Inside Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s Breakup! Check Here How They Both Met!

With a concert tour and the launch of his new beauty line, Pleasing, Harry Styles has had a busy year, but fans are still interested in the rumors that he is dating Olivia Wilde.

The first piece of Hollywood news was that Harry Styles, a former member of a boy band who is now a critically acclaimed artist and an international object of affection, and Olivia Wilde, an actress and director who is known for being a feminist and an all-around cool girl, are dating.

When the two were seen together in January 2021, there were a lot of rumors… and not just on the set of the film they are making. Wilde talked about what she and Harry Styles do to keep their privacy safe.

In an interview with Variety, Wilde said that she wouldn’t “say anything about” her relationship with Styles because “I’ve never seen a relationship benefit from being dragged into the public arena.”

She then talked about working with the singer/actor on her upcoming movie Don’t Worry, Darling, where they first met. Wilde told the news organization, “We both do everything we can to keep our relationship safe.” I think it comes from both experience and deep love.’

She didn’t talk about Styles specifically, but she did say, “The whole culture of celebrity gossip is interesting as a way to distract people from the bigger problems in the world.”

She went on to say, “Escapism is a very human trait, as is the search for something to dull the pain of so many people’s lives. “I don’t blame people for wanting to escape, but I think the tabloid media is used to make women hate each other and make them feel bad about themselves.”harry styles and olivia wilde breakup

The actor and director said that the last two years of her personal life were a “restructuring and a revolution that should be a totally personal experience.” She also said, “And it isn’t.”

How Did Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Meet?

The first time they met was on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, a psychological thriller that Olivia directed and that starred both Harry and Florence Pugh. In January 2021, pictures of the two of them holding hands at the wedding of Harry’s manager Jeffrey Azoff shocked fans.

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The British singer was the person in charge of the wedding. A source told Us Weekly at the time, “Harry and Olivia hit it off almost right away on set.” “They were bound to get together at some point.”

How Does Harry Style’s Relationship With Olivia Wilde Work?

A source tells us that Olivia is doing everything she can to make this relationship work because she really wants it to. “It’s not easy, though. Olivia and Harry are both working on projects, and Harry has a lot going on. He just finished his tour of North America and will soon start his tour of Europe. Until then, he will be in Europe practicing and making music.”

According to the insider, the Life Itself actress “balances her schedule with her children’s, as she has joint custody with their father.” “It’s difficult for Olivia because she longs to be with Harry all the time, but it’s simply not possible.”

According to a second source, “there’s no need to be concerned” about Olivia and Harry’s romance. “They can’t be together all of the time, but they’re still going strong.” “It’s simply that they’ve both been busy, and she doesn’t like dragging the kids around unnecessarily,” the person explained. “Harry definitely comprehends.”

Olivia “puts her kids first,” according to the insider, and Harry respects that. “Of course, they like their alone time, but Harry especially enjoys spending time with Otis and Daisy.” Harry and Olivia realize they have something extraordinary.”

Did Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Split?

According to sources close to the couple, The Sun’s allegation that Harry Styles and Oliva Wilde have broken up is “false.” Speculation began when the film’s cast—Harry, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Sydney Chandler—and director Olivia posed for photos on the red carpet.

However, there was a noticeable gap between the former One Direction member and his partner. When photographers allegedly asked the couple to pose together, Harry allegedly declined.

“Someone from Olivia’s crew asked Harry to take pictures with/stand next to her and he said no,” tweeted Twitter user @amitheonlyone n, along with a video of the alleged incident.

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According to a source close to Olivia, the couple didn’t pose together on the red carpet or sit next to each other in the theatre for the screening because they “want to keep the spotlight on the movie,” according to an insider at Hollywood Life.

“They purposefully chose to keep the emphasis off their relationship by not walking the carpet together since they don’t want to distract from the film any further.”

Fans also feel that photographs of Harry avoiding eye contact with Olivia show that something is wrong between them. “I suspect Harry and Olivia have split or had a terrible fight,” one Twitter user stated. “I think Harry and Olivia are going to split up in the near future,” another said.harry styles and olivia wilde breakup

The wildly popular celebrity gossip Instagram account @deuxmoi was asked to comment on the alleged breakup rumors, saying in a now-expired Instagram story: “Ok so… I don’t personally think based on the info I have received that they are done, however, things are on edge as fuck.” They’ve been like that for the past week or so.”

It’s the latest in a series of scandals coming up to the release of Olivia’s second directorial effort. The feud between Don’t Worry Darling actor Florence Pugh and the film’s director began after it was reported that Liv was romantically linked with Harry while still engaged to Jason Sudeikis.

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On set. According to accounts, this made Florence and some of the other actors uneasy. According to a source, “Flo seeing Olivia and Harry all over one other on set did not go down well because Olivia was still with Jason when she initially hooked up with Harry.” Another insider stated, “Jason and the kids visited Olivia on set a few times in the beginning, so I think this made folks feel a little uncomfortable.”

While Olivia is proud that her film more accurately and honestly depicts female pleasure, Florence appears to be disappointed that the majority of attention on the film is based on its sex scenes.

“I kept saying, ‘Why isn’t there any good s*x in film anymore?” and has since made comments on the lack of female pleasure in mainstream cinema: “When it comes to female pleasure, it’s something that we just don’t see very often.”

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