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Soltechx Review – Educate Yourself As You Trade [Updated]

New age tools, a superior performance platform, Soltechx has got everything in place to make your trading experience fun and profitable.

A Platform Of Your Dreams

If you are already an investor with considerable experience in online trading, you will be aware that the platform is what makes or breaks the broker. On the contrary, if you are new to the world of online trading, we can assure you that investment performance is directly proportionate to software reliability.

Soltechx has ensured that its client base gets a great trading experience. This is embedded in their trading software.

Soltechx And The Trading Arena

In this age of intense competition, it is a tough task to discover just the right brokerage house. Investments are risky business and data privacy is a necessity. Soltechx is a local trading platform that has gone global with its work ethos.

To start with any broker, you must be absolutely sure that your hard earned savings are in safe hands.

Soltechx is regulated by FCA (financial conduct authority) therefore they meet minimum requirements of maintaining safety of client funds.

Further, their commitment to AML (anti money laundering) means your funds will never be used for illegal means.

Features Of Soltechx

Soltechx offers great features within one trading platform. The client gets access to thousands of charts linked to their investment profile. This helps the client make decisions about what product to invest in. a copy trading feature allows the client to mimic trades like successful and profitable traders in the industry.

If you are a beginner, it helps to take one of their numerous free courses on financial trading. Step by step analysis are discussed in depth in order to allow traders to make informed trading decisions.

Similarly, there is an option to discuss trades with one of their trained investment analysts. They are available by appointment at no extra cost to the user and can guide you if you are stuck.

Charges And Business Rates

Whenever you consider a broker, it is imperative you take a look at their fee structure. Mos brokers offer lucrative fees only to charge higher commissions once you have started trading with them.

Soltechx is completely transparent and honest with their clients regarding their charging structure.

Trading Value Charges
Up to $10k 1.5%
$10k-$100K Up to 1%
$100K onwards Up to 0.75%
$1 Million plus Nil

As you can see, their charges decrease as trade value increases. This means, its more profitable to trade higher values.

Disadvantage Of Soltechx’s Fee Structure

One downside we discovered during our research was that, although they charge less for high trade values, they charge high withdrawal charges for wire transfers.

It is cheaper to withdraw via PayPal instead, but withdrawing large amounts to your bank incurs high costs. Soltechx defends this claim by saying that since they provide deposit protection, in event of fraud or transfer to a wrong bank account, they have to buffer their costs.

The Trading Experience

As soon as you decide to get on board, Soltechx sends you a short introductory video to get you acquainted with their trading platform. A seamless and smooth experience awaits the eager trader and to get you started, there is a welcome bonus as well.

Their trading platforms are of two kinds: On the Go (via Mobile) or Desktop.

The Desktop Trade Platform is a client friendly, simple platform. It has advanced charts, analysis, list of similar products with similar performances.

The objective is to give the client the freedom to choose how they want to trade, while at the same time, give them enough insights to make profitable decisions with other product offerings as well.

Their On The Go Platform is available on iOS and Play Store. It is a bite sized version of their desktop software. It is simple to use but does not have enough features as compared to the desktop application. It is best for simple and quick buying and selling.

Getting On Board With Soltechx

Committing to your trade journey is easy. Simply set up an account on their website. Once you set up an account and password. Once your email address is verified, one of their client support assistants will arrange a call back.

They will request you to send over scanned copies of your passport or any other form of official identification with your date of birth. Further, if you are employed, a copy of your salary slip will be needed.

The objective is to vet any false identities within their clientele. This is part of their commitment to being authentic trading brokers. Further, due to their strict agreement of compliance with Global AML, they ensure thorough background checks.

Ending Notes

Soltechx has fast proven that it is a reliable and worthy option in the sea of online trading brokers.

To learn more, contact Soltechx on their website today!

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