looks” video.


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In the end, she recreated the full makeup look and face-timed James to show him what he was missing out on. Nikki face-timed Charles at the end of the video to show him how she had changed. In the meantime, Charles talked about the whole “Beef.”


He said, “I’d like to talk about something that’s been going on between me and NikkieTutorials for a moment.” “There has been trouble on the Internet. I just want to take a moment to say directly to Nikkie, “I’m sorry.”

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