Bulgarian Crypto Trader Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances

Alexander Altunbashev is an entrepreneur from Bulgaria and a cryptocurrency trader. His whereabouts are not known for the last few days. The investigation is being carried out by officials of law enforcement. They are trying to find out the possible abduction of the crypto trader.

Some people in the community of local crypto speculated a few things. According to them, he may be hiding from a few disgruntled investors. Read more about interesting crypto news at http://trustpedia.io/

Investigation of Alleged Cryptocurrency Millionaire’s Possible Kidnapping

  • Bulgarian police are working hard. They are trying to locate this businessman. He was missing under some strange situation.
  • This 32-year-old trader is not only an entrepreneur but also an IT specialist.
  • As per the reports from the media he made from cryptocurrency trading.
  • Sofia’s prosecutors are investigating his possible abducting. They are trying to find out the thought justification for his vanishing.
  • Nova TV cited sources from this investigation. They revealed that his sister, Teodora, talked with him. It was before he left for Plovdiv, the second-biggest city in Bulgaria.
  • Teodora provided him with a ride to the Mladost region of Sofia.
  • Sometime thereafter, she saw a man opening and entering her sibling’s home, right nearby to her apartment.
  • At the point when she asked him what his identity was along with what he has been doing, he left and told her that he had no time.
  • He then got in some SUV that a woman drove.
  • All investigators found the apartment of Alexander flipped around.
  • They accept that whoever did it was presumably attempting to get close enough to his financial balances or digital money wallets.
  • The last time Teodora figured out how to contact him via telephone, Alexander told her he was going towards Burgas, on the sea coast of Bulgaria’s Black.
  • Alexander’s abnormal way of behaving and her failed endeavors to converse with him again when his telephone was turned off persuaded Teodora to call the police.
  • Additionally, investigators questioned Kristina, the girlfriend of the cryptocurrency trader, who didn’t know about any dangers against him or issues with his business relations.

He May Be Hiding From His Clients

  • The cellphone of the missing IT master was last utilized from an area right external Sofia.
  • The last individual to have a conversation with him was named Ivaylo Borisov. He is an individual with a crook record known by his nom de plume ‘Torino,’ who is a dear companion of Alexander. The two should meet around early afternoon on Monday yet the crypto merchant didn’t appear. Borisov is teaming up with the police.
  • In the meantime, hypotheses have arisen in the country’s crypto local area that Alexander Altunbashev might have really chosen to self-isolate as he was likely money management assets for clients that might have been lost.
  • The case follows the new crypto market droop that prompted significant coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum to lose half of their worth since last year’s unequaled highs and the breakdown of crypto projects.
  • As per unverified reports by other Bulgarian distributions, Altunbashev made more than €6 million last year.
  • He allegedly bragged to companions about costly land buys in Greece and Dubai.
  • His Facebook profile uncovers he has visited other colorful objections too.

He May Be Hoping to Turn Angry Crypto Investors

  • Nonetheless, in spite of the mysterious man and Altunbashev’s destroyed apartment, some in the crypto local area accept that he might have designed his own vanishing to conceal various terrible speculations.
  • As per a report in an outlet of Bulgaria, Plovdiv 24 his most recent cell phone trade was with Ivaylo Borisov, a Bulgarian financial specialist, and companion of the missing dealer who has recently been associated with connections to various lawbreaker undertakings.
  • The pair had allegedly organized to meet however Altunbashev won’t ever show.


Altunbashev might have been making investments on behalf of many clients. The client must be aware of the current huge crash across the industry. They saw a few leading cryptos fall down and be underwater. Some people also said that he may be managing money for someone else. If so then when the money became zero, there can be a conflict with people who were in search of their money.

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