How to Select Your Legal Specialty?

Many of you studying law may already know what type of law you want to pursue ahead or specialize in. But there are some who are not yet certain about it and are thinking about going to law school but aren’t sure what field they want to specialize in. If you happen to be one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

Is it better to specialize in a single area of expertise or to broaden your skillset? To get a job in law, which area is the easiest? Which law firm is the greatest match for my needs? Countless law students and grads are bothered by the same dilemmas.
In this post, we’ve tried to solve all such dilemmas. Our advice is not to replace your own judgment in these matters; rather, it is meant to assist you in preparing for a rewarding career as a lawyer.

Do your research about the firms in your preferred destination

It’s possible you haven’t decided on a career path yet, but you may have a particular location in mind. When looking for a new place to live, check out the local law firms. It’s possible that you’ll uncover a niche in the legal industry that has yet to be covered.

There may be an abundance of personal injury and divorce lawyers in Los Angeles if, for example, you decide to relocate there. Asset protection attorneys, on the other hand, maybe necessary or needed in that area. You may be able to narrow down your options for a rewarding career by doing some market research on your intended audience.

Choosing the type of law firm you want to work for: Big or Small 

Training with a small organization may be a good option if you want to gain expertise in a variety of fields. There are a wide variety of situations that can be handled by a lawyer, depending on the needs of each unique client. For those who already have an idea of what they want to do, a larger organization may be the best option. You’ll get an in-depth look at the nuances of that field and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Utilize Trustworthy Self-Evaluation Assessments

You can utilize a variety of self-assessments and quizzes to narrow down your search for a specialty. There is a comprehensive list of self-assessments for law students put out by the American Bar Association. A brief overview of each field is provided, as are more in-depth quizzes if you’re interested in learning more. In addition to the A.B.A.’s self-assessments, Yale Law offers excellent ones of its own.

There are a number of specializations to choose from. The outcomes of quizzes and self-assessments can be used to test your interest or expertise in legal areas, but it’s absolutely okay to disagree with their findings. You shouldn’t ever feel compelled to study anything you don’t want to.

Consider Your Career Trajectory

Try to see yourself ten years from now. How likely is it that your chosen career path will continue to excite and challenge you in the years to come? Changing your practice area can be unpleasant, expensive, and time-consuming. However, it is feasible. In order to succeed, you must select a career path that corresponds with your values, aspirations, and unique abilities.

Seek the Advice of Attorneys and Advisors

Students in similar situations might turn to their professors and local law firms for advice. Make use of their knowledge and experience in the field. Your advisors can help you weigh the advantages and cons of various specializations so you can make an informed decision about which career path is right for you.

In addition, many well-known lawyers offer free initial consultations to prospective clients who are just getting started. See if you can find a local legal firm willing to let you interview one of their lawyers for a few minutes. A simple Google search or a professional networking site, such as LinkedIn, can help you locate local attorneys.

Make a list of questions you want to ask during your interview. For example, you might inquire as to why they chose their practice area, what kinds of situations they deal with on a regular basis, and what they have found problematic about their job.

Take Your Time and Enjoy the Process

There isn’t a single way to go about choosing a career. We strongly advise you to follow your passions, take advantage of self-assessment tools, and seek the advice of professionals in your community, such as accountants and attorneys. You’re more likely to find a career in law that you’ll enjoy for many years if you seek advice from experts currently in the profession and follow your passions.

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