How to Dress for Jury Duty?

It’s jury duty! Jury service is the most dreaded civic duty of all. Nevertheless, in all seriousness, jury duty is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of a healthy society. If you don’t like the notion of spending seven hours in a courtroom, you’re going to have to do it sooner or later.

In the event that you are obligated to serve on a jury, it is imperative that you dress appropriately. You will, after all, be in a courthouse, a structure that is regarded as sacrosanct by the law for all intents and purposes. There is no way you can enter the building with gym shorts and flip-flops, can there? Before you ask, no, you will not be fired for your appearance. You should expect the court to simply ask you to change your appearance and schedule a new date for your appearance. You should know what to wear to court in order to avoid humiliation and inconvenience.

As a result, we’ve put up a detailed guide on how to dress for jury duty. Your wardrobe should reflect your respect for the job you are playing. Furthermore, if you take jury duty seriously, it will be over sooner, allowing you to move on with your life.

What could one expect in terms of attire?

Almost all courthouses and districts in the United States do not have an official dress code regulation, which means that there is no written document stating what you can and cannot wear in the building. The only official dress code for jurors that we could discover was from the Central District of California.

Despite the fact that there is no official dress code, there are a few items you CANNOT wear:

  • Tee shirts
  • Tops with a shorter sleeve
  • Short-sleeved garments (khaki or otherwise)
  • Obscenely emblazoned clothing
  • Merchandise featuring bold graphics
  • Shoes with open toes
  • Leggings or athletic wear

All too casual or non-covering apparel is prohibited, as can be seen from the examples provided. While some T-shirts may be considered formal enough to wear to work, others may not. As a general rule of thumb, don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t wear to your mom’s birthday party when getting ready.

How Formal Do I Have to Be?

Many people believe that they must wear a suit and tie to work. For jury service, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie, although you can if you want to. This amount of formality is usually considered excessive. Most of the time, a great pair of pants and a few different shirts and ties will do the trick. However, if you want to wear a suit and tie to jury duty, there is nothing to restrict you from doing so.


Dress pants in a slim-fit shape are your best bet when it comes to bottoms. Even if you don’t have the best figure, a slim fit will look great on you and is easy to match. When you sit down, your pants should be smooth and free of wrinkles. Your pants’ legs should pass the “one-inch test,” meaning that the cloth surrounding the leg holes can be stretched by at least one inch. Regular or straight-leg pants are best for those with a larger midsection. Pleats, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs. The boxy cut of pleated pants doesn’t match the shape of the legs very well, making them a little too formal.

So, what about denim????? In the past, wearing jeans to court or on a jury was frowned upon; but, as fashion has evolved, it is possible to wear jeans in these settings. Do not wear denim that has rips and holes in it, as well as a straight or narrow fit. Darker-colored jeans, on the other hand, tend to convey a more official air.

Make sure the jeans you buy are comfy to sit in before you buy them. You can spend the entire day in the courthouse if you want to serve on a jury. If your clothes were too tight to sit comfortably in, it would be a bad thing.


Colored shirts are your greatest bet when it comes to clothing. For jury service, a polo or a button-up in a bright colour is the ideal combination of casual and official. Avoid t-shirts as a rule. If you opt to wear a t-shirt, keep it free of offensive language and bright designs and colours. It is recommended to wear a plain, neutral-colored T-shirt. This means no wild colour combinations or design elements. Men’s Oxford shirts like the ones seen here are some of the best around.

Make sure that the colour of your shirt matches the colour of your jeans before purchasing it. The darker the hue, the more appropriate it is to pair it with a lighter colour. When it comes to collared shirts and button-ups, it’s best to stick to solid colours rather than prints. When wearing a patterned shirt, make sure the pattern isn’t overbearing or obnoxious. A few strips or a simple design is fine. Avoid wearing anything that has a prominent brand logo on it.

Whichever shirt you choose, be sure to have it freshly ironed and pressed. A wrinkled shirt will make you appear unkempt if you show up for jury service. In the absence of an iron and an ironing board, you can use the steam from the shower to iron your clothes When you’re ready to take a shower or bath, hang your clothing on a hook behind the bathroom door. Let the steam build up for a few minutes before shutting the door. Your shirt will be smoothed out and the major creases will be removed thanks to the stem. This isn’t as good as using a clothes iron, but if you’re in a hurry or on the go and don’t have access to one, it’ll do.

In addition, whether or not to tuck is a critical consideration. Though tucked-in button-ups are our preference, some business casual shirts are made to be worn untucked. This decision is up to you. If you opt to wear your shirt untucked, make sure the ends are wrinkle-free and freshly ironed.

Shoes The most important rule to remember when choosing shoes is to avoid open-toed footwear. There will be no sandals, no flip-flops, and no Crocs allowed. It is not necessary to wear a pair of expensive dress shoes, but a pair of casual loafers would be perfect for the occasion. Don’t wear sneakers or athletic shoes, and avoid brightly coloured clothing. Your Asics or Nike running shoes may be very comfy, but they’re not going to fly in the courtroom.

Among the shoe brands to look into are Doc Martens, Sperrys, Lobb, Trickers, Rockport, and Kenneth Cole. You may easily get shoes that are both casual and formal for jury service from any of these companies. Dark, neutral colours like browns, blacks, and navy blues are generally the best choices for shoes.

Of course, since you’ll be walking about in them all day, you’ll want them to be as comfy as possible. No one would argue that if you have flat feet or plantar fasciitis, you should wear the appropriate footwear.


Your belt is the only real item you need to worry about. Wearing a belt that is too bright will make you look sloppy and unprofessional. There should be no huge buckles on belts and the belt should fit snugly around the lower torso. When putting on your belt, make sure the buckle is positioned over the fly of your pants and that you do not skip any of the belt loops.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t overdo it on the trinkets. Large and showy jewellery should be avoided but a simple bracelet or ring is OK. Smaller studs, rather than hoops or plugs, should be worn by guys who have piercings. You can complete the outfit with a fine watch, if you have one.

Last but not least: no headwear.

There are no exceptions to this rule, and if you do wear a hat to court, it will be confiscated.

Tips for Jury Duty Dressing

Dress with layers. It’s a good idea to have an extra jacket in case things get chilly in courthouses.
Avoid using overpowering scents, whether they be in the form of perfume or body spray. In the course of your work, you may interact with a wide range of people, some of whom may be sensitive to strong fragrances.

Reduce the number of eye-catching outfits. Jewelry, clothing with slogans or bright patterns, and flashy accessories like rings and bracelets are all included in this category.
Dress in a manner that is both respectable and comfortable. It is possible that you will be in court for more than eight hours, so you should dress comfortably.

A decent rule of thumb is to dress in business casual attire. This calls for a pair of trousers or a pair of jeans, as well as a collared shirt and belt.
Closed-toe shoes are required, but they also need to be comfortable. Wearing them all day isn’t a bad idea at all.

Even in formal attire, bright colours and patterns should be avoided. The colours you choose are just as important as the sort of apparel you choose to wear.

You should not try to evade jury duty by dressing shabbily. There’s a good chance you’ll be asked to leave and return at a later time. As a result, attempting to dress down may prove to be ineffective.
Long hair and a thick beard are acceptable hair and beardstyles, as long as they are kept tidy and maintained. Your appearance at jury selection should not be like that of a person who recently returned from a month-long camping trip.


When all is said and done, you’ll be alright if you wear business casual attire. Jury duty might be a drag, but you can make the time fly by dressing professionally and comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What am I supposed to wear to jury duty?

Wearing a suit and tie isn’t required, but you should look presentable and feel good while doing so. There are no shorts or thongs allowed in the classroom. Comfort and respect for the court are essential if you plan on sitting for a long period of time in the courtroom.

Is it acceptable to wear jeans to jury duty?

Jeans are generally suitable for jury duty in most courtrooms, although ripped and torn pants should be avoided. Choose relaxed-fit jeans with a little stretch for all-day comfort because you’ll be sitting for a long period.

Is it acceptable to wear sneakers to the courthouse for jury service?

When you appear in court, you must show deference and respect for the Court’s authority, as well as dress appropriately. Regardless of gender, men and women alike should dress appropriately for the occasion. Shoes and jeans aren’t allowed in the building.

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