High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date On Netflix?

High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date On Netflix?

Since the start of “High-Rise Invasion”, anime fans have longed for season 2 with excitement. But what are the chances for a sequel?

When the young student Yuri Honjo wakes up, she finds herself on the roof of a skyscraper linked to other roofs via suspension bridges. But Yuri not only knows how to find a way out, but masked figures also seek their lives.

Like the other people in this infernal scenario, Yuri is faced with a choice: die, flee or fight. The heroine decides to take on the enemies and throws herself into a cruel struggle for life and death.

Is “High-Rise Invasion” Getting A Second Season?

So far, neither the streaming service Netflix nor the animation studio Zero-G has confirmed whether “High-Rise Invasion” will get a sequel. However, the chances for Season 2 are not wrong; after all, the survival series made it into the Netflix Top 10 in several countries.

In addition, the last episode of the first season left us with a cliffhanger that leaves room for more. Since the anime adapts the manga series of the same name by Takahiro Oba and Tsuina Miura, there would be enough material not to leave us in the dark. Anime fans should remain confident and can hope for new adventures from Yuri and her group.

When Is “High-Rise Invasion” Season 2 Coming To Netflix?

The first season of “High-Rise Invasion” was released on February 25, 2021, on Netflix. The audience very well received the first twelve episodes. So it is not surprising that anime fans wonder when it will finally continue.

Since there is no official statement about the future of “High-Rise Invasion” so far, we can only speculate about a possible start date for season 2. However, if Netflix maintains the usual one-year release cycle, we should look forward to new episodes of the anime thriller in early 2022. As a Netflix original, “High-Rise Invasion” Season 2 could be seen on the streaming giant as before.

“High-Rise Invasion” Season 2 Synopsis: It Could Go On Like This

Since the anime series “High-Rise Invasion” has so far been based on the plot of the manga template, it can be assumed that a potential second season will also continue the content of the manga. So if you don’t want to be patient anymore, you can find out in the manga series of the same name how the struggle for survival between humans and masked people could end.

Season 2 probably starts where the first season ended. Yuri and Mayuko are still trapped between the deadly roofs. While Yuri tries to free her brother Rika from the clutches of the masked, she and her group could penetrate a mystery that could solve the riddle, or would the truth only make things worse? Yuri would have a long, fatal road to go to find out.


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